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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on valuable content.

What is the role of coke oven technology under decarbonisation targets?
15 July 2021
AUTHORS: Christana Chen, Consultant; Minxin Chen, Consultant - CONTRIBUTORS: Alex Tonks, Head of CRU Australia and New Zealand; Amir Sabet, Senior Consultant; Richard Lu, Senior Analyst - all of CRU 

Decarbonisation challenges in the steelmaking industry CRU Singapore Steel and Raw Materials Virtual Seminar
20 July 2021
AUTHOR: Paul Butterworth, Research Manager; Madhura Shirodkar, Research Analyst, CRU

Challenges ahead for the steel industry to achieve carbon neutrality
14 July 2021
AUTHOR: Yusu Mao, Research Analyst, CRU

Steel decarbonisation scenario analysis
PROJECT DIRECTOR: Matthew Poole, Divisional Director, Head of Steel and Raw Materials and APAC, PROJECT MANAGER: Sarah Macnaughton, Head of Steel Technologies and Sustainability, CRU

China’s 2060 carbon neutral goal: What the metals industry can expect from emissions policies
AUTHORS: Wan Ling, Head of Asia, Aluminum Assistant Chief Representative CRU China; Ashley Wang, Senior Consultant; Kevin Bai, Analyst; Tianyu He, Analyst; CONTRIBUTOR: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist and Head of Sustainability; all of CRU

EU Carbon border adjustment impact assessment
PROJECT DIRECTOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; Sarah Macnaughton, Head of Steel Technologies and Sustainability, CRU

ESG and portfolio diversification
PROJECT MANAGERS: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; Josefa Carrere, Senior Consultant, CRU

Webinars: Global Carbon Emissions Q&A Series
Wednesdays | Times may vary

Pathway to low CO2: insight into how the steel industry can be decarbonise
07 January 2021
HOST: Andrew Gadd, Senior Analyst; Ryan Smith, Senior Analyst; Ben Carstein, Analysis Lead - Coal and Coke - all of CRU

Are asset managers actively greening their mining and metals portfolios?
01 December 2020
AUTHOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; CONTRIBUTORS: Aurélien Henry, Senior Consultant; Lewis Pegrum, Consultant - all of CRU

China’s net zero carbon emissions target: Perspectives on past policies
28 October 2020
AUTHOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; CO-AUTHOR: Ashley Wang, Senior Consultant - both of CRU

The future of green premia: A multi-commodity perspective
07 September 2020
AUTHOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; CONTRIBUTOR: Josie Armstrong, Head of Fertilizer and Chemicals Consulting - both of CRU

EU Steel: Why carbon matters more with Covid-19
13 May 2020
AUTHOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; CO-AUTHORS: Sarah Macnaughton, Principal Consultant; Lewis Pegrum, Consultant - all of CRU

The immense decarbonisation challenge facing the steel industry
11 March 2020
AUTHOR: Ryan Smith, Senior Analyst; CO-AUTHOR: Sarah Macnaughton, Principal Consultant - both of CRU