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Deadline 27th of September 2024

CRU are pleased to announce the call for papers for CRU Phosphates+Potash Expoconference is now open. CRU Phosphates+Potash Expoconference is an essential annual event for the global phosphates and potash community to meet and learn about the key market and technical developments that will impact their business and operational strategies for the year ahead. The respected multi-streamed agenda provides key market insights and showcases the latest technology, process, materials, and equipment developments that offer operational and capacity improvement.

Presenting at the conference offers you an ideal platform to highlight your organisations expertise and demonstrate thought-leadership to a global audience, spanning the fertilizer, feed and industrial phosphates markets.

  • Phosphate rock: Projects; mining; assessment; processing; transportation
  • Phosphate beneficiation
  • Phosphoric acid: Production; Operations; Processes
  • Sulphuric acid: Production; Operations; Processes
  • Fertilizer finishing and granulation
  • Phosphorus recovery and recycling
  • Innovations in feed or industrial phosphate production
  • Phosphogypsum and process by-products: waste reduction; waste management; reuse; fluorine; uranium; REEs
  • Potash: Mining (conventional, solution and natural brines); assessment; grinding; processing and diversification
  • Potash beneficiation and process enhancements
  • Potash flotation, separation, and crystallisation
  • Dewatering, drying, and compaction
  • Potash fertiliser: Storage and transport. Soluble, granular and standard. Potassium chloride (MOP)
  • Asset integrity: reliability, safety, industry incidents, materials handling, and troubleshooting
  • Asset revamping for improved safety and capacity increase
  • Process integration: water management, circularity, product diversification
  • Sustainability: energy efficiency, reducing the carbon intensity of production, CCUS
  • Environmental compliance: regulations, emissions monitoring, and management
  • Digitalisation: digital tools for process design, production, climate, and circularity objectives
  • Projects encompassing more than one of the above products categories
  • Plant economics: project financing (non technical)
  • Industry and Market Position Papers (non technical)
  • Technical showcase submission

Why submit an abstract?

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience to an international audience
  • Enhance your industry profile and position yourself as a thought-leader
  • Highlight your organisation’s new developments and innovations
  • Meet industry peers and develop new contacts

How to submit an abstract?

Submit an abstract of between 200-400 words, outlining the nature of your technology, process or case study, its target market and USP’s it delivers.