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Hank Yeckley, President, Bozel North America (United States)

Siddharth Bothra, CEO, IQ Minerals & Metals (India)

Richard Drakkir, President, Niddam, Inc. (United States)

Eric Phan, Purchasing Manager, Solumet Metal & Powder, Inc. (Canada)

Tatiana Lengrand, Deputy Sales Director - Nickel Manganese Sales, Eramet (France)

David Dogan Mizrahi, Trader, Ronly Limited (United Kingdom)

The premiere event in the North American ferroalloys market

Terry Perles, Director, US Vanadium, United States

The attendees are a ‘Who's Who’ of the ferroalloy world.

Richard Edmonds, Director, M7 Metals, United States

Very good for networking

Juan Vaquera, Ferroalloys Manager, Deacero, Mexico

Another great CRU Ferroalloys conference.  Well-organized with plenty of time allowed for networking, socializing and attending papers.

Richard Wolf, Regional Manager - North America, Elkem Silicon Products, United States

Hands down the best conference of the year.  So much influence and information in one place at one time is critical to the development of our industry.

Damian Loncar, Vice President, Greystone Alloys, United States

You don't need to travel a lot - save your time meeting the most of your Business Partners at one place!

Pylyp Kovalenko, Director, Yorkshire Industrial Ltd, United Kingdom

The best ferroalloys conference in North America

Alain Dery, Manager, Heneken Group, Slovakia

Great conference, well attended and worthwhile

Scott Fischer, Director, ACI Industries Ltd, United States

Always an industry leading and well-run conference

Jim May, Executive VP, Sinova Global Inc., Canada

Always a great place to connect with a lot of industry people in one place

Jayson Tymko, President, Sinova Global Inc., Canada

The CRU Ferroalloys conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with many various participants in the metals industry all in one place.

Elysse Schiller, Trader, Earth Metals LLC, USA

If you want to be the best, you have to supply the best and the market leading end users attend CRU - an excellent forum to develop existing and new relationships

Michael Haw, Sales Director, AMG Chrome Ltd, United Kingdom

CRU conference was a great networking opportunity for both current and potential new suppliers. The speakers offered great market intelligence that gave us global information that was helpful in our metal purchasing strategies.

Lydia Patteuw, Procurement Supervisor, Hitchiner Mfg., United States

It is the quintessential conference within the metals industry. It brings together the perfect blend of metal consumers, producers and traders from all of the world.

Steven Munnoch, CEO, Avon Specialty Metals Ltd, United Kingdom

Excellent platform for networking

Ankit Patni, CEO, SKP Merchants Private Ltd, India

Professionally managed and well attended.

John Walker, Sales, EMR (USA Holdings) Inc., USA

This conference is the most cost-effective way I know to meet new contacts and get some face-to-face time with existing ones.

Tom Rosensweet, President, Newport Metals, LLC

This event is a great opportunity to meet with new and existing suppliers and shared critical market information.

Luis Navarrete, Sourcing Analytics Leader, Deacero

CRU Ferroalloys continues to be the most relevant conference for our overall business.

James Brancho, Vice President, Titan International, Inc.

Excellent choice of venue. Spacious and had sufficient seating for meetings.

Michael Lian, Manager, OM Materials (S) Pte Ltd

It's a great conference to connect with your current client base and also seek opportunities for new clients.

Zach Kachmar, Operations, MID-SHIP Logistics LLC

Excellent conference

Sam Baldwin, Commercial, GFG

It’s great

Rob Christiansen, Director - Production Planning and Purchasing, Haynes International Inc

Efficient use of time

Stephen Walas, Sales Manager, Marubeni America Corp

Great venue and presentations covering this market.

Don Edwards, Sales Director, Kymera International, USA

THE North American Ferroalloys Conference. Always in amazing locations!

Matteo Chareun, Trader, Euromet SA

Glenn Knoedler, Raw Materials Manager, Cascade Steel

Dominique Riche, Presiden, Bozel Group

Chris Brzozowski, Commercial Manager, ICD Europe Ltd

Excellent collection of presentations which provided both qualitative and quantitative information for the audience.

Andrew Pappas, Managing Director , Metals, BMO Harris Bank

Nowhere else can you meet as many suppliers in a short period of time.

Robert Gathers, Manager , Purchasing, Electralloy

Really enjoyed the conference. The information presented is very valuable

Pedro Cardenas, International Trade Analyst, U.S. International Trade Commission

I attended CRU and earlier Ryan’s Notes Ferroalloys conference the last 15 years, only skipped a few times. It brought me what's happening and what may happen at next months/years which affect my decisions significantly as a trader and continuous supply chain builder.

Hill Summer, Managing Director, Million Link (China) Investment Ltd.

Joanne Chang Hamilton, Account Manager, Mitsui & Co USA Inc

Luis Pessoa, Commercial Director, Maringa Ferro Ligas

Pierre Charbonneau, Materials and Procurement Supervisor, Ivaco Rolling Mills LP

Great conference for ongoing networking!

Victor Nardini, President, Veritas Alloys & Metals LLC

It is one of the most central events in the global ferroalloy market.

Maxim Galperin, Global Market Analyst, United Raw Materials Company LLC

The conference helps us to look at an opportunity of new business with suppliers around the world.

Yuki Yasuda, Manager, Procurement, Daido Steel (America) Inc.

John Moores, CEO, C Steinweg

Larry Stryker, Vice President Sales, DBlock Metals LLC

Joseph Castellena, , Stainless & Alloy Commodity Manager, OmniSource - Non Ferrous Stainless/Alloy Grou

Great opportunity to meet all the customers of North American ferroalloys in a relaxing atmosphere.

Matteo Chareun, Trader, Euromet SA

Excellent conference

Robert Engel, President, Enco International, Inc

A really good place to be for finding new opportunities

Robert Idegren, , Carbomax AB

Comprehensive content, great networking in golf paradise!

Guy Ouimet, Managing Partner, Celtis Capital Inc

This is the best conference I know of to meet many, many suppliers in a very time and travel efficient manner

David Jack Drage, Chairman of the Board, Remelt Sources, Inc.

Excellent opportunity to update your knowledge about market trends as well as the best way to meet customers and suppliers

Ramiro Becerra, CEO, Injection Alloys Mexico. S.A. de C.V.

The networking opportunities for a buyer are immense!

John Schmitz, CFO, L E Jones Company

A great chance to expand contacts all in one place

Michael Little, Specialty Silicon Sales Manager, Elkem

Good conference for networking

Frank Vultaggio, Sales Manager, Chemalloy Company LLC

After 24 years, CRU Ryan’s Notes is still one of the best industry conferences around and consistently attracts high profile, interesting and informative speakers and industry professionals. Will continue to attend!

Louis Parous, Director, Viridis.iq GmbH

The conference is an excellent forum for meeting many suppliers and end users in a short time in a very pleasant environment! Reception and style of lunch (buffet with large tables) allow opportunities to meet new people.

Randi Davis, Manager - Marketing and Quality Assurance, JMC USA Inc

An excellent networking forum

Mike Lacis, Global Business Manager, Freeport Cobalt

Very good format for networking and gathering market information. We attend every year

Jeffrey Brassard, General Manager, Palm Commodities International LLC

Great organization, content and opportunities to network

Cristian A. Kommer, Manager Global Recycling, Kennametal, Inc

It's always a good conference and a good way to meet current and prospective contacts.

Dave Voss, President, Voss Metals Co.

CRU Ryan's Notes is the best in the industry! Always well attended and efficiently run

Brooke Robinson, Vice President, Induction Iron Inc

Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys conference is a great market information sharing and networking event in the international ferroalloys industry

Gary Guo, MD, Shanghai Gushuo Metal Trading Ltd

Great networking opportunity

Kristine Adams, Purchasing Supervisor, Nucor Steel Arkansas

An excellent opportunity to network with a very high turnout of suppliers and consumers

Daniel J Marx, Managing Director, Marx

This trip is a tremendous value. Everyone is in one place for the Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys Conference

Dave Fitzgerald, VP, North Metal and Chemical Co.

Great opportunity to meet with your customers & suppliers!

Michael Husakiewicz, Director, Lipmann Walton & Co Ltd

It is a very good networking/meeting opportunity with producers, traders and end-users of metals and ferroalloys

Renato Tichauer, CEO, Tremond Metals Corp.

Invaluable for keeping track of peers and competitors . . .

Michael Little, Steel Industry Specialty Ferrosilicon Sales, ELKEM

Outstanding networking opportunities, much needed information on markets and strategy

Kevin F. Kirby, General Manager, Engineered Alloys and Continuous Cast Alloys, part of the JWF Group of Companies

The CRU conference has proven to be one of the best networking opportunity for alloys. It is very convenient to be able to meet most of our suppliers, and their competitors in one place.

Pierre Charbonneau, Materials and Procurement Supervisor, Ivaco Rolling Mills

I was effective to meet with multiple customers within a 2 day period.

Andrea Curtin, Sr. Technical Sales Representative, Climax Molybdenum

Great opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Bharat Mandloi, Director, Abcom Pte Ltd

Great way to network and find new opportunities. I've been coming to this event since 2009 and it's very worthwhile.

Mike Kinney, Category Manager, CMC

Great networking opportunities; a lot of meetings in a very short period of time

Caroline Elbaz, Lead Buyer, Axens

Ryan's provides the best opportunity for networking for our company.

Charles Zak, Executive VP, CCMA

A stupendous opportunity to meet with hundreds of USA / Canada oriented metal producers, users, logistic providers, and traders.

Jason Baljevich, Trading & Business Development, Cronimet

The conference is an excellent forum for meeting many suppliers and end users in a short time in a very pleasant environment! Reception and style of lunch (buffet with large tables) allow opportunities to meet new people.

Randi Davi, Manager - Marketing and Quality Assurance, JMC USA Inc

Excellent organization

Francisco Ruiz, Director, Molyb

This event is a great way to meet many of your large customers all in one location

Chris Lisso, Sales/Marketing Manager - Americas, Elkem Metal Canada Inc.

In 2 words: Excellent conference

Erwin Slagter, Director, Raetsheren 1768 commodity insurance experts

As always, this was a valuable and successful conference

James May, COO, HiTest Silicon

Great event with high quality attendees and informative sessions!

Kenneth MacAlpine, President, Tophet Corporation

As an end user, the CRU Ryan's Notes is a really great opportunity for us to meet with all our suppliers and get crucial information on the ferro-alloys market

Charles Robitaille, Procurement Specialist, Bradken

It was a great place and thanks for organizing this conference!

Eddie Choi, Sales & Trading Director, WOOJIN IND. Co. Ltd

Great networking opportunities.

J Michael Farley, USA Sales Director, Injection Alloys Inc.

Ryan's Notes provides the best networking opportunity in the U.S.-market

Klaus Muehlbacher, Director Division Chemicals, AMG Titanium Alloys and Coatings

Best place to gather with a large number of customers, traders, and service providers. Great use of time, dollars

Mark Slemons, Mgr, Sales & Marketing, Rio Tinto Kennecott

Good presentations, good speakers and good location for us to be there

Joanne Chang, Marketing Manager, Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.)., Inc.

CRU Ryan’s Notes continues its leading reputation as the "go to" industry conference for market players.  The quality of content, comfort and opportunities the conference provides is unmatched in the industry.

Lou Parous, Director, Viridis.iQ

It was a good opportunity for a first learner of the ferroalloy markets.

Shinichiro Sugihara, Manager, Internal Business Improvement,, Standard Steel, LLC

The conference offered a unique setting to meet with most of the major metal elements suppliers in the marketplace.

Tim Novak, Director , Global Sourcing, Chromalloy

Double Thumbs Up.

Kyle Shoop, VP of Steelmaking,, Tenova Inc.

A great conference to meet new and old companies

Ernie Mendez, Trader, Pound Metals

Ryan's Notes is the best place to get market intel, and close deals with key decision makers.

Doug Veitch, Chief Operating Officer, Globe Metal

The CRU provides all of us in the industry from around the globe the opportunity (vehicle) to network with key individuals.

Jeffry Miner, Vice President, Recycling Coordinators

It is important to participate this event as a networking and marketing information sharing is the key point to make business

Joanne Chang-Hamilton, Marketing Manager, Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc.

A perfect conference for networking to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming FY.

Michael Smith, President, Engineered Alloys

The structure of the conference is very good as it allows ample time for both presentations and networking

Clara Sadomba, General Manager, Marketing & Administration, Zimasco

This was a great conference with excellent networking opportunities

Phillip Lynn, Inside Sales, Prime Metals & Alloys

It was a great conference. Surprisingly, both sellers and buyers were equally excited about upcoming year!

Dmytro Nadtochii, Director, Charisma Resources Limited

Excellent opportunity to get market insight as well as meet global customers. look forward to the next one.

Bharat Mandloi,, Director, Abcom Pte Ltd

The CRU conference is a great place to meet current suppliers, to seek new opportunities and extend networking, all in a nice setting

Pierre Charbonneau, Materials and Procurement Supervisor, Ivaco Rolling Mills

CRU RN conference is a bridge to make your frame enlarge toward the world

Jay Cho, President, Asia Minerals North America

You solidify your current relationship while building new ones

John Lobman, Purchasing Manager, VDM Metals USA, LLC

It allows me to talk to many different vendors face-to-face as well as establish a network. To hear, in talks, about how other groups are solving, most likely, the same problems we are trying to solve. It's a good place to initiate collaboration and try to brainstorm ideas for new concepts.  In terms of a continuously high standard of presentations and attendees from both traders, producers and OEMs/Tier One companies, the CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys conference is one of the best.

Mitchell Smith, President & CEO, Global Energy Metals Corporation

Invaluable for keeping track of peers and competitors . . .

Michael Little, Steel Industry Specialty Ferrosilicon Sales,, ELKEM