CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys 1st Awards Gala

We are pleased to announce the first CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys Awards!

There will be an award ceremony at the event, designed to highlight excellence and innovation within the industry. 

Nominations are now open, and will be open until 5 October.  The judging panel will then peruse all nominations and the winners will be announced at the event.

Nominations can be made by anyone in the industry.

Nominations will be invited for the following awards:
  • Executive of the Year
  • Service Provider of the Year
  • Hall of Fame Award - for those who you feel have made a significant contribution to the industry over the years

Nominations are now open!

Click here to make your nominations

About the Awards

Executive of the Year
The winner of this award is a member of a company directly involved in the sales or purchase of alloys or metals. This person could be a top-ranking executive or destined for greatness.  The winner delivers results, shows integrity is innovative and has had a measurable impact on the fortunes of their company. The judging criteria for the awards will be achievements, industry standing, innovation and business acumen. Service

Service Provider of the Year
Great industries rely on excellent service from suppliers. The company that wins this award could be involved in transportation & logistics, finance, technology or support the industry in another capacity. The important thing is that this company supports the industry through the quality of its service. Judging criteria in this award are integrity and industry value-add.

Hall of Fame
This award speaks for itself and recognizes an executive involved in the Ferroalloys industry who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry. Candidates could be outstanding traders, purchasers, analysts, business leaders or service providers. The candidates will be judged on business acumen, integrity, leadership, innovation and industry standing.   

Judging Glossary

• Does this individual live and nurture creativity in their business? 
• How has this individual’s innovation benefited their company or industry?  
• How successful have they been in implementing new ideas? 

• How successfully does this person influence change? 
• Is this individual viewed with respect and appreciation by colleagues and competitors? 
• How successful is this person in navigating unfamiliar environments?

• How does this person put his/her stated values in practice? 
• Is this person committed to best practice in environmental matters? 
• This person is committed to improving society

Industry standing:

• How many nominations did this person receive?  
• To what extent to the nominations reflect a sense of respect and admiration from industry peers?

Business acumen:
• Able to decipher complex environments and take difficult decisions
• What examples are given regarding successful deals and business decisions?

Industry value-add:
• What distinguishes this company from others providing similar services?
• How has this company tangibly improved your performance? 
• How reliable is this company, do they consistently meet or exceed expectations?