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Confirmed Papers

Program Title Presenter Name & Company
Training Operation and Optimization of an Ammonia Loop: Converters & Catalyst David Polerstock - Topsoe Inc.

Training Water Gas Shift Catalyst Training Patrick Hayes - Clariant
Training How to Integrate RBI Processes into Daily Plant Work Processes Matthew Caserta - Becht
Process Hydrogen Plan Reforming Furnance Tube Failure Results in Fire Outside the Box Ken Wohlgeschaffen - Chevron
Process Fast Track Replacement of a 105-D Ammonia Reactor with AmoMax®-Casale Catalyst Giuseppe Puleo - CASALE SA, Taylor Archer - Clariant, and a US producer
Process Hydrogen Plant Relief Line Failure Due to Acoustic Vibrations George Galloway - Chevron
Process The Most Efficient Use of Green Hydrogen Molecules in Ammonia Synthesis Polly Murray - Johnson Matthey
Process Utilization of Topsoe’s SynCOR™ Auto Thermal Reforming to Achieve 99% Carbon Recovery David Kelling - Topsoe Inc.
Process Efficient Flue Gas NOx Removal: Eliminating System Fouling Andrew Kline - Ingetrated Global Services
Process Profitable Solutions for Blue Ammonia Production and Value Chain Optimization to Boost the Transition to Clean Energy Andrea Zambianco - Saipem S.p.A
Process Novel High-Efficiency Self-stripping Urea Process Matteo Fumagalli - CASALE SA
Maintenance/Mechanical Water Conservation and Cost Saving from Demim Water Consumption by the Ammonia Converter / Effluent Steam Generator Heat Exchanger Repair Harry Margatama - PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang
Maintenance/Mechanical Hot Spots Development & Resolution: Steam Reformer Collection Header & Autothermal Reformer Kevin Wofford - Natgasoline
Maintenance/Mechanical Steam Methane Reformer Failures and How to Prevent Them
David Keen - Becht and a US producer
Maintenance/Mechanical Transforming Maintenance Using Virtual Assembly Kraig Simpson - Rotating Machinery Services
Maintenance/Mechanical Best Practice Guide for Managing Refractory Lined Pressure Equipment David Keen - Becht and a US producer
Maintenance/Mechanical Repair of Bypass Waste Heat Boiler to Solve Inefficiency Problems due to High Demand for Imported Steam in the Pusri IIB Ammonia Plant Rizky Adi Nugroho - PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang
Maintenance/Mechanical Steam Surface Condenser Modeling to Ensure Optimum Performance Kevin Boudreaux - ChemTreat Inc.
Maintenance/Mechanical Innovative Tubular Alloy Solution (Alloy 699XA) for Mitigating Metal Dusting in Blue Hydrogen Applications. Venkat Remesh - Tubacex America Inc.
Maintenance/Mechanical Maximizing Amine Contactor Efficiency with Multipoint Temperature Systems
Alina Green - WIKA