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UreaKnowHow Clinic

Safety first… but what are the safety risks in urea plants?

Monday 26 February, 09:00 - 17:00

Safety is a number one priority in any urea plant. But what are the safety risks in urea plants? And how can operators manage and mitigate these risks within their organisation? Working on safety not only means a safer workplace for all of us but also means a higher reliability of your plant. Safety pays back!

All urea melt and granulation licensors CASALE, GGT, NIIK, SAIPEM, STAMICARBON, TEC and tkIT will be invited to present their latest insights related to safety and reliability.

UreaKnowHow.com will present important process safety management practices that can be applied to prevent accidents,hazards and unplanned shutdowns.

Several critical safety and reliability risks will be discussed in detail, including leakages in the high-pressure synthesis section and hydrogen explosion risks in various urea plant sections. Practical and vital safety tips on how to behave in a urea plant will be shared. Furthermore, the latest safety incidents will be shared and lessons to be learned will be discussed.

The clinic is a separately bookable component. Operators will receive complimentary registration but must pre-register.All other organisations wishing to book the clinic are subject to a registration fee of £500 (+20% UK VAT)*

To book your place for the UreaKnowHow Clinic you will need to register here for the Nitrogen + Syngas event. 

*VAT only applicable to UK based companies.