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Confirmed technical papers for 2022

We are pleased to announce the initial list of confirmed technical papers for the sulphur and sulphuric acid tracks. We're delighted at the high number of papers authored or co-authored by operating companies in this year's agenda - ensuring a high level of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing of operational experience and troubleshooting. 

The timetabled agenda will be published in August 2022 along with the abstracts for the papers below. 

Confirmed papers: Sulphur Track

How about capturing CO2 and generating H2 via advanced sulphur recovery technology in this energy transition era?
Authors: Thomas Chow; Denny Li; Marcus Weber, Fluor Energy Solutions

Recovery of hydrogen and CO₂ from sulphur plants
Authors: Marco van Son; Camille Ventham, Comprimo, Worley

Delta Controls SRU Process Camera product launch
Author: Matt Coady, Delta Controls

Sulfur wash procedure to optimise sulphur recovery efficiency
Author: Hamed Alsowayigh, Saudi Aramco

SRU/TGTU catalyst optimisation
Author: Al Sail Al Jaberi, ADNOC Sour Gas

Processing SWS gas in an SRU: Why everything you thought you knew is wrong
Authors: Joe Brindle; Gerald Bohme; Jan Kiebert, Sulphur Experts

Sulfur pits ejector performance challenges
Author: Adel Najjar, Saudi Aramco

Incinerator’s refractory and shell damage due to condensation in TGTU absorber overhead line
Authors: Muhammad Nisar; Alya Alali, ADNOC Sour Gas

Tubesheet Protection Systems – achieving through systematic inspection
Authors: Domenica Misale-Lyttle; David Barrow; Mohsen Movahed, Industrial Ceramics

Modern day emission reporting from Sulphur Recovery Unit
Author: David Inward, SICK AG

Sneaky SO₂ breakthroughs
Authors: Simon Weiland; Nathan Hatcher; Prashanth Chandran; Daryl Jensen; Ralph Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.; Michael Huffmaster, Consultant

A comparison of the various processes available to remove SO₂ and SO₃ from flue gas, in order to meet ever-tightening legislative limits
Author: Michiel Baerends, Fluor

Comparison of start-of-run versus end-of-run kinetics for COS and CS2 destruction across Claus Al2O3 and TiO2
Authors: Christopher Lavery; Robert Marriott; Dao Li, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. (ASRL)

Mercaptan closure around the gas sweetening unit
Authors: Inshan Mohammed; Bob Veroba; Caleb Kuhn, Sulphur Recovery Engineering

Thermoacoustic modal analysis for large sulphur reaction furnace
Author: Mason Lee, Aecometric Corporation

Unique considerations for sulphur storage

Authors: David Savage; Vikas Moharir, Matrix Service Company

Confirmed papers: Sulphuric Acid Track

ClearView™ – experiences from when digitalization meets reality
Authors: Marten Nils Rickard Granroth; Rasmus Sverdrup, Topsoe A/S; Mkhokheli Ndlovu, Anglo American Platinum

Can digital twins solve the workforce challenges of the process industry?
Authors: Dr. Susanna Voges; Christian McDermott; Jaime Aguilera, Voovio Technologies SL

Road to sustainability – Preparing for energy transformation in sulphuric acid industry
Authors: Dr Hannes Storch; Collin Bartlett; Shailesh Chandrol,Metso Outotec

How green is your sulphuric acid plant?
Author: Rene Dijkstra, Chemetics Inc.

MECS® HRS™ Technology and carbonless energy generation
Author: Colin Shore, Elessent MECS Technologies

IBC Success Story
Authors: Héctor Cipriano González; Rogelio Grisales Rincon, Industrias Basicas de Caldas

Case study: Engineering and delivery of an “Edmeston SX®” absorption circuit for BASF-Meaux
Authors: Frans Kodeda, Metso Outotec; Thomas Cirect, BASF Health and Care Products France SAS

KCM – innovator in the Pb metal production through Ausmelt technology and variable SO2 concentration off-gas utilization
Authors: Georgi Doganov, Yavor Kehaiov, KCM

Facing the new challenges of the world with optimal catalyst solutions
Author: Martin Alvarez, Topsoe A/S

A step change in performance with selection of catalyst geometric shape
Authors: Jochen Willersinn; Marco Kennema, BASF

From Safehr® to SafeHx®, improving safety and reducing acid cooling costs
Authors: Nelson Clark; Paulo Portillo, Clark Solutions

Converter replacement at the Simplot Rock Springs Wyoming sulphuric acid plant
Authors: Guy Cooper, NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd; Rob Young, Simplot Phosphates LLC

Capacity improvement of an existing spent acid decomposition furnace
Authors: Blake Stapper; Andrew Richardson; Guisi Liu; Nicola Rumore; Peter Studer, Messer Americas; Edward Reynolds, Veolia North America

Extension of the converter’s operational lifetime
Authors: Mathijs Sijpkes, Sulphurnet; Victoria Arauz Garcia, UBE Corporation Europe S.A.

Concentration monitoring of sulphuric acid and oleum with LiquiSonic® - Inline, in real-time and maintenance-free
Author: Alexandra Graf, SensoTech

Handling of solid and liquid sulphur for efficient manufacture of sulphuric acid
Author: GM Patel, CIFC