Agenda outline

The agenda for Sulphur + Sulphuric Acid 2021 will include four half-days of industry-leading content, including key supply, demand and price insights from CRU's Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid analysis teams, and comprehensive technical agenda featuring case studies, operational troubleshooting and new technology developments.

The agenda will run on a hybrid time zone from 13:30 to 18:30 GMT in order to serve our communities in the US and Europe, with all content being available on demand following the live agenda days. The timetabled agenda will be released shortly, and confirmed technical papers forming the agenda are detailed below. All presenters in the technical agenda will take part in live-streamed Q&A sessions, where you can put your questions to the experts. 

In addition to the technical agenda, delegates will have access to on-demand technical showcase presentations throughout the event - check back for updates on the technical showcase programme, which will be announced soon. 

Sulphur Technical Agenda

CS2 destruction at 150C on commercial alumina or titania in a proof-of-concept liquid phase sulfur recovery process
Robert A. Marriott, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd (ASRL)

Detecting water-related issues in Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU)
Elmo Nasato, Nasato Consulting
Loraine Huchler, Martech Systems

Use of sulphur waste produced from gas-processing in agriculture
Cyndi Teulon, RSK - Basrah Gas Company

Process Optimization through component analysis in the Tail Gas Treatment Unit
Michael Gaura; Jochen Geiger, AMETEK Process Instruments

A new approach to unpurged thermocouples in Sulphur Recovery Units
Matthew Coady; Ted Keys; Martin McCallister, Delta Controls Corporation

Anatomy of a Tail Gas Unit upset
Gerald Bohme; Matthew Saunders, Sulphur Experts Inc.

Tackling the sulphur flour emissions in sulphur melting processes
Jan Hermans; Jelle Baars, Sulphurnet

The start-up of a Paqell Biological Sulphur Recovery Unit in a refinery environment
Ellen Ticheler; Jan Klok, Worley Comprimo

Successful start-up and operation of modular SmartsulfTM Unit in Kuwait
Benoit Mares; Valérie Georges, Axens

SG20 – a new generation of medium-to-high capacity drum granulation systems commissioned in Italy
Casey Metheral, IPCO Germany GmbH

Sulphuric Acid Technical Agenda

The future of sulphuric acid catalysts
Jonglack Kim; Dirk Hensel, BASF

New ways to consider catalyst solutions to improve the efficiency and overall energy balance in the sulphuric acid plant.
Casper V Frandsen, Haldor Topsoe A/S

Pathway to a carbon free fertilizer complex using the CORE-SO2™ Process
Rene Dijkstra, Chemetics Inc.

Catalytic converter replacement: Design and project execution considerations.
Guy Cooper; Werner Vorster; Andres Mahecha-Botero; Kam Sirikan; Randal Sarrazin, NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd

Optimization of Mosaic Araxá converter with a new catalytic configuration
Eliana Revelli, Haldor Topsoe
Marcelo Chagas, Mosaic Araxá

PVS Chemicals Belgium N.V. sulphuric acid plant revamp project: Optimising energy recovery from new converter installation
Omar Sinaph, PVS Chemicals Inc.
Nicolas Lepeu, DuPont Clean Technologies

Noracid acid plant: ten years of successful operation
Collin Bartlett; Jan Albrecht, Metso Outotec
Cristian Roempler, Noracid

MECS® DynaWave® peroxide tail gas scrubber at Chilean mining operator is designed to bring high SO2 emissions below legal limits
Marcelo Barrientos Rios, DuPont Clean Technologies

Breaking the mold from traditional candle filter designs and maintaining performance.
Ali Goudarzi, CECO Environmental

The consequences of condensate formation in acid plants
Michael Kemmerich; Santosh Sobhanakumari, Metso Outotec

Implement Industry 4.0 in sulfuric acid plant to improve capacity utilization, equipment reliability and environmental compliance.
Dinesh Pratap Singh, Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemical Corporation Ltd

High-performance blowers replace compressors in sulfuric acid production - A case study on using PILLER Blowers in a sulfuric acid plant with double-contact process
Dr. Steffen Kuberczyk; Melissa Becker, Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH

SAFEHX®: Safer and more efficient way to cool strong sulphuric acid
Vitor Sturm; Nelson Clark; Breno Avancini; Clark Solutions