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Sulphur conference provides a great platform to know the latest innovations and developments on the industry.  

Ya-Tang Chang, Product Manager, Aspen Technology

The conference gave me opportunity to be open up to the world. The challenges that i thought are only in my are came not to be true. We are all facing similar challenges as producers of sulphur and acid around the world. The conference give us the opportunity as operators to have common solution.  

Makonde Ndu, Production Area Manager, (Sulphur and WSA plants), Sasol

Great opportunity to see worldwide sulphur business and new technologies  

Inna Toth Aykhenvald, Project Engineer, ORL Haifa

A great event for meeting the important people in the industry and getting the most up to date market information.  

Megan Cider, Applications Engineer, Crane ChemPharma & Energy

Anyone in the Sulphur or Sulphuric Acid industry should attend this conference. The technical content is excellent and the networking opportunities are superb.

Simon Weiland, Development Engineer, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

Very thorough recap of the market. Excellent analysis of production and manufacturing.

Gene Vernon, Director, JR Simplot Company

If you want to be a player in Sulphur / Sulphuric Acid market, this conference can not be taken for granted. A unique opportunity for re-visiting the major part of the "Sulphur Family".  

Mohsen Movahed, Technical Specialist, Industrial Ceramics

Sulphur conference is were you meet the sulphur community.  

Bernd Viehoever, Senior Sales Manager Industrial Compression, Howden Turbo GmbH