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Gold Sponsors

BANDS Financial Limited

BANDS Financial Limited is a commodity and financial futures broker focused on providing Chinese market access to international clients. Based in Hong Kong, BANDS is located at the intersection of the Chinese and international markets.

BANDS is an Overseas Intermediary (OI) for the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE), Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE), providing international clients with trading access to China’s major commodity exchanges.

In 2021, BANDS became the first operational Overseas Special Brokerage Participant (OSBP) of the INE, executing directly on the exchange – the first overseas brokerage firm to do so. BANDS has received the INE Outstanding Market Contribution Award for three consecutive years.

With decades of experience in client service, and a close relationship with international and Chinese exchanges, we recognise emerging trends, represent our clients’ interests and respond to and shape development.



Silver Sponsors

International Copper Association

As the leading global advocate for the copper industry, the International Copper Association (ICA) strives to have a positive impact on challenges and opportunities critical to copper. Our mission is to bring the global copper industry together to develop and defend markets for copper. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area, ICA has offices in three primary regions: Asia, Europe and North America. Together with our Copper Alliance® partners, we are active in more than 60 countries. ICA's programs deliver insight and action and provide opportunities for the copper industry to share its vision with a global audience.



London Metal Exchange

The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for industrial metals trading. Most of the world’s global non-ferrous futures business is conducted on the LME’s three trading platforms totalling $15.2 trillion, 134.2 million lots and 3.1 billion tonnes in 2022. Participants can transfer or take on price risk against aluminium, copper, nickel, tin, zinc, lead, molybdenum, cobalt, lithium, steel scrap, rebar and hot-rolled coil as well as aluminium premiums and alloys. In December 2022, approximately 650,000 tonnes of material were held on LME warrant in more than 450 storage facilities in 14 countries across 32 global locations. The LME is a member of HKEX Group.

伦敦金属交易所(LME)为香港交易所集团成员,是全球工业金属交易中心。2022年,全球大部分有色金属期货交易在LME的三个交易平台进行,交易总额达15.2万亿美元, 交易量达1.3亿手,即31亿吨金属。LME为市场参与者提供多种金属的价格风险管理工具,包括铝、铜、镍、锡、锌、铅、钼、钴、锂、废钢、螺纹钢、热轧卷、铝溢价及铝合金合约。截至2022年12月,LME在全球14个国家或地区的32个交割地点共核准仓储设施450个,总计注册仓单量约为65万吨。