Women in Mining Roundtable

As part of the World Copper Conference 2018, we will be hosting a round table entitled  “Women in mining, breaking the 8% barrier”.

The session is on Monday 9th April from 10 - 11: 30am.

Topics that will be discussed at the round table will include:

What innovations are necessary to increase the percentage of female employees
How else will the industry change as a result of having more female employees
How does the industry need to adapt to become more successful in attracting female employees


  • Claudia Monreal, Presidenta, Women in Mining Chile


  • Alejandra Sepúlveda Peñaranda, Directora Ejecutiva, ComunidadMujer
  • Alejandra Wood, Directora Ejecutiva, Centro de Estudios del Cobre
  • Laura Mottola, President & CEO, Flow Partners

Audience participation in discussions is strongly encouraged (and Chatham House rules will apply).  

For further information on the panel, please contact Dominic Halahan by email or telephone +44 (0)20 7903 2263

Please note: The event itself is complementary for all registered delegates to the World Copper Conference.  

If you any questions regarding the World Copper Conference please email conferences@crugroup.com