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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider copper industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

Electric vehicles, positive micro trend for copper but no game changer within a decade
Matthew Wonnacott, Senior Consultant - Copper Team
8th December 2016

Copper blister surplus emerges as smelter production growth outpaces electro-refined
Christine Meilton, Principal Consultant - Copper Team
6th December 2016

Dissecting the post US election shake up of the copper market
Robert Edwards, Managing Consultant - Copper Team
2nd December 2016

Chinese mine costs: findings from a recent trip
Piotr Ortonowski, Senior Consultant - Copper Team
28th September 2016

Chinese smelter capacity to continue growing despite a tightening copper concentrates market
Chunlan Li, Senior Consultant - Copper Team
1st August 2016

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