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Official Publications

Fertilizer International

Fertilizer International

A unique perspective on the global fertilizer industry Serving the industry for over 40 years, Fertilizer International provides a journal of record for the global fertilizer business. The magazine analyses developments in the world fertilizer industry worldwide, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets. Fertilizer International’s editorial coverage includes regional, country and company profiles, interviews with industry leaders and reviews of trade, production, consumption, logistics and technology, plus overviews of agronomic issues. The Phosphates & Potash Insight section embraces the availability of resources, downstream production, commerce and the marketing of vital P and K nutrients. 

Regular assessments are made of the mining and beneficiation of phosphate rock, potash production technology and processes for the production of downstream phosphoric acid, phosphate and NPK fertilizers, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship, energy savings, the use, recycling or disposal of by-products, and the maximisation of production efficiencies.
CRU Fertilizer Week

CRU Fertilizer Week

Fertilizer Week brings together 200+ global fertilizer prices assessed weekly across all nutrients and major fertilizer products in a single service, based on a robust and transparent methodology, supported by analysis and market-moving news

Monthly short-term forecasts (looking forward six months) for key urea, ammonia, NPKs, DAP, sulphur, sulphuric acid and potash benchmarks. Our short-term forecasts, formulated in cooperation with CRU’s industry-leading analysts, will help inform your buying and selling decisions in markets that are often extremely volatile

Supporting Publications

World Fertilizer Magazine

World Fertilizer Magazine

World Fertilizer Magazine covers the entire fertilizer industry, from mining and manufacture to blending and transportation around the world.
AgriFood Zambia Magazine

AgriFood Zambia Magazine

AgriFood Zambia Magazine is Zambia’s premier farming magazine which provides news updates and gives an analysis of topical issues affecting large scale farming to smallholder farmers, Agripreneurs, investors, community leaders, Agric ministries, who believe in the strong role of agriculture in economic development and poverty alleviation. The magazine also analyses sectoral issues involving biotechnology, farm mechanization, poultry, crop protection, horticulture, animal husbandry, livestock, food processing, agribusiness, research and extension, high-tech agriculture and a host of specialized agricultural products.

As a vital cog in Zambian’s trading wheel agriculture news , we encourage you to promote your company’s products and services in the correct way, the correct place, and with the correct level of service in Zambia.