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I attended the Phosphate Conference to learn more about the industry. The breadth and depth of the subject presentations were well worth the time and investment.

Daniel Crowley, VP Manufacturing, St Equipment & Technology Llc

A well run event, covering both the markets and technical aspects of phosphate.

Chris Ramsey, Sales and Marketing, North West Phosphate

As always, amazing organization, interesting agenda, great opportunity to have updated information on the phosphate industry and enjoy some networking!

Catherine Thise, Strategic Marketing Consultant , Marktrack

Best phosphate industry show! Attending CRU for the last10 years!

Todd Parker, Global Marketing Director - Mining Chemicals , Arkema-ArrMaz

Conference has covered wide area in Phosphatic industry from Mine to Crop. Every session is handled very nicely by Speakers and coordinators. Kudos to CRU and team!

Palanisamy Velusamy, General Manager, M/s Indorama ICS, Senegal

CRU offers the best opportunity to meet people from the phosphate business in person. It is a very good platform to exchange ideas and opinions.

Jan Bennewitz, Lab Leader Flotation, BASF SE

CRU Phosphates 2022 conference in Tampa was a very successful event to help the Phosphate producers, vendors, technologists and all related agencies/persons to interact & learn the developments, trends & changes in the Phosphate business. Good team of CRU managed the event!

Avdhesh Mathur, President & CEO, NAQGLOBAL

CRU Phosphates is a great venue to understand phosphate trends--both in the marketplace and technical.

Timothy Cotton, CEO, Novaphos

Excellent conference with plenty of opportunities for networking.

TYTGAT Jan, Engineering Manager, De Smet AGRO

Great to be back in person. Market outlooks and face to face conversations are invaluable to making decisions.

Ricky Jaswal, Service Mgr, Weir Lewis

The CRU Phosphates conference is the must attend conference for the global P based industries.

John Cotter, MD, NW Phosphate

The Phosphate conference is "the" event for the industry. A good chance to meet and discuss latest trends with customers and peers from the industry

Hannes Storch, VP MCP, Metso Outotec

CRU Phosphates is a great cross-roads for the phosphate industry where market and industrial topics meet together.

Amine Menouni, Strategic Marketing Manager, OCP

Very useful and pleasant conference

Ben El Ghouda, Austrofin Representative in Morocco, Austrofin

If you want to understand the phosphates industry, this is the place to be

Fernan Gonzalez de Castilla, Phosphates Business Manager, Vimifos

Very comprehensive and informative

Dana Steinman, Market Intelligence and Data Analyst, Cargill

A very worthwhile event for those in the industry – I highly recommend it

James Ortiz, President & COO, Indagro (USA) Inc

The conference is a great opportunity to have access to first-hand market information

Iris Alvarado, BP Purchasing, Logistics & Distribution, Innophos Inc

There are few opportunities in the Global Phosphate Fertilizer Industry to be surrounded by decision makers and technical experts who together will map the course of our business. The annual CRU Phosphates conference is a highly organized forum where the key industry drivers and developments are discussed and debated: the place to be.

Stuart Singleton, Commercial Director, Pegasus TSI Inc

The Phosphates exhibition and congress was of excellent quality as much by its organization, as by the quality of these conferences and these exhibitors. When working with the phosphate industry, it has become a must-attend event that saves valuable time.

Nicolas Houlle, Marketing Manager, VDM Metals

The Phosphates Conferences arranged by CRU continues to provide an opportunity for networking with customers and related vendors.

Todd M. Hutchinson, VP of Technology, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd

Very professional. An excellent opportunity to meet and develop new business.

Roderick Cant, Business Manager, Buss Chemtech AG

Excellent opportunity to remain conversant with market and technical developments.

Vaughn Astley, President, Dr Phosphates Inc

. . . I thought it was excellent, especially the technical showcase presentations.

Mark Cresswell, Consultant Engineer, DRA Mineral Projects Pty Ltd

We had lots of customer interest and good discussion throughout the event.

Luke Balzan, Technical Consultant, Scantech International

The unique meeting point for the world phosphate industry & with stakeholders around the industry.

Chris Thornton, Secretariat, European Sustainable Phosphorous Platform

The conference is attended by a good mix of producers, engineering companies and equipment suppliers.  The papers were also a good mix of market reviews and technical content.

David Ivell, Manager of Operations, Jacobs

Phosphates conference really groups the main players of the industry, provides high quality technical agenda and the opportunity to network with all kind of stakeholders in this important industry.

Wilson Nova Ruiz, Business Segment Manager, LANXESS Sybron Inc

The conference gives the best coverage of the market. It is the opportunity to meet the main actors and learn more about their strategies. It is the right place to get Information.

Oumnia Amal Rizki, Analyst, OCP

The CRU Phosphates conference provides an in-depth look at the health and future of the Phosphates industry. It is an all-inclusive look from mine to distribution. It is a must for anyone directly involved in the phosphates industry.

David Hall, Product Manager, Weir - Lewis Pumps

The CRU Conference provides market information to which I would not otherwise have access, it was a great way to meet new people and learn about industry trends/outlooks

Molly Biedenfeld, VP, Nutrient Market Development & Sales, Ostara

CRU Phosphates conferences provides an excellent framework for updating  market knowledge, technical innovations and networking.

Ludwig Hermann, President, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

Great event that puts key players of the phosphate industry in the same room. Great discussions that help generate new ideas.

Renaud Dugre-Brisson, Dynamic Simulation Engineer, SNC-Lavalin

The CRU conference is the only thorough global networking arena for all stakeholders in the Phosphate supply chain

Vegard Lien, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain, Yara