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CRU's Wire & Cable Conference will give leaders of the wire and cable sector the chance to discuss how  the role that this industry will play in bringing the world back from this crisis. 

The event will offer you access to high-quality information and the chance to join lively discussions. This opportunity to connect with your peers and, most importantly, build your post-Covid business.

CRU’s Wire & Cable conference series has been established as the premier meeting place for the world’s cablemakers and the insulated wire and cable supply chain for the past 15 years. The Conference, will give you the chance to meet your peers, share market insights and build strategies for your business to be a part of the post-Covid recovery, and also offers the ideal opportunity to meet with a wide range of CRU experts from across the wire, fibre, copper and aluminium teams.
Focused sessions offer more in-depth discussion on insulated, winding and other specialty wire and cable products produced from copper, aluminium and optical fibre, coatings and the other materials; as well as the inputs that impact the bottom line for wire and cable producers, consumers and their supply chain. 

Now is the time to explore if the wire and cable industry is prepared for the opportunities emerging from the global recovery and how the industry is focused on innovation and sustainability.  


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