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Why CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys conference is the right choice for you

  • It's the #1 networking event in the US for the ferroalloys industry, connecting buyers and sellers at the height of contract season
  • Established for 26 years, the event regularly attracts 650+ industry leaders
  • You'll have access to the virtual venue a few days before the live event dates, and for 3 weeks after, so you can view the full delegate list and set up meetings in advance and for dates after the live event date if convenient
  • Whether buying or selling, no other event comes close to matching the business opportunities
  • Timed to coincide with contract season, attending the event can save you weeks on the road and the associated travel and accommodation costs

  • Delegates at the conference represent all the main interests in the ferroalloys space. The event attracts a significant proportion of delegates who are consumers from steel mills, aluminium smelters, foundries, chemical companies, power companies, aviation companies and many more. Serving the diverse needs of this large group, producer and traders at the conference are active in the production and sales of over 30 distinct product types from bulk and noble alloys, to minor metals and beyond.