The 2023 agenda is currently in production, and will be released in December 2022. If you are interested in presenting in the commercial and markets agenda, contact our Programme Manager, Abi Singh. To submit an abstract for consideration in the technical agenda, visit the call for papers page for more information and to submit your abstract. The deadline for abstract submissions is 18 November 2022. To discuss a technical abstract in more detail, contact our Portfolio Director, Amanda Whicher


The 2023 agenda will follow the following day-by-day structure:


  Monday 27 Feb  Tuesday 28 Feb  Wednesday 1 March
 AM    Opening Plenary Keynote Session  Commercial and Markets Agenda Technical Agenda
 PM Registration and exhibition opens  Commercial and Markets Agenda Technical Agenda  Commercial and Markets Agenda Technical Agenda 
Evening Welcome Reception Networking Reception    


To see what was covered in Tampa in 2022, please view the agenda below. 



Phosphates 2022 Agenda

08:30 Registration opens
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Technical showcase presentations

10:00 Particle characterisation for laboratory and online
Robert Waggeling, International Sales Dynamic Image Analysis, Microtrac

10:15 Solvay mining solutions for phosphates industry
John Carr, Global Technical Director, Solvay

10:30 Mineral resource and ore reserve reporting – an ESG evolution
Tim Lucks, Managing Director, Principal Consultant (Geology/Study Management), SRK Consulting

10:45 The run of mine grade is on target but the process plant is underperforming – what’s the problem?
Ewan Wingate, Principal Process Specialist Phosphates, M&M, Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd

11:00 Options for pumping from sumps
Dave Krebs, Strategic Accounts Manager - Fertilizers, Mining, Metals, Sulzer

11:15 Membranes in phosphate
Kang Hu, Commercial Engineering Lead & Fab Pakizehkar, Domain Leader, North America & Caribbean, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

11:30 DA-HF Process: The Prayon technology specifically developed to improve phosphoric acid plant performance and product quality, and to meet the low-cadmium regulation for fertilizers
Sébastien Havelange, Process Engineer, Prayon S.A.

11:45 Designing and building the world’s largest Energy Recovery System
Rene Dijkstra, Acid Technology Manager, Chemetics Inc.

12:00 How to optimize the NPKs production? Blending vs steam granulation vs chemical granulation
Gabriele Marcon, Solid Fertilizer Technology Leader, Casale SA

12:15 Lunch

13:50 Welcome address by Conference Chair: Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers, CRU


14:00 Global phosphate market outlook: overview, major issues, and the future

  • Overview of major phosphate markets
  • Overview of significant issues facing the phosphate industry
  • Where might future opportunities lie?

Glen Kurokawa, Senior Analyst, Phosphate, Fertilizers, CRU


14:30 Keynote Presentation: North American market outlook

Understand the outlook for this major supply and demand market from one of the major global players.

Bruce Bodine, Senior Vice President – North America, The Mosaic Company


15:00 Panel discussion: Investment in the Canadian agricultural industry and its impact on the phosphates market

The Canadian market is a premium fertilizer market which has shown strong demand growth in recent years. Our panel will discuss the market, including demand, logistics and supply chain considerations.


Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor, Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab and Former Dean of the Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University

Dr. Tom Bruulsema, Chief Scientist, Plant Nutrition Canada


15:45 Coffee and Networking Break
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16:15  Adopting sustainable ESG practices in the phosphate industry

Ben Pratt, Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, The Mosaic Company

16:45  Special Focus: How does the Russia/ Ukraine conflict affect phosphates
Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers,  CRU
Glen Kurokawa,
Senior Analyst, Phosphate, Fertilizers, CRU

Willis Thomas, Senior Consultant, CRU

17:15  Chairman’s remarks, close of day one sessions and 
Welcome reception


Tuesday 8 March 


09:05  Opening remarks by Conference Chair: Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers, CRU


09:10    China phosphate fertilizer industry review and outlook

  • China phosphate fertilizer industry review - focus on the policies, production, Import and Export, as well as the marketing and consumption trends
  • The phosphate specialty fertilizer innovation and development trend in China
  • The outlook and future trend for China phosphate fertilizers - Policies, production, marketing and consumption

Zhai Jidong, Vice President – International, Kingenta Ecological Engineering


09:30    Dynamics of growing consumer demand from Brazil and India

  • Understand the demand dynamics from these crucial demand regions.

Priscila Richetti, Senior Market Intelligence Manager, Direct Procurement, Yara Brazil 

Koyel Choudhury, India Analyst, CRU


10:15    Coffee and Networking Break

  Sponsored by Arkema-Arrmaz

10:45 Fertilizer potential and limiting factors in Africa

  • Opportunities in the Sub-Saharan Africa fertilizer market
  • Increasing soil organic matter for soil health, and soil and plant nutrition
  • Carbon sequestration potential in Africa

Albin Hubscher, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Fertilizer Development Center


11:15    Panel discussion: Are super high fertilizer prices driving the industry towards demand destruction?

  • Analysing the cause of imbalance between supply and demand
  • Are consumers dialling back their phosphate fertilizer applications?
  • What will be the long-term effect of high prices on the phosphate industry?

Sanjiv Kanwar, Country Manager, Yara Fertilizers India Private Limited

Jake Niederer, Director of Sales and Marketing, Archer Daniels Midland Company

Assaf Naveh, Former Chief Executive Officer, Yunnan Phosphate Haikou


12:00 Global sulphur market update – When will the sulphur price reach its peak and what happens next?

  • Will sulphur availability improve into 2022? How will supply growth affect sulphur prices?
  • Can demand maintain its rate of growth into 2022? Which sectors and regions will drive demand to 2026?
  • How big a threat is decarbonisation to sulphur supply in the medium and long term?
  • Peter Harrison, Senior Consultant, Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid, CRU

12:30 Lunch

13:40 – 18:00          Technical Programme: Advances in the sustainable production of Phosphates

13:45 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from NPK production
Rob Louwe, Principal Engineer, Yara

14:10 Pathway to a carbon free fertilizer complex using the CORE-SO2™ Sulfuric Acid Process
Rene Dijkstra, Acid Technology Manager, Chemetics

14:35 Road to Sustainability” – Preparing for energy transformation in sulphuric acid industry
Hannes Storch, Vice President - BL Metals and Chemicals Processing, Metso Outotec

15:00 Advances in environmentally sustainable operations, including water management, energy efficiency and reclamation
Jill Caskey, Global Sales Director, Solex Thermal Science

15:25 Networking and coffee break
Sponsored by Arkema-Arrmaz

15:55 Getting more circular
Tim Cotton, CEO, Novaphos

16:20 P-recycling of sewage sludges : past, present and future developments
Catherine Thise, Marketing & Innovation Consultant, Marktrack

16:45 Altering Phosphate Fertilizer Solubility via De novo Struvite Production & Granulation
Ahren Britton, Chief Technology Officer & Roland Leatherwood, Director of Agronomy and Innovation, Ostara Nutrient Solutions

17:10 Combined Effects of RhizoSorb® and Fertilizer Placement for Improved Efficiency of Phosphorus Fertilizers in Corn
Hunter Swisher, CEO, Phospholutions

17:35 Close of sessions and networking reception

Wednesday 9 March 


08:55 Opening remarks by conference chairman

Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers, CRU

09:00    Could the use of inorganic feed phosphate be over by 2050?

  • Why phosphate is an issue for the feed industry : the limits of modern animal husbandry in intensive production systems.
  • Does the feed industry still require IFP :  can phosphorus needs be met without IFP supplementation?
  • Possible future use of IFP in animal nutrition : are IFP going to become niche products?

Guillaume Milochau, Market Intelligence Consultant, Praxed


09:30    Developments in the specialty and complex fertilizer markets 

Complex and specialty fertilizers continue to develop, enabling more sophisticated approaches to advanced crop nutrition and furthering sustainable agriculture.  

Eli Amon, Chief Commercial Officer, ICL

10:00 Networking and Coffee Break
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10:35 Examining supply change challenges in engineering and construction

A combination of covid and global supply chain issues have impacted routine maintenance and turnaround schedules across the industry. This presentation will provide insights into the causes of these challenges and how the engineering, procurement and construction industry is responding.

Jaafar Kabbaj, Head of Growth, JESA


11:00 Financing junior phosphates projects: What is the investment appetite?

  • IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest multinational financial institute focusing on supporting private sectors in global emerging markets
  • IFC provides debt and/or equity instruments and services to companies/projects in developing countries, with fertilizers industry as a part of IFC’s strategic investment focuses
  • IFC prioritizes sustainable finance to help companies/projects achieving better results from financial, environmental and social perspectives

Lilian Tu, Senior Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation


11:30 Rock market dynamics and project updates


Arianne – the “Green” rock alternative

  • Powered by hydro power
  • Uses for LFP battery manufacturing
  • Direct applications

Jeff Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Arianne Phosphate


Project update: Avenira

  • Wonarah – unlimited opportunity
  • Developing a remote project
  • Balancing fertilizer and battery demand

Brett Clark, Chairman, Avenira Limited


12:00 Lunch 


Technical Agenda


13:00 Product developments for phosphate flotation: the use of new synthetic reagents
Gabriela Budemberg, Global Developer Non-Sulphide Flotation, BASF

13:25 Reducing costs and environmental impacts of phosphate beneficiation using sensor-based sorting
Harold Cline, North American Sales Manager, TOMRA Sorting

Phosphoric acid operations

13:50 Control of gypsum scaling and deposition in harsh environments by phosphonate chemical additives: Profound effects of inhibitor structure
Lawrence Andermann, Subject Matter Expert for Mining and Mineral Processing, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

14:15  Prayon reinvents the Phosphoric Acid production using DCP “super-rock” as a raw material
Hadrien Leruth, Business Development Engineer, Prayon

14:40  Phosphoric Acid: exploiting more with an integrated approach
Svetoslav Valkov, Business Development Manager, Desmet Ballestra

15:05 Networking and coffee break
Sponsored by Arkema-Arrmaz

Granulation and finishing

15:30 Granulation Plant Modeling and Design Using SysCAD
Edward DeRose, Global Director of Phosphates; Robert Tinsley, Intermediate Process Engineer, Hydrometallurgy, Hatch

15:55  Granulation plant revamps – Drivers, methodology and case studies
David Ivell, General Manager; Chris Dennis, Senior Phosphate Specialist, JESA Technologies

16:20  A Coating Solution for Difficult Fertilizer Blends
Lucas Moore, Global Director - Coatings Technology, Arkema-ArrMaz

Ensuring efficient, seamless, dust free & sustainable operation
Kyle Campbell, Sales & Project Manager, Bedeschi

Controlled Release Phosphatic Fertilizers
Mithlesh Kumar Mathur, Director, Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem

17:35 Close of conference