The Wire & Cable Virtual Conference returns

The pandemic has transformed our daily lives and how we do business. The roll out of vaccines has opened a roadmap to a recovery which is likely to be stimulated by investment in infrastructure, sustainable energy and transport solutions, and the communications networks that have kept us connected.

Now is the time to explore if the wire and cable industry is prepared for the role it must play in the global recovery.  

In order to guarantee safe participation from around the world and across the supply chain we are excited to announce the CRU Wire & Cable 2021 Virtual Conference

The event will give leaders of the wire and cable sector the chance to address peers on the role that this industry will play in bringing the world back from this crisis. Topics under discussion will include:

What does the crisis and expected recovery mean for wire and cable industries?
What market segments will be the winners and losers in the new normal?
How might government stimulus models impact the industry?
C-level executive leadership panel discuss their views on the recovery
Product specific wire and cable market discussions with industry experts
Voices from around the world and across the supply chain
Showcases of recent innovation in wire and cable design and production

CRU’s Wire & Cable conference series has been established as the premier meeting place for the world’s cablemakers and the insulated wire and cable supply chain for the past 15 years. At the Wire & Cable 2021 Virtual Conference, you will once again be able to meet your peers, share market insights and build strategies for your business to be a part of the post-Covid recovery. 

The conference also offers the ideal opportunity to meet with a wide range of CRU experts from across the wire, fibre, copper, aluminium and economics teams.

Streamed sessions offer more in-depth discussion on insulated, winding and other specialty wire and cable products produced from copper, aluminium and optical fibre, coatings and the other materials; as well as the inputs that impact the bottom line for wire and cable producers, consumers and their supply chain. 

The three-day format offers a most cost-effective way to get up-to-speed with important market developments and meet with the right people in a short period of time.

What will be discussed at this year’s Wire & Cable Virtual Conference?

Will current supply be able to meet the anticipated demand for products from a global stimulus focused on infrastructure, sustainability, and digitalisation?
With discussions of a new commodity super cycle increasing, how can the wire and cable producers best manage volatility in the supply chain?
Has the push towards remote work and reduced travel changed the balance of interest for telecom network operators from 5G networks to fixed-line FTTH expansion?

The European green energy recovery is expected to accelerate investment in wind power generation. What are the likely next steps and what does this mean for HV and EHV cable demand?

Electromobility continues to gain pace, what does this mean for cable demand within these vehicles and their charging station networks?

The data demands of connected lifestyles is increasing exponentially. What are the fibre and power cable demands of increased numbers of hyper scale datacentres?



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