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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider copper industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

CRU Insights:

Wengfu and Kailin mega phosphate merger nears completion
Isabel Chen, Analyst, CRU
Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers, CRU

What does vertical integration in the fertilizer value chain mean for producers’ strategies?
Seán Mulholland, Senior Consultant, CRU

Regional analysis and outlook for Chinese fertilizer import/export volumes for a strategic port investment
Seán Mulholland, Senior Consultant, CRU and Ying Dai, Senior Consultant, CRU

CRU’s Russian field trip confirms strong prospects for fertilizer demand
Rajiv Ram, Senior Analyst, CRU

Watch: Chris Lawson discuss the importance of China for fertilizer analysis

New horizons for the phosphate market
Chris Lawson, Head of Phosphates, CRU

Phosphate rock margins squeezed as tighter EU regulation looms
Chris Lawson, Head of Phosphates, CRU

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