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About the Event

The conference will bring together perspectives from across the value chain and around the world, creating a dialogue between policy makers, investors, end-users and senior executives from across the value chain.

Key questions the event will explore:

What data is available to understand the steel decarbonisation challenge?

  • What criteria can be used to define green steel?
  • What criteria is used to assess the decarbonisation credentials of value chain players?
  • Which players are best placed in a low carbon industry and which may lose market share?
  • What lessons can be learnt from decarbonisation efforts in other commodities and industries?

What can the steel value chain do right now to reduce emissions?

  • How can each player help others in the value chain reduce their emissions and get recognition for this?
  • What energy efficiencies or process optimizations can be made across the value chain?
  • How can the energy needs of a green steel industry be supplied sustainably?
  • What proportion of steel production can be made using scrap or low emission feedstocks?
  • What are the costs, roadblocks and limitations of these technologies and process improvements?

What technological developments could dramatically change the picture in steel decarbonisation?

  • What is the timeline for delivering industrial scale, zero carbon steelmaking?
  • What companies are advancing these technologies and their implementation?
  • What are the costs, roadblocks or other ultimate limits to these strategies?
  • How might carbon capture and utilization be applied to the steel value chain?

How can policy makers support the decarbonisation of this critical commodity?

  • What carbon pricing mechanisms are required to make decarbonisation investment viable?
  • What are the implications of different government targets and likely policy pathways?
  • How might different national and regional responses impact global trade flows in the value chain?
  • Can policy consider global measures that matches the international nature of steel value chains?

How are sustainability considerations shaping investment in the steel value chain?

  • What impact are carbon emissions considerations having on steel equity and investment ratings?
  • What does sustainable investing mean for project finance in new mines, steel mills or processing plants?
  • Is there standard practice among investors on how they assess carbon risk?
  • What carbon trading strategies are currently available to control this risk?

How can consumers of steel products support value chain decarbonisation?

  • How are considerations of carbon emissions likely to impact steel purchasing decisions?
  • Are there specific steel products which are likely to receive increased decarbonisation pressure?
  • Is there a standard practice on how steel consumers assess the carbon footprint of their steel supply chain?
  • Will different steel consuming sectors (auto, construction etc.) respond to the challenge in different ways?