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Platinum Sponsors


CCMA, LLC has a 30-year history as a successful marketer, trader and distributor of metals, alloys, ores and concentrates for the steel, ferroalloys, foundry, aluminum and superalloy industries. Our aim is to meet customer requirements in a manner that makes us the supplier of choice providing financing, logistics, sales and marketing services to our principals, producers and customers.

Gold Sponsors


Bihar Foundry and Castings Limited (BFCL), established in 1971 is an integrated steel plant based at Jharkhand, India, manufacturing Ferro Alloys (1,20,000 MT P.A.), Sponge Iron (130,000 Mt P.A.) and MS Billets (1,50,000 Mt P.A.). Recently we have added Medium and Low Carbon Ferro Manganese with normal & Low Phos.
BFCL is among the Top 10 exporters of Ferro Alloys from India and has recently been awarded MOST TRUSTED MANUFACTURER OF FERRO ALLOY of the year 2021-India at Indo Arab Leaders Summit & Awards 2022 DUBAI.
Under the leadership of visionary chairman Dr. Hari Krishna Budhia (Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Colorado, USA) and his young and dynamic son Mr. Gaurav Budhia, Director BFCL is setting industries Best standards in Quality Assurance, Customer satisfaction and commitment.

Indiano Chrome Private Limited

Indiano, a company synonymous with Low Carbon Ferro Chrome has an illustrious background. Serving the industry for 20+ years, Indiano took a giant leap in its capability by investing in its own manufacturing in Odisha, India in 2020. Indiano differentiates itself through various innovations in its manufacturing process. These innovations, which make the end product quite unique, are a direct result of understanding customer use-cases over many years.

Indiano has pioneered thermite manufacturing process in India, giving the company a unique ability to produce Ultra-Low Carbon Ferro Chrome with Ultra-Low Titanium and Ultra-Low Phosphorous content. Such differentiated products has given a significant minority market share to Indiano in India and a rapidly growing international business.

Company’s extremely high repeat business of 86.5%* demonstrates the company’s ability to churn out quality product consistently. Today, the company is well-positioned as a reliable supplier of LC Ferro Chrome internationally. The company, through its trading partners or directly, has presence in Asia, Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa and North America.

Ni-Met metals (USA) Inc.

Is a cooperative enterprise between Ni-Met Metals & World Metals & Alloys.
The two companies combine sound sourcing with forward thinking sales strategies and logistical perspicuity bringing together more 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. Focus is driven towards sourcing and supplying “Key” raw materials in particular Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese and Silicon Metal. Hard work, and resourceful planning have led to creating strong alliances with international producers to ensure we have a dependable and competitive supply chain for our customer’s needs.

The Company is headed by Industry notables; namely Anil Shah & Vimal Kumar Jain!


Minasligas is one of the largest producers of ECO Ferro Silicon, ECO Silicon Metal and ECO Microsilica in Brazil.

Our products are branded as, ECO, as they carry the lowest Carbon footprints in the global market due to a very sustainable production process, using renewable energy and renewable charcoal. The company follows ESG pillars, closely managing the production process and taking all necessary measures to minimize potential impacts on nature, while respecting environmental laws and adopting the best governance practices.

F. W. Winter

F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. is a manufacturer of metal and alloy powders located in Camden, New Jersey. The company has assembled a world class, low cost, production facility capable of manufacturing a high quality and consistent product. In addition, the company's global sourcing strategy allows it to act as a distributor of certain specialized lump and powder metals. It's customer-focused management team is committed to providing excellent services and high-quality niche products to its global customer base. The company has positioned itself as the world's leading supplier of specialized metal and alloy powders.

Silver Sponsors

Exotech, Inc.

Exotech processes and supplies minor metal raw materials such as Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Hafnium, Zirconium, and more. We process all materials in our facilities in Pompano Beach, FL USA for shipment worldwide and we stock ready to melt products in warehouses within the UK and EU for immediate delivery. Large or small quantities, high or low purity; Exotech supplies direct to consumers with lower cost alternatives than most standard raw materials.

Exotech also specializes in recycling Ta, Nb, Mo, W, Hf, In, Ge scrap metals. With in house mechanical, chemical and thermal processing, we handle a wide variety of scrap metals with different forms, coatings, and contamination.

Jai Balaji

Jai Balaji Group is one of the largest manufacturers of steel in the private sector in Eastern India. We have integrated facilities for producing steel across the states of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa.

Our Group has a chain of value-added products which include DRI, Pig Iron, Ferro Alloys, Alloy and Mild Steel Billets, Reinforcement Steel TMT Bars, Wire Rods, Ductile Iron Pipes, Alloy and Mild Steel Heavy Rounds and Copper inserted cathode bar and anode stubs for primary aluminium Industries. We draw our strength from an old tradition of reliable customer service and quality products.

Jai Balaji Group as a whole generates revenue of more than 1.2 Billion Dollars per annum providing employment to more than 10000 employees. We are one of the largest Manufacturers of Ferro Alloys in the eastern part of India with a production capacity of 155 thousand tonnes per annum. We are the largest producer of Low Carbon Ferro Chrome in India.


Established in 1972 as a British metal trading company with a strong China focus, Wogen has since grown into one of the most diversified suppliers worldwide of high-value raw materials to industry; be it for steel applications, aerospace, electronics, foundries, pigments, ceramics or the alloying industry.
Our ferroalloys business (one of our 5 divisions) focuses on the noble ferroalloys. On Vanadium, Wogen is the exclusive sales and marketing partner for Bushveld Vametco, selling Nitrovan® to a global customer base, as well as handling Ferro Vanadium and Vanadium Trioxide/Vanadium Pentoxide. On Molybdenum, Wogen is a distribution partner for Sierra Gorda, selling Molybdenum products into Korea, Taiwan, southeast Asia, Middle East and FSU. Wogen is also highly active in the Tungsten market, from concentrates through to Ferro Tungsten, as well as intermediate products for the hardmetals industry. Wogen is a member of IMOA, ITIA, MMTA and Vanitec.
We are a supplier of all grades of cobalt cut/broken cathodes, briquettes and rounds as well as European, Russian and Chinese standard and degassed AT Chrome metal.
Wogen is headquartered in London, UK, with a US office in Cleveland, OH as well as several other offices globally.


Solumet Metal and Powder Inc (Solumet MP) operates a novel recycling facility that converts fine metal-bearing wastes and by-products into re-meltable metal product-sintercake. Our facility is located in Varennes (minutes from Montreal, Quebec).
Solumet MP’s unique furnace technology allows us to:
 Handle a large variety of dusty and oxidized feed sources containing Ni, Cr, Mo, Co, Fe
 Recycle 100% of metal units, without creating additional waste
 Produce high-grade stainless-steel or super-alloy sinter cake which can be used in any melting operation
 Optimize economic return of waste streams.
Please visit our website (www.solumet.ca) to see what materials we can help you recycle!

AM North America International LLC

AMI Group specialise in supplying raw materials used in the production of steel, aluminium, core-wire and foundry products.
We are strategically positioned close to the supply. By combining our own production facilities with long-standing relationships with the largest factories across China, we can ensure the quality and consistency of our products.
With offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sao Paulo, and Seoul, our local teams offer exceptional customer support. No matter the time-zone, the AMI Group provides quick and reliable assistance to our partners and clients.
Leveraging our scale, relationships, and network, we also offer competitive shipping and warehouse solutions.

Champion Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

At Champion Minerals, we power operational excellence by providing world-class materials for essential infrastructure. We develop the finest Manganese alloys from Zambia and proudly serve enterprises and clients across the globe. We are committed to maximize the quality and experience of manganese products that form key components in the steel-making processes. With robust supply chain capabilities across Africa, Asia and Europe, we leverage state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest calibre Manganese alloys available, globally. Our experienced and highly skilled team has pioneered processing methods of producing exceptional Silico manganese and Ferro manganese products. With sustainability at the heart of our business, our equipment efficiently save energy while also minimizing residual waste.


Surya Alloy Industries Ltd (Surya), established in 1990 is an Integrated steel plant & bulk ferro alloys producer based at West bengal, India and is part of Bhaskar conglomerate which has interest in Steel, (2,16,000 MT/Annum) , Ferro Alloys (1,32,000 MT/ Annum) , Coke (96,000 MT/ Annual), Railway Track fitting Items & Education Sector

Surya name is synonymous with Low Si FeCr / FeCr 65 and were the first few to export the same from India. Surya produces various high and niche grades of ferro chrome including MC/LC FeCr along with Low Ti FeCr

Presently, we are supplying 1,15,000 MT of ferroalloys per year to end-users and traders worldwide and have established a long-standing relationship with our buyers.