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Why CRU is uniquely positioned to host a conference on this topic

CRU offers unrivalled business intelligence on the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries through market analysis, price assessments, consultancy and events. Since 1969, we have consistently invested in primary research and robust methodologies, and developed expert teams in key locations worldwide, including in hard-to-reach markets such as China. CRU employs over 290 experts and has more than 11 offices around the world, in Europe, the Americas, China, Asia and Australia.  When facing critical business decisions, you can rely on our first-hand and independent knowledge to give you a complete view of a commodity market:

CRU's Ferroalloys Capabilities:

CRU provides comprehensive market analysis and forecasts, price assessments and cost services across ferroalloys worldwide. 

Our market analysis delivers a global view on supply and demand dynamics, trade and prices across commodities such as ferromanganese, silicon metal, silicomanganese, manganese ore, ferrosilicon and manganese metal, with regularly updated five-year price forecasts.

CRU’s ferroalloys prices are the leading benchmark in North America and Europe where 80% of market participants who use a benchmark use CRU prices.

Across all key regional markets, our reputation is for robustness and transparency, thanks to our methodologies.  

Our cost service gives detailed analysis of costs at production sites and mines around the world.  Our analyst teams in Beijing, London and Pittsburgh source this data through extensive primary research.

CRU’s Ferroalloys analysts and price assessors are world experts working to strict methodologies to ensure consistently high quality.

CRU Events:

CRU Events’ core mission is to share knowledge, spark debate and facilitate networking within your community. 

CRU Events creates industry leading commercial,  technical  and networking conferences for the global commodity markets.  Our knowledge of the sectors we serve, combined with our trusted market relationships, enables us to deliver valuable programs, driven by topical themes addressed by the thought-leaders in our industries. 

From networking forums, to strategic conferences, CRU events are timed, located and planned to maximize business opportunities for our customers, helping them make informed decisions and connect with the right people. 

CRU’s network of overseas offices and analysts based in key commodity hubs across Asia, Europe and the Americas, enables deep insight into local markets and gives CRU the capability to forge connections across global supply chains. 

The CRU events team are trustworthy, professional, and fun.  We are in business to share our knowledge, spark debate and facilitate networking within CRU's communities to build lifetime value for our Customers.

CRU's Steel Capabilities:

CRU provides a complete view of the steel industry across the value chain through market analysis and forecasts, market-leading price assessments and comprehensive cost services, all driven by a global team of analysts using CRU’s robust and transparent methodologies.

Our market analysis focuses on supply and demand fundamentals, price dynamics and forecasts for the entire value chain, from raw materials to end-user sectors.

Covering all major markets, our price indices are established benchmarks on which supply chain partners can confidently base transactions. For example, CRU’s US Midwest Hot Rolled Coil price, The CRU, is the leading steel benchmark in North America and is also used in the settlement of futures and options contracts on the CME.

Our cost services bring you detailed data and insights on key steel producers across the world, allowing you to understand the competitive landscape.  Based around the globe, CRU’s steel experts offer invaluable local and global market intelligence.

SMU provides real-time pricing and timely insights into factors impacting the steel market. Together, we provide the most extensive coverage and holistic view of the market to help our customers make critical business decisions.