Agenda 2019

Please find below the 2019 agenda. The 2020 agenda will be available in due course.

10:00 - 11:30
Keynote Session

10:00 - 10:10
Words of welcome
Michael Finch, Head of Wire and Cable, CRU

10:10 - 10:35
Automotive industry trends towards connectivity and electric vehicles and the impact on the wire and cable industry

-          Leoni Automotive Cable’s vision of the automotive industry
-          Automotive harness wiring needs of modern, connected vehicles
-          Impacts on power infrastructure requirements lead by the rise of EV
Markus Thoma, Managing Director Business Group Automotive Cable Solutions, LEONI AG
10:35 - 10:50
Fireside Chat on the topic of automotive cable trends
Michael Finch, Head of Wire and Cable, CRU
Markus Thoma, Managing Director Business Group Automotive Cable Solutions, LEONI AG
10:50 - 11:10
European Power System needs to achieve next Clean Energy Package targets
Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General, ENTSO-E
11:10 - 11:30
Sustainability in the wire and cable supply chain
Stefan Gröner, Vice President Product Sales & Marketing, Aurubis AG

11:30 - 13:00
Session 2: Optical Cable Leadership Panel

Senior executives of world leading optical fibre and cable producers will share their companies’ strategies and forward vision before engaging in a panel discussion with one of CRU’s market experts.
-          In which wire and cable products do you see the greatest opportunities?
-          What are the key markets for growth and barriers to entry?
-          How can optical fibre and cable producers avoid commoditisation of their products and services?
-          Where is R&D being invested?
-          How is the relationship between producers, retailers and consumers evolving?
-          Incorporating Industry 4.0, IoT and other industrial trends in the cable factory of the future

Richard Mack, Principal Consultant, CRU
Brad R Johnson, President, Superior Essex Communications
Dr. Bernhard Deutsch, Vice President and General Manager, Optical Fiber and Cable, Corning Incorporated
Ankit Agarwal, CEO - Connectivity Solutions, Sterlite Technologies Limited
Antoni Bosch, Vice President, Telecom Solutions, Prysmian

14:00 - 15:30
Session 3: Global Wire and Cable Perspectives

14:00 - 14:20
Challenges and opportunities of the wire and cable industry in the Middle East
Hamid R Al Zayani, Managing Director, Midal Cables

14:20 - 14:40
Turkish Market Spotlight
Sevgür Arslanpay, CEO, Sarkuysan A.S
14:40 - 15:00
Global view of the fibre trends in Europe
Erzsébet Fitori, Director General, FTTH Council Europe
15:00 - 15:20
Connecting Europe: Building Europe´s power and telecommunication infrastructure for the 21st century
Volker Wendt, Director of Public Affairs, Europacable

16:00 - 17:00
Session 4: Exploration of wider industry trends and their impact on wire and cable

16:00 - 16:30
CRU’s macro-economic view

- Trade war and rising populism
-          Monetary policy normalization
-          China’s managed slowdown
Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU

16:30 - 17:00
View from the capital markets
Max Yates, Industrial Analyst, Credit Suisse

09:00 - 10:30
Energy Stream Session 1: Energy market insights

09:00 - 09:20
China is slowing down, who will drive wire and cable market next?

-   Can China survive from the trade war and economy slowdown?
-   Why Eastern Europe has become more and more critical?
-   Will India become the new engine to drive global market?
-   How renewable energy could change the landscape of wire and cable industry?
Chenfei Wang, Analyst, CRU

09:20 - 09:40
Energy network implications of the shift towards electro-mobility
Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, Union of the Electricity Industry - Eurelectric
09:40 - 10:00
The outlook for nuclear energy in the global generation mix and the implications for the wire and cable supply chain
Andrew Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Ducab
10:00 - 10:20
HV Cable Outlook – Link to offshore wind development and grid enhancement
Richard Mack, Principal Consultant, CRU

09:00 - 10:30
Communications Stream Session 1: Global Telecom Industry Trends

09:00 - 09:30
Evaluating the change in the mix of world optical fibre and cable demand and what it means for manufacturers
Michael Finch, Head of Wire and Cable, CRU

09:30 - 10:00
How 5G, network convergence, densification and small cells impact cabling infrastructure
Rudy Musschebroeck, Director Strategy and Business Development, CommScope
10:00 - 10:30
Innovative hybrid cable design for 5G networks
Stéphane Samson, Telecom Business Unit Director, ACOME Group

11:00 - 12:30
Energy Stream Session 2: Supply chain dynamics

11:00 - 11:20
Cable distribution market insights
William Toulemonde, International Market Director Cables & Wires, Sonepar

11:20 - 11:40
Key copper consumption trends
Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive, European Copper Institute
11:40 - 12:00
Global Copper Supply in 2019 and Beyond
Shairaz Ahmed, Manager of Statistical Analysis, International Copper Study Group
12:00 - 12:20
Primary Aluminium supply and demand dynamics
Zaid Aljanabi, Head of Aluminium, Consulting, CRU

11:00 - 12:30
Communications Stream Session 2: Optical Fibre Trade Dynamics

11:00 - 11:30
China fibre industry: From the past to the future

- Spotlight on the current China market conditions
- Outlook for the future

Xu Jiangzhong, Director, Futong Group

11:30 - 12:00
Global FTTH Panorama
Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst, IDATE DigiWorld
12:00 - 12:30
Takashi Hasegawa, CEO & Founder, JST Consulting Inc.

13:30 - 14:30
Energy Stream Session 3: Cable Innovation Trends

13:30 - 13:50
Copper wire rod – exploring the different properties of Cu-ETP and Cu-OFE
Wouter Haels, Operations Manager FOXROD, Aurubis AG

13:50 - 14:10
Ultra low-loss cable solutions to support power demand growth and grid improvement goals

-          Challenge of energy loss in utility networks and link to carbon emissions
-          Innovative solutions in capacitive transfer system technology

Dominic Quennell, Managing Director, Enertechnos
14:10 - 14:30
Applying the revolutionary academic impact of nanomaterials to wire and cable innovation

-          Nano-carbon enabled coatings that improve the current carrying performance of copper
-          Case-study of high capacity busbar application that improves weight, size and cost

Peter Walmsley, Technical Manager, Ampashield NV

13:30 - 14:30
Communications Stream Session 3: New Fibre Types and Cable Designs

13:30 - 14:00
Recent trends in optical fibers and communication cables
Dr. Jiang Xin Li, CTO, ZTT Preform Rod

14:00 - 14:30
Germanium as a critical material in telecom optical fibre production
Pieter Arickx, Commercial Manager for Germanium Products in Europe and Asia, Umicore

15:00 - 16:00
Energy Stream Session 4: Manufacturing Process Technologies

15:00 - 15:20
The application smart asset technology as a tracking tool to improve wire and cable supply chain management

-          Lessons that can be learnt from other industries in inventory management systems
-          NKT’s investment in THINKT Digital innovation hub and development of the TrackMyDrum technology
Virginia Palm, Venture Partner, THINKT Digital GmbH

15:20 - 15:40
Practical case-studies of Industry 4.0 implementation in the global wire and cable manufacturer community

-          Virtualization and modeling of production process, people and equipment
-          Integration of Industrial IoT and AI for optimal production planning and predictive maintenance systems
Dmitry Shapovalov, CEO, Clobbi Cable & Wire
15:40 - 16:00
Cable Quality – Construction Products Regulation 2019 update
Glynn Stainthorpe, Technical Manager, BASEC

08:30 - 15:00
Site visit to Aurubis’ Olen production facility

Programme for the tour on Thursday 13 June:

08:30-10:00 - Travel by chartered coach from Brussels to Olen plant
10:00-12:30 - Presentation + Plant Tour
12:30-13:30 - Sandwiches for Networking-Lunch
13:30-15:00 - Travel by chartered coach from Olen plant to Brussels

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N.B. There will be a charge of €33.06 + VAT to secure a place on the tour. Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis to fully registered delegates only.