Timetabled Agenda

**Please note all agenda times are listed in Central European Time (GMT+1). Exact timings are provisional and subject to change**

Monday 1 November 2021

15:00 Sulphur Market Outlook – When will the sulphur price reach its peak and what happens next?
Peter Harrisson, Principal Analyst, Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid, CRU

- Will sulphur supply growth finally arrive in 2022?
- Can demand maintain its rate of growth into 2022? Which sectors and regions will drive demand to 2026?
- How big a threat is decarbonisation to sulphur supply in the medium and long term?

15:50 Sulphuric Acid Market Outlook – Acid price decline is a question or when not if, but how far will the market fall in 2022?
Brendan Daly, Senior Markets Editor, Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid, CRU

- Can acid prices remain at current levels or will affordability issues pull them lower?
- What can ease trade acid market tightness into 2022?
- What role will China play in the traded acid market?

16:30 Trends in Energy Production and Their Influence on Sulfur Supply
Peter D. Clark, Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, The University of Calgary

Global supply of elemental sulfur relies almost entirely (> 95 %) on conversion of H2S produced as a by-product of oil and natural gas processing. Given that sulfur underpins manufacture of phosphate fertilizers and finds a myriad of uses in materials production, a reliable and effective replacement for sulfur will be required as policies are directed towards an energy transition away from oil and gas. Does such a replacement exist?
This paper will review energy production trends, the emerging challenge of energy supply in Asia and Europe and examine new sources of sulfur.
The goal of this discussion is to provide a simple framework for discussion in our continuing virtual world.

17:15 Close of Day One

Tuesday 2 November

Sulphur Track

14:00 SG20 – a new generation of medium-to-high capacity drum granulation systems commissioned in Italy
Casey Metheral, IPCO Germany GmbH

14:40 Tackling the sulphur flour emissions in sulphur melting processes
Mathijs Sijpkes; Nuria Pascual Vasco, Sulphurnet

15:20 Networking session

15:45 Use of sulphur waste produced from gas-processing in agriculture
Cyndi Teulon, RSK - Basrah Gas Company

16:25 Worley Comprimo Sulphur Workshop
Taking a forward looking view of the sulphur industry in light of the energy transition and focus on sustainability, this workshop will provide operators with practical insights on emissions control, biorefining and the construction of modular units:
• SRU SOx emission control – Introduction to Insight & Immerse
• Construction: Comprimo modular units, the practical way to go for future development.
• Inspection and installation techniques

The workshop will also provide a thorough overview of common problems and their solutions, including:
• Sulphur and acid pump problems
• Corrosion issues and their cause

This practical workshop will provide plenty of live interaction where you can put your questions and challenges directly to the presenters.

18:00 Close of Day Two

Sulphuric Acid Track

13:45 Technical showcase: Carbon-free acid from fertilizer acid plants
Stephanie Brennan, Dupont Clean Technologies

14:00 The Future of Sulfuric Acid Catalysts
Jonglack Kim; Dirk Hensel, BASF

14:40 New ways to consider catalyst solutions to improve the efficiency and overall energy balance in the Sulphuric acid plant.
Casper Frandsen, Haldor Topsoe A/S

15:20 Pathway to a carbon free fertilizer complex using the CORE-SO2™ Process
Rene Dijkstra, Chemetics Inc.

16:00 Networking session

16:25 Technical showcase: Use of “cold-cold sacrificial” heat exchanger for increased reliability in gas-to-gas recuperators
Greg Becherer, CG Thermal

16:55 Workshop: Maintenance and servicing of Lewis Pumps Equipment
This workshop is intended to provide sulphuric acid operators with practical approaches to the maintenance of Lewis Pumps. Insights and takeaways will include:
• Reasons for rebuilding
• Step-by-step guides for how to approach maintenance and servicing work
• Inspection and installation techniques

The workshop will also provide a thorough overview of common problems and their solutions, including:
• Sulphur and acid pump problems
• Corrosion issues and their cause
This practical workshop will provide plenty of live interaction where you can put your questions and challenges directly to the presenter.

18:25 Close of Day Two

Wednesday 3 November

Sulphur Track

14:00 Successful start-up and operation of modular SmartsulfTM Unit in Kuwait
Benoit Mares, Axens

14:40 The Start-up of a Paqell Biological Sulphur recovery unit in a refinery environment
Ellen Ticheler, Worley Comprimo
Jan Klok, Paqell

15:45 CS2 destruction at 150C on commercial alumina or titania in a proof-of-concept liquid phase sulfur recovery process
Rohen Prinsloo, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd (ASRL)

16:25 Anatomy of a Tail Gas Unit upset
Gerald Bohme, Sulphur Experts Inc.

17:05 Process optimization through component analysis in the Tail Gas Treatment Unit
Michael Gaura; Jochen Geiger, AMETEK Process Instruments

17:45 Technical Showcase: Debottleneck your SRU using TopClaus
Haldor Topsoe

18:00 Technical Showcase: Boosting filtrating of molten sulphur by Cellulose based filter aids

Technical Showcase: Use of the VectorWallTM to improve destruction efficiency without the use of additional fuel, higher temperatures or larger furnace
Tim Connors, Blasch Precision Ceramics

Sulphuric Acid Track

13:30 Technical showcase: Improving emission & acid quality on sulphuric acid recovery units
Martin Joksch, P&P Industries

14:00 Noracid acid plant: ten years of successful operation
Collin Bartlett, Metso Outotec
Elio Barraza, Noracid

14:40 MECS® DynaWave® Peroxide tail gas scrubber at Chilean mining operator is designed to bring high SO2 emissions below legal limits
Marcelo Barrientos Rios, DuPont Clean Technologies

15:30 Optimization of Mosaic Araxá converter with a new catalytic configuration
Eliana Revelli, Haldor Topsoe
Marcelo Chagas, Mosaic Araxá

16:10 Catalytic converter replacement: Design and project execution considerations
Guy Cooper; Werner Vorster; Andres Mahecha-Botero; Kam Sirikan; Randal Sarrazin, NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd

16:50 Worley Chemetics Sulphuric Acid Workshop
Covering the full suite of sulphuric acid applications, this workshop will help operators understand their technology and maintenance options in the following areas:
• CORE-S Converter and applications - Metallurgical plant integration and discussions of cases where CORE-S is an improved solution for both CAPEX and OPEX.
• CES-ALPHATM and CES-DSWTM heat recovery for Acid plants: Looking at Chemetics examples of installations. Studies comparing CES-DSW to Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) from a CAPEX and   OPEX perspective. Describe why CES-ALPHA is designed a certain way to allow operational flexibility and reliability. Discussion on the design of the large ALPHA systems currently being installed.
• Persistent Operational and Maintenance issues in Sulphuric acid plants – how can they be solved? Discussion on causes of failures and how detailed equipment/ducting/piping/insulation/cladding design,   plus good quality maintenance practices can resolve the problems permanently.

18:00 Technical Showcase: Building an industrial complex around a sulphuric acid plant
Shailesh Sampat, SNC Lavalin

18:15 Technical Showcase: Begg Cousland

18:30 Technical Showcase: Sulzer

18:45 Close of Day Three 

Thursday 4 November

Sulphur Track

14:45 Technical Showcase: Integrating gas treating and sulphur recovery in a gas field

15:00 Case study ADNOC Sour Gas
Bob van de Giessen, Euro Support

15:40 A New Approach to Unpurged Thermocouples in Sulfur Recovery Units
Matthew Coady, Delta Controls Corporation

16:20 Detecting Water-related Issues in Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)
Elmo Nasato, Nasato Consulting
Loraine Huchler, Martech Systems

17:00 Technical Showcase: SUPERACCUDROP HP - The next frontier in sulphur pastillation
Gian Luigi Virgilio - Process & Sales Engineer, SBS Steel Belt Systems Srl

17:15 Technical Showcase: Combustion Solutions 

17:30 Close of conference (Sulphur Track)

Sulphuric Acid Track

13:30 Technical Showcase: Kimre

14:00 Implementing Industry 4.0 in sulfuric acid plant to improve capacity utilization, equipment reliability and environmental compliance
Dinesh Pratap Singh, Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemical Corporation Ltd

14:40 PVS Chemicals Belgium N.V. sulphuric acid plant revamp project: Optimising energy recovery from new converter installation
Omar Sinaph, PVS Chemicals Inc.
Nicolas Lepeu, DuPont Clean Technologies

15:20 The consequences of condensate formation in acid plants
Santosh Sobhanakumari, Metso Outotec

16:00 High-performance blowers replace compressors in sulfuric acid production - A case study on using PILLER Blowers in a sulfuric acid plant with double-contact process
Dr. Steffen Kuberczyk, Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH

16:40 Breaking the mold from traditional Candle Filter designs and maintaining performance.
Ali Goudarzi, CECO Environmental

Vitor Sturm; Nelson Clark; Breno Avancini; Clark Solutions

18:00 Close of Conference (Sulphuric Acid Track)