Exploring the supply, demand and technical dynamics shaping the global phosphate industry

In light of the current pandemic, CRU Phosphates 2021 will take place as a virtual conference from 23-25 March 2021. The annual conference regularly attracts an audience of 400+ delegates from 40+ countries from across the global phosphates supply chain, and is a must-attend for both senior commercial and technical decision-makers to network with influential stakeholders, and for professional development.

The only "virtual" thing about the conference is the venue: the conference still offers real insightreal networkingreal business opportunities. And at a cost of €440 to attend and no travel and accommodation costs - real value.

This year's extensive dual-streamed agenda will give you the latest market updates and technical innovations. The expanded technical content streamwith a dedicated agenda of technical papers and showcase presentations, is specifically tailored for operators working across mining and plant-based facilities. 

The technical agenda offers an ideal opportunity for you to share experience, develop solutions to operational challenges, and learn how new technology, process, materials, and equipment developments can improve efficiency, environmental compliance and productivity.

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In addition to the CRU view on the global markets and industry trends, the
commercial agenda will have a particular focus on how the industry is responding to changing dynamics of phosphate demand, in terms of new phosphate products and the evolving relationship with consumers. 

CRU Phosphates 2021 is the essential annual meeting for commercial and operational professionals in the fertilizer, feed and industrial phosphates industries. 

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Key themes explored in the 2021 agenda include:

Commercial, market and regulatory stream

 Supply, demand and prices: 2019 saw an oversupplied global market coupled with declines in global demand pressuring prices.
 CRU’s Phosphate team will share their views the prospects for demand growth and price recovery, and how markets will fare in 2021 and beyond
 Regional and project outlooks: Hear from producers and new projects in major supply and demand regions including Europe, USA and China
 Feed, industrial and specialty markets: Understand the key drivers shaping these industries
 Exploring the regulatory environment for phosphate producers: Gain and understanding of key European regulation including the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FRP) and the EU Critical Raw Materials (CRM) List reassessment and its implications on P4
 Phosphorous recycling: An overview of developments including new technologies and approaches

Technical and operational developments stream

 Beneficiation: Hear about new applications and approaches
 Phosphoric acid operations: Benefit from case studies highlighting the application of new technology to improve operational reliability and production efficiency
 Process optimisation: Understand how digitalisation and technology developments are being applied to optimise production processes
 Producing high-value products from low-grade rock: Learn about new process developments enabling the production of higher value products from low-grade rock sources
 Environmentally sustainable production: Understand the latest technical developments enabling reduced emissions and increased heat recovery efficiency
 Granulation and finishing developments: Learn about how new coatings and granulation technologies are offering more sustainable and efficient fertilizers
 Academic developments: Updates on the most recent research into phosphates


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