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Advancing sustainability in the production of Nitrogen and Phosphorous derivatives

Sustainable production and ESG considerations are of increasing importance across the global fertilizer industry. While emissions management and environmentally sustainable production have been mainstay subjects in CRU’s fertilizer event portfolio for some time, the past few years has seen a significant rise in interest in these areas. Particularly as green and blue ammonia, methanol and hydrogen, and phosphorous recycling technologies have quickly developed.

Technology is underpinning this step change across the fertilizer industry. Drawing on our experience and industry connections, CRU Events launched a new virtual event, the CRU Sustainable Fertilizer Production Technology Forum, in September 2021, which focused on the technical aspects of sustainability and ESG in fertilizer production.

This cross-nutrient event encompasses the production of nitrogen, syngas and phosphate derivatives. Content is primarily technical, focusing on new innovations in sustainable fertilizer production, as well as showcasing existing and updated technologies that improve energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable production in existing production assets.

Underpinning the technical content are thought-provoking presentations from industry experts and CRU’s analysis and consulting teams, outlining the key drivers including economics, regulation, policy and investment.

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