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A Comprehensive Carbon Risk Management Training Course

for North American metals and mining industry professionals

Questions of sustainability are at the forefront for the North American metals and mining industry as investors, customers, and regulators are demanding real commitments to tackle issues of carbon emissions. Across the value chain, companies must understand how global efforts to reach carbon neutrality will impact their business and how they can manage the risk and gain advantage in a zero-carbon future.

Each company will take their own sustainability journey, but every company needs to understand the solutions available to draw up an executable roadmap. In addition to taking practical steps to reduce emissions via technological solutions and efficiency gains, every company should understand market-based solutions on offer from carbon credits, carbon offset investments and renewable power contracts to mitigate unavoidable emissions during the transition to zero-carbon operations.

This two-day course explained how your carbon footprint will be assessed, how you will be compared to your peers, provided examples of decarbonization pathways available, demystified carbon credit and offsets markets, and explained renewable energy purchasing options - in short, it gave attendees the information needed to design their own carbon risk management strategy.

Information about the next Carbon Offset and Clean Power Strategies Course will be released shortly.


Learning Objectives:

After taking the course, delegates will understand:

  • What is the zero-carbon economy and how will it impact the North American metals and mining industry?
  • How is a company's carbon risk defined and reviewed?
  • How can you assess your company's carbon footprint and benchmark your peers?
  • What are the building blocks of a viable carbon risk strategy?
  • What financial instruments can be used to mitigate emissions?
  • How can you assess carbon offset pricing factors?
  • What are the mechanics of purchasing, managing, and reporting carbon offset investments?
  • Introduction to renewable energy markets
  • What are the mechanics of purchasing, managing, and reporting renewable energy certificates and power purchase agreements?
  • Exploring real world, successful carbon risk management examples and case studies   


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About the virtual platform:

CRU have developed a best-in-class virtual training platform that can provide in-depth instruction in a fully interactive learning space that allows for live Q&A and facilitated networking.

The training course materials have been tailored for representatives of metals and mining professionals in North America and will be presented by experts with a deep understanding of these markets.  As well as live interaction with instructors via the platform, you can also re-watch the training sessions as many times as you like for 30 days on-demand after the live training dates.




Feedback from delegates who have taken other CRU training courses:

"A fruitful overview of a complicated topic broken down to simple concepts that make it easy to understand the benefits and risks associated with a hedging steel futures strategy"
Chris Neighbors, Commodity Manager, Legrand AV

"The course on Steel Hedging 201 was relevant, concise and well organized with excellent on-line interaction with the presenters and coordinators."
James McEwen, CFO, Welded Tube of Canada Corp.

"SMU have done a great job of providing these workshops, from beginner to more advanced. They've done a great job of helping to educate the community as a whole. Our company is a very strong believer in training. We've sent all levels of people in our team, from CFO to VP of Production and buyers - all attending these workshops to continue to get educated as we move forward and to help our risk management strategy."
Chris Shipp, Vice President - Supply Chain, Priefert Steel

"I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought the interactive activity was well put together and helpful in understanding what the material was we were discussing."
Katy Clendenen, Inside Sales Representative, Heidtman Steel Products Inc.

"I learned so much at your workshop. I am thankful I had the opportunity to attend. I loved that I was able to go back and review the videos and download the notes for the videos. Also, I loved that I was able to download the PowerPoints as well. Thanks for all the hard work!"
Ashley Barnes, Product Specialist, O’Neal Steel, LLC

"It was very well done. I like the interactive aspect of it. The presenters gave us real-world information with examples. It was just technical enough without being too difficult to understand."
Jonathan Lucas, Strategic Pricing Manager, NCI Group

"It was a pleasure attending the workshop. The information that I needed to learn was wrapped up in a single package. The workshop and the trainers were great. Just what I needed to be successful."
Brian K. Bohm, Regional Plant Manager, Morton Buildings, Inc.

"I think SMU has done a fantastic job condensing so much valuable information into a short amount of time, while keep the atmosphere fun and well-paced.  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have decades of experience.  I will be recommending this workshop to my peers."
Brian Hunt, Supply Quality Manager, McNICHOLS CO.

"Overall, the workshop was very informative. The individuals from SMU know what they are talking about and can answer any questions you may have regardless of your level of experience. I would recommend this workshop not for just new hires into the steel market but as a refresher course for those that have been involved for years. I have returned to my office with a better understanding of how steel is made and what it takes to obtain the products we utilize."
John Quinn, Sales Representative, Curtis Steel Company

"Being new to the steel industry I had so many questions! It is hard to sift through all the information found online and not get overwhelmed, but having this seminar is a good starting point to begin more in-depth searches and ask more intelligent questions.  While you do not walk out of this seminar as an expert, you do have a really good toolbox to become one in time.  I thank the organizers and will try to get everyone in the company to eventually attend one of this in the future!"
Alejandra Bohorquez, Purchasing Manager, Industrial Components of Texas

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the industry or brush up on their knowledge."
Rylee Zegley, Technical Sales Engineer, Chemcoaters

"This was a very informative workshop for any organization related to steel.  We were in good hands with very knowledgeable, friendly instructors who are willing to take time to explain steel in detail no matter how simple or complicated questions maybe. I highly recommend!"
Terrence Taylor, Commodity Manager, Goodman Manufacturing

"This is an outstanding workshop with very knowledgeable, engaging instructors. I would recommend it to anyone new to the industry or even experienced professionals within the industry."
Dylan Pishney, Materials Associate, Steel Dynamics


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