We are delighted to announce CRU’s 12th Wire & Cable Conference  to be held on 18-20 June 2018. Attracting over 200 key executives, the conference will cover key developments in energy and communication. With its mixture of discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, site visits and extensive networking opportunities, this conference is a perfect opportunity to meet and learn from the key people across the supply chain.    

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This year we will include special highlight sessions that focus on the development of offshore wind energy projects and how they will impact cable producers, traders and distributors. Special sessions will also cover the concept of smart cities and the role of energy generation, transmission and distribution systems in improving urban life. Extensive discussions will also cover the impact of the new CPR regulations on cable producers and distributors and the role of compliance bodies. 

There will be a number of in-depth papers on copper, aluminium, optical fibre, coatings and other inputs markets, as well as a showcase of the latest technical innovations that may disrupt this sector. In addition to the 12 sessions and 30+ speakers that are packed into a two-day programme, you will benefit from the year’s best opportunity to meet your peers and customers across the wire and cable supply chain.

Denmark is a pioneer in renewable energies and the development of smart networks and the choice of Copenhagen to host the 12th Wire & Cable Conference highlights if further. Multiple site visits are being planned that will allow registered delegates to see the developments in energy and smart networks, including the NKT's recently acquired Karlskrona high voltage cable facility. 

Press Release - 7 June 2018

Why Denmark?

Denmark is a pioneer in renewable energies and the country has a stated goal of being powered entirely by renewable sources by 2050.It has been a particular leading force in wind power, with the world’s largest wind turbine industry and significant investment in offshore wind.

The country is also one of Europe’s most digital economies, with almost 100%fixed broadband coverage and a population heavily engaged in online services and open to innovation.

For these reasons Copenhagen has become a hub for testing and developing smart city technologies.



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