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About the Event

The CRU Wire & Cable Conference attracts an influential audience of senior executives from 30+countries from the world’s cable makers, as well as the insulated wire and cable supply chain. 

This year the CRU Wire & Cable Conference will focus on the pivotal role of wire and cable manufacturers in shaping the future of power generation, renewable energy, electrification, and the evolution of power grids.
CRU's Aisling Hubert, Wire & Cable comments:
"Over the past year, the global wire and cable industry has experienced a number of challenges, with rocketing interest rates to combat high inflation in Europe and North America; and China facing structural challenges in the residential construction market. Whilst globally, a changing labour market and spiralling costs of materials have frustrated cable producers.
 Despite these challenges, there are reasons for great optimism. In China, an unprecedented rollout of renewable energy and transmission is underpinning economic growth. The US has outlined its monumental IRA with far-reaching applications, from energy generation to manufacturing. Europe’s REPowerEU plan and the subsequent initiatives to support European industry represent an increasing global focus on supporting domestic manufacturing capacity of key technologies, including wire and cables.


High voltage cables have seen double-digit growth rates in recent years, with some of the largest cable producers, from manufacturers to end-to-end energy infrastructure service providers, indicating that demand for wire and cables is only set to grow. As most countries have moved to outline ambitious energy targets and decarbonisation goals, the wire and cable industry will play a pivotal role as the backbone of the global energy transformation."

Join us in Amsterdam for CRU's strategic conference, 24-26 June to reconnect with peers and for an up-to-date view on the outlook for the wire and cable industry, as we focus on the energy transition and the future of power generation. This is an ideal opportunity to join strategic discussions with key stakeholders, connect with your global community, and get up-to-speed on the most urgent issues facing the industry.

Reconnect with your peers and grow your business.

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Event highlights

  • 18 year history of bringing the whole industry together
  • Consistently attracts 200+ senior executives from industry-leading companies
  • CRU curated quality content: thought leaders and subject experts from around world will offer their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities affecting the industry
  • Strategic panel discussions with leading energy wire and cable producers to discuss the pivotal role of the wire and cable manufacturers in shaping the future of power generation, renewable energy, electrification, and the evolution of power grids
  • Special focus in 2024: power grid Infrastructure, onshore and  offshore wind, and solar farms, automotive and avionics, as well as modular cable architecture and winding wire
  • CRU view: Hear insights from CRU's market experts from across the wire, copper, aluminium, economics and sustainability teams


Who attends?
CRU’s Wire & Cable Conference typically attracts a C-suite of  200+ delegates from 30+ countries across the wire and cable industry.

History of the event

Now in its 17th consecutive year, the CRU Wire & Cable Conference series has a strong track record as the established annual meeting for the international industry. Past events have taken place in:

Wire & Cable 2007 - Paris
Wire & Cable 2008 - Barcelona
Wire & Cable 2009 - Rome
Wire & Cable 2010 - Gothenburg
Wire & Cable 2011 - Amsterdam
Wire & Cable 2012 - Vienna
Wire & Cable 2013 - Berlin
Wire & Cable 2014 - Istanbul
Wire & Cable 2015 - Barcelona
Wire & Cable 2016 - Milan
Wire & Cable 2017 - Munich
Wire & Cable 2018 - Copenhagen
Wire & Cable 2019 - Brussels
Wire & Cable 2020 - Virtual
Wire & Cable 2021 - Virtual
Wire & Cable 2022 - London
Wire & Cable 2023 - Hamburg