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Ma’aden is a leading mining and metals company in Saudi Arabia, with a diverse portfolio of mineral assets at various stages of development including exploration, development, production and marketing.

Ma’aden has a broad commodity focus spanning gold, phosphate, aluminum, magnesia, low-grade bauxite, industrial minerals, and is continually assessing opportunities to enter into new commodities that demonstrate strong long-term fundamentals.

Our principal operations are currently focused on producing phosphate fertilizer, mining and processing gold, Industrial grade Bauxite and kaolin as well as producing caustic calcined magnesia.

Ma’aden phosphate is growing to be one of the top players in the global phosphate industry, while maintaining the utmost concern for human resources, health and safety, and environmental and social issues.

Gold Sponsors

OCP Africa

OCP Africa

At OCP Africa, we believe Africa can become a world leader in sustainable agriculture. We work with African growers to help them, farm by farm, unlock the continent’s vast agricultural potential to feed itself—and, someday soon, the world— through a sustainable, modern and productive approach.

OCP Africa is a subsidiary of OCP Group, one of the world’s largest providers of natural phosphate minerals and a company with deep roots in Africa. OCP Group created OCP Africa strengthen the entire agricultural ecosystem throughout Africa, working closely with farmers to arm them with the resources they need to succeed. OCP Africa uses African natural resources to transform the local African market, customizing fertilizer to the specific needs of each type of soil, the climate and specific crops.

We apply nearly 100 years of experience at the service of agriculture to the way we use that fertilizer— resulting in sustainable, affordable farming.

Headquartered in Morocco, OCP Africa has presence in key markets across the continent including: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Silver Sponsors



Yara has been supporting farmers in Africa for almost 90 years, committing to Africa’s agricultural transformation, making long-term investments and building local partnerships.

Yara is Africa’s leading crop nutrition company, providing farmers across Africa with knowledge and quality products to sustainably improve crop yields, standards, and profits. The company works in partnership with hundreds of local farmers’ organisations, community groups and non-governmental organisations to deliver crop nutrition solutions and improve farmer livelihoods.

Employing over 80 agronomists in Africa, Yara combines the best agronomic practices and resources with local knowledge to help address many challenges facing the African farmer.