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Previous events in Ghana, Tanazania and Mozambique have attracted over 300 participants.

Attendees include executives from across the global supply chains for fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials, including traders and financial institutions. In addition, the event brings together policy makers and agribusiness leaders from across Africa. A large number of SMEs, including farmers, agrodealers and community leaders are also attend.

This year we expect a similar audience that will include:

  • Government and public sector policy makers from across Africa
  • Global fertilizer companies
  • Africa based finished fertilizer or fertilizer raw material producers
  • International traders of fertilizer and other agricultural inputs
  • Local African import, blending, bagging and transport companies
  • Local agrodealers, cooperatives and farmers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Project investors in fertilizers and farming commerce
  • International fertilizer associations
  • African agriculture focused NGOs
  • Junior mining companies
  • Agribusiness supply chain project developers
  • Independent market analysts and consultants
  • Equipment, technology and service providers
  • Shipping, ports, storage and logistics companies