Exhibitor Profiles

Nalco Water An Ecolab Company

The world's leading provider of water treatment and process improvements, Nalco Water partners with customers who seek innovative solutions for water, process and resource constraints. We are perfectly aligned with the corporate vision to be the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technology and services, providing and protecting what is vital. 

Advanced Compressor Technology

Advanced Compressor Technology provides shop and field services on all brands of reciprocating and centrifugal compressors.  Full machine shop services, compressor overhauls, and re-rates.  Complete line of new and refurbished compressor components.  Service centers located in Chicago and Houston.


Catalyst Handling Resources, LLC

CHR has extensive experience in the unloading and loading of primary reformers, reactor vessels, converters, and columns. Our equipment is purpose-built with continual review, to incorporate best-practice procedures and methods. We are a licensed Unidense provider and have in-depth knowledge of vertical and horizontal syn-converter unloading and loading methods and technology.


Paralloy takes pride in capably serving many of the world’s most challenging industries. We manufacture centrifugally cast products and solutions whose reliability provides exceptional value to our customers year after year. Our products are key components for the Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen Ethylene Industry. Paralloy are providers of Steam Reforming/Catalyst tubes and Manifold assemblies along with static castings. Paralloy also provides components for the power generation and transportation to manufacturing and critical chemical industries, our products are used to drive the modern world.
Paralloy takes pride in capably serving many of the world’s most challenging industries.
Based in the UK, Paralloy produces centrifugally cast tubes and fittings for high temperature service whose reliability provides exceptional value to our customers year after year. Our advanced centrifugal casting techniques, and processes have made Paralloy a leader in the manufacture of complete tube assemblies for steam reforming furnaces, manifolds, transfer lines and fully fabricated reformer harps.
Our continuous product development has allowed new alloys to be developed such as, H39WMR® and H39WM+® which bring higher creep resistance, allowing reduction in wall thickness, hence lower gas emission for the equivalent throughput.

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions is a world leader in process furnaces for the refining, petrochemicals, syngas and hydrogen markets. Heurtey Petrochem Solutions provides a comprehensive range of solutions including furnaces, waste heat recovery units, emission reduction equipment, and services such as furnace performance optimization, revamp studies, CFD modeling and revamps as well as the supply of spare parts.
In 2018, Axens acquired 100% of the shares of Heurtey Petrochem. From 2019, the furnace activities and services operate under the Heurtey Petrochem Solutions brand.

Byers Creative

We are a full-service marketing agency that offers innovative marketing solutions through thoughtfuldialogue and deliverables with and for our partners. We achieve marketing and business objectives throughour award-winning graphic design, website development, brand strategy, and more, with the mindset ofgetting more clients and revenue for our partners.


ALLIA has become a major player thanks to the alliance of design, production and installation of equipment and production units for treating gases, liquids and paste-like fluids. We are specialised in materials processing (carbon steel, stainless steel and noble materials) enabling us to offer project management associated with an integrated design office to thermally and mechanically design and dimension products or units in accordance with codes, regulations and customer requirements.

FlexElement Couplings

FlexElement is an engineering, manufacturing and service company that provides API 671-compliant high performance power transmission couplings and related services since 1991. FlexElement offers custom, industry-proven reduced moment and marine-style dry coupling designs. We also specialize in recertification and balancing of all coupling brands. For responsiveness and quality contact FlexElement.


Established in 2005, Cokebusters has become a leading service provider in the field of mechanical decoking and in-line inspection of process piping within fired heaters, HRSG/OTSG boilers, transfer lines and pipelines. From our two headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States, we consistently deliver high quality services to energy industries worldwide. https://cokebusters.com/

Webco Industries

Webco’s corrosion-resistant tubing offers solutions for moderate to aggressive processing applications. Webco stocks various sizes of welded and seamless tubing in carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys in variety of outside diameters and wall thicknesses that meet temperature, pressure and other unique processing requirements.


Becht is a service-oriented engineering consulting firm that is focused on providing technically excellent engineering services and innovative, sustainable solutions for clients world-wide. We are the “go-to” firm that clients approach when the job needs to be done right – the first time. The Becht Team comprises world-class resources that provide unparalleled engineering solutions, project management support, and technically excellent engineered products

Ohmstede Industrial Services

Ohmstede Industrial Services (OIS) operates as a single source provider for management and execution of process turnarounds, specialty maintenance, and small capital projects. Our values, culture and mindset are to complete each event safely, per specification, on schedule, and within budget. Our clients benefit from the ability to source offerings for different event types that are being performed simultaneously during the same project with field and shop services.


Axens is a group providing a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates, the chemical recycling of plastics and all natural gas treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, equipment, furnaces, modular units, catalysts, adsorbents and related services. Axens is ideally positioned to cover the entire value chain, from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire unit life cycle. This unique position ensures the highest level of performance with a reduced environmental footprint. Axens global offer is based on highly trained human resources, modern production facilities and an extended global network for industrial, technical supports & commercial services. Axens is an IFP Group company.


VILLA & BONALDI is specialized and experienced in design and fabrication of SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS - of medium and big size-, for Process Industries including those for H.P. services.
Since 2014 VILLA & BONALDI is part of BREMBANA & ROLLE Group a global player in the Oil & Gas Industry with four shops in Italy fully equipped for the production of any kind of static equipment including Heavy Wall Reactors and Fired Heaters

Wood plc

Wood is a global leader in consulting and engineering across energy and the built environment,
helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. We provide consulting, projects, and operations solutions in more than 60 countries, employing around 40,000 people.

Revak Keene Turbomachinery

Revak Keene Turbomachinery is a full-service repair, manufacturing, and industrial storage provider with facilities in Houston, Texas, offering a large inventory of all brands of steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps, and gearboxes and their associated parts. We are also the largest independent industrial storage provider in the Gulf Coast region with over 350,000 sq feet of climate-controlled space where we maintain your mission-critical equipment.

Air Products

Air Products Membrane Solutions offers nitrogen and process gas membrane systems for a variety of industrial applications. Our Global Service and Support team uses a combination of Health Checks, service, genuine Air Products replacement parts, and regular maintenance to make sure that your system operates without interruption, at peak performance.



AMETEK Land specialises in high accuracy temperature measurement and thermal imaging solutions for advanced process monitoring. Its IMAGEPro Advanced Furnace Monitoring (AFM) system, using the NIR-B-640-EX thermal imaging camera, automatically collects tube wall temperatures (TWT) from steam methane reformers (SMRs) for improving furnace balance, efficiency, and yield.

Analytic Stress

Analytic Stress has been committed to remaining the most trustworthy, reliable, and talented on- and off-site heat treatment contractor in the industry.  With hundreds of rigs, consoles, and furnaces, strategically located, more than 350 technicians, and over 400 years of combined managerial experience, we are equipped to provide you with the highest quality workmanship at the greatest possible value.


Athlon, A Halliburton Service

Athlon, a Halliburton Service, provides industrial water and process treatment solutions to refinery, petrochemical, ammonia/fertilizer, and heavy industrial operations. Through on-site technical service and engineering support, Athlon helps customers with their business goals, including improving reliability, increasing throughput, and enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of operating units.


BD Energy Systems

BD Energy Systems, LLC (BDE), a world leader in turnkey revamp solutions, is based in Houston, Texas, USA.  BDE’s strength and success in industry comes from highly experienced engineers who have more than 300 years of combined experience specializing in syngas plants and fired equipment technologies. BDE has executed more than 300 successful projects globally in ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, GTL, and refineries of various licensors, executing EPC projects with focus on decarbonization and reliability improvement.

BDE is involved in multiple syngas plant studies providing decarbonization for existing syngas plants using green & blue hydrogen through benchmarking. We provide solutions to utilize green H2 and O2 at battery limits. Our executed projects include evaluations for decarbonization, plant relocations, furnace revamps & modernizations, optimizations for energy savings, production increase, NOx and GHG reduction, and reliability improvements. Additional services include turnaround planning, construction / technical advisory services, operator training, commissioning and start-up services.

Begg Cousland Envirotec Limited

Begg Cousland Envirotec Limited specialises in Mist Elimination and Air Pollution Control Equipment as used in Fertiliser & Chemical Plants. The Knitted Wiremesh and Candle Filters remove contaminant liquids from process gas, and control atmospheric emissions. We offer optimum designs of filtration & gas scrubbing systems, including our unique Rotary Brush scrubber for Prilling Towers, Granulators, Dryers, Evaporators, Neutralisers etc. in AN, TAN, CAN, Urea & NPK plants.


As part of the Tosto Group, Walter Tosto and Belleli Energy CPE are recognized as leading worldwide suppliers of critical and long lead process equipment for Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Gas Monetization and Nuclear industries.

Specifically for the Ammonia, Urea and Methanol markets, the Group has consolidated experience in the supply of critical items such as:

  • Methanol Reactors,
  • Waste Heat Boilers;
  • Steam Superheaters;
  • Secondary Reformers
  • Ammonia Converters;
  • Urea Reactors;
  • Urea Scrubber;
  • Urea HP Strippers;

With over 1300 employees, and through water-front and strategic manufacturing locations, the Group offers limitless capabilities in terms of weight and materials of fabrication with technology and delivery consistency as main drivers.


Excellence in High Pressure

We at BHDT design and manufacture products in line with the standards of well-known licensors of petrochemical processes, using state-of-the-art engineering tools, high-precision computer-controlled processing machinery and taking customer demands into account at the highest level of technological standards.

Thanks to decades of experience, selection of most suitable materials and quality-assured order handling, we have gained an excellent position on the global market. Our production range contains all of the high pressure products required in a high pressure plant such as high pressure valves, fittings and piping- isometrics with accessories. Our strength is not only the manufacturing of single components, we also offer systems which require far-reaching knowledge in project management, detail engineering and process knowledge.

Blasch Precision Ceramics

Blasch Precision Ceramics is an advanced refractory manufacturer specializing in close tolerance, complex shapes. We offer sophisticated, custom solutions that improve plant performance, efficiency and costs in challenging environments.

Blasch’s StaBlox™ Reformer Tunnel System is a revolutionary, mortarless approach to primary reformer flue gas tunnels that improves reliability, gas flow, temperature distribution and is 15x faster to install than brick and mortar tunnels.  

BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH

BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH offers pressure vessels and heat exchangers for cooling gases at very high temperatures (up to 1,500 °C) and high pressure (up to 35,000 kPa) such as waste heat recovery systems, waste heat boilers for ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants,  synloop waste heat boilers etc.



Established in 1921, Casale greatly contributed to the history of ammonia production and nowadays is a world leading licensor and engineering contractor for the production of   ammonia, urea, melamine, methanol, syngas.  In 2014, following an acquisition from Borealis (formerly GPN), Casale expanded its portfolio to include also the processes for the production of nitric acid, AN, UAN, and multi-nutrient fertilizer products, including their granulation technology.Through its sister company, Casale Project, Casale is also in a position to extend the services offered up to EPC contracting.


ChemTreat, Inc.

ChemTreat is one of the world’s largest providers of water treatment products & services. We develop customized programs with sustainable solutions to improve operating efficiencies, minimize expenditures, reduce carbon footprints, and improve energy and water management delivered through the most experienced sales and service team in the industry. 


Christof Group SBN

Christof Group SBN are specialists in the fabrication of high pressure equipment for the fertilizer industry and particularly for ammonia and urea plants.

Comprehensive material knowledge and decades of know-how in the design and production of sophisticated pressure vessels in either monowall or multilayer construction result in optimum implementation of customers’ requirements, while focusing on highest possible quality in design and finish as well as on-time delivery.

The service, inspections and after sales (SIAS) department of Christof Group SBN can offer its customers special services on site, such as:

  • on-site modification
  • repair of urea reactors and high pressure heat exchangers
  • relining
  • field installation
  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • re-machining of sealing surfaces

Christy Catalytics

Since 1922, Christy has supplied a complete range of industrial ceramic and refractory materials to the global syngas market.  We also offer a full range of tower packing and internals for packed tower equipment.

Signature products:

  • PROX-SVERS® catalyst bed support balls made of high-purity alumina or clay
  • CUSTOM-CRAFTED™ alumina hexagonal target tiles
  • CHRISTY®PAK Tower Packing and Internals for packed tower equipment available in a wide variety of configurations and materials of construction.
  • Other refractory products for the syngas industry including tunnel cover tiles, burner blocks and ferrules.


Clariant’s Catalysts business unit is a leading global developer and producer of catalysts for industrial processes since the acquisition of Süd-Chemie in 2011. With a total of 15 production sites (incl. Joint Ventures) and 11 R&D and technical centers it is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Approximately 2067 employees serve customers around the world. Aimed at delivering sustainable value to customers, Clariant’s catalysts and adsorbents are designed to increase production throughput, lower energy consumption, and reduce hazardous emissions from industrial processes. The broad portfolio also includes products that enable the use of alternative feedstock for chemical and fuel production.



Founded in 1967, Conval is an established leader in supplying the world with high pressure/temperature gate, globe, check, ball and bellow seal valves for a wide range of applications. Conval designs and manufactures high quality, proven, U.S. made, ½” through 4” severe service valves that are becoming the standard for urea and ammonia service. Features include: B16.34 designs for high pressure/temperature applications; best in class in-line renewability; exceptional life cycle value; standard helium leak testing; and a wide variety of materials available for urea service.. Expedited delivery is available.



We are a provider of specialty catalyst dense loading technologies and expertise - Our proprietary technology consists of Calm/Calynet reformer loading technology, Calydens fixed bed dense loading technology & Calyprobe, fixed bed sampling system.  Our technology and expertise is second to none in our industry



CUST-O-FAB’s mission is to work in partnership with our customers while relentlessly pursuing excellence and exceeding expectations in terms of Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Value.



Engemasa is a Brazilian high quality foundry for special steels, supplying stainless alloys, high temperature and super-alloys, as cast or machined parts, radiant coils, reformer tubes and tube supports. To assure compliance to the most demanding specifications, Engemasa is certificated by ISO 9001 and AD 2000 - Merkblatt W0.


Greens Combustion

Greens Combustion is a UK company that has extensive experience and worldwide references supplying a complete range of burners and other combustion systems to a variety of industry sectors especially Steam Methane Reformer applications.

Our capabilities range from supplying burners for new build plants through to turnkey projects for upgrades and modernisation of just the existing burners or the complete combustion system.

Our full-scale comprehensive European test facilities allow us also to trouble shoot almost any existing installations or embark on complex studies supporting our clients’ as they too transition into the Clean Energy market.



  • PEEK
  • 24/7 SERVICE
  • RDA’S

InServ-Integrated Service Company LLC

Description of Products/Services 

Turnaround and Project Services including- Construction, Specially Welding, Maintenance, Unit Revamps, Refractory Services, Scaffolding Services, Fabrication, Heater Design, Installation and Performance Studies, Above Ground Storage Tank Construction, Maintenance and Inspection.


IRISNDT is a world leader in non-destructive testing (“NDT”), providing Conventional NDT, Advanced NDT, Asset Integrity Engineering, Turnaround, Routine Inspection, Light Mechanical, Rope Access, and Heat Treatment services.Established in 1953, the Company services the oil, gas, chemical processing, petrochemical, wind and renewables, power generation, and mining industries.  A growing organization with a great demand for their services in the market, the Company employs over 900 staff from 22 locations in the USA, plus 600 staff in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


JCL Safety Services

Safety/Risk Services firm providing safety supervision/consulting, turnaround planning, industrial hygiene, confined space attendants, fire watch, flaggers/spotters, bus drivers, hydration, medical services, PSM/RMP audits/program review, PHA’s, PSSR’s, HAZOP’s, facility siting studies.

Material Coordination Services include receiving materials, inventory, kitting, staging, and providing significant savings to turnarounds and projects.

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey is a global leader in science that enables a cleaner and healthier world and our vision is for a world that’s cleaner and healthier; today and for future generations. With over 200 years of sustained commitment to innovation and technological breakthroughs, we improve the function, performance and safety of our customers’ products. We use science to create innovative products and our science has a global impact in areas such as low emission transport, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and making the most efficient use of the planet’s natural resources. One in every three new cars carries an emission control catalyst from Johnson Matthey; toxic carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons go into the catalyst, cleaner air comes out. Our catalysts stop around 20 million tonnes of pollutants in their tracks every year. Today more than 14,000 Johnson Matthey professionals collaborate with our network of customers and partners to make a real difference to the world around us. We remain committed to tackling new challenges to build a cleaner and healthier future for the generations to come.



At Kimre we design, manufacture, and install industrial scrubbing systems which utilize our own proprietary technology for the basis of the design. We have installed large-scale systems for several of the world’s most notable fertilizer manufacturers and have achieved superior results. Kimre has been in business for over 45 years with tens of thousands of installations in every corner of the globe. One of the keys to our success has been through building long-term customer relationships. Our commitment to our customers emphasizes performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Over 90% of our customers place repeat orders. Kimre can provide you with solutions to meet your business goals as well as sustain the environment and improve the air quality of the world.


Kinetics Process Improvements (KPI)

Kinetics Process Improvements (KPI), Houston (USA) is a leading Global provider of Process Consulting, Design and Engineering Services since 2005. We specialize in Revamp Design and Basic Engineering of Ammonia, Methanol and Hydrogen Plants to improve Plant Capacity, Efficiency, Reliability and various decarbonization options including the revamp design of Reformers and CO2 Removal systems of all sizes and configurations. We have many successful operating references. We have been offering a few patented schemes including Integrated Chilling & Decarbonization Schemes for improving the Reforming Capacity and also to reduce the CO2 emissions in Ammonia and Methanol plants.  

Our portfolio spans over 135 projects globally for over 65 different clients including four detailed studies of various decarbonization options in Ammonia plants.  We also provided customized process and plant troubleshooting training to more than 600 engineers/operating personnel in Ammonia & Methanol plants. www.kpieng.com

Kontrolltechnik GmbH

KontrollTechnik GmbH is a specialized german provider of innovative electro-magnetic inspection services since 1977. Kontrolltechnik GmbH is delivering advanced non-destructive testing solutions for heat exchanger tube inspections, reformer pipe inspections and pipeline inspection to the worldwide process industries including the Oil & Gas (on- & offshore) industry, refineries, petrochemical and power plants.


Miba Industrial Bearings (Formerly T.C.E.)

Miba Industrial Bearings design, reverse engineer, manufacture, and repair hydrodynamic bearings and labyrinth seals for critical rotating equipment. We have 30+ years of experience upgrading centrifugal compressors with thermoplastic labyrinth seals for higher efficiency. Our fluid film bearings are used in power generation, the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.


Mohawk Field Services, Inc.

Mohawk Field Services, Inc. was founded in 1993 and has been under the current management team since 1995. Through the combined efforts and experience of the MFSI management team, we have been responsible for the erection of over 300 process heaters, as well as the auxiliary equipment associated with these projects. Never Underestimate Experience.

We specialize in

  • New heater / furnace erection
  • Heater refurbishing, repairs & revamps
  • Maintenance turnarounds
  • Emergency services
  • Process piping installation
  • ASME code piping / coils
  • Boiler installation & repair
  • Complete process unit construction
  • Furnace / heater related refractory installation & repair
  • Equipment setting
  • Piping & pipe rack installation.
  • Inspections
  • Specialty welding of all alloys
  • Gas compression stations
  • Metering stations

NOOTER Specialty Services

NOOTER Specialty Services (NSS), a division of NOOTER Construction (since 1896), specializes in GTAW and GMAW-P Automatic & Semi-Automatic weld repairs for the global energy industry. We specialize in Weld Overlay, Automated Orbital Welding, Safurex®, Tantalum, Zirconium, Titanium, and many other exotic alloys. 

Using the industrys most advanced technologies, NSS provides permanent, maintenance-free repairs to vessels, tanks, and pipes throughout its clients facilities.

NSS maintains over 1,200 qualified welding procedures that allow us to quickly respond to our client’s needs

Officine Luigi RESTA S.p.A.

Since 1950 Officine Luigi Resta has been designing and manufacturing critical process equipment for the Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Petrochemical and Power Industries.

Over the years the Company has continuously improved their manufacturing techniques and facilities in order to properly respond to the market demand in the supply of high pressure equipment, critical items and in the welding of exotic and unconventional materials.

The Company is also pleased to announce its involvement in the Low Carbon Industry having already successfully manufactured equipment for the capture and processing of CO2, as well as for the production of renewable fuels. The extensive experience acquired over more than 70 years guarantees our after-sales team the possibility of providing efficient, fast and reliable maintenance and repair services at the Customers' plants. 

Thanks to the high quality standards, reliability and continuity expressed over the years, Officine Luigi Resta today stands as a point of reference in the static equipment market and as an ideal partner for End Users, Licensors and Engineering Companies.


OnQuest is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in steam methane reformers for the Ammonia, Methanol, and Hydrogen markets.  OnQuest is able to provide both new equipment and revamps, engineering studies and replacement parts for all existing equipment including accessories such as waste heat recovery units, SCRs, air preheaters, control systems, etc.


Optimized Gas Treating

ProTreat® software is distinguished by its exclusive use of a fundamental mass and heat transfer rate approach to column modeling and now includes a number of proprietary solvents, physical and hybrid solvents, dehydration, sour water stripping, caustic treating, and most recently a full sulphur plant simulator and a COM interface putting ProTreat CAPE-OPEN.



P.A. Inc. is a piping material service center, which can provide your company with the most efficient and effective process for procuring the highest quality nickel, high nickel alloy, specialty stainless steel, and titanium piping products in our industry.

In conjunction with the products we inventory, we have the capability to provide custom fabricated components to your exact specifications.

ParFab Companies

ParFab Companies is a Preferred Contractor for Ammonia, Methanol, & Ethylene Plant Revamps and Relocations. Specializing in Reformer Revamps, Including Fabrication, Erection, and Maintenance, Specialty Welding, Code Repairs, Process & Boiler Code Piping, 24 Hour Emergency Response, Refractory, ASME Coil Fabrication and Transfer Line Fabrication & Field Installation.


PK Safety Services

PK Safety provides technical standby rescue teams, safety attendants, field safety professionals, safety training and rental equipment for any size job.  PK Safety separates themselves from its competition with the use of wilma™.  wilma™ is our confined space management solution designed to supplement the attendant and enhance the overall safety of the confined space.  wilma™ allows us to do this through remote gas monitoring, digital entry logs and WiFi in the confined space, allowing for “real-time” communications.  PK Safety’s experience and highly trained workforce coupled with state-of-the art technology, allows PK Safety to offer world class solutions to their clients.


Process Service Specialists, LLC

With an emphasis on Catalyst Handling, Column Repair, Specialty Welding, and Pipe Fabrication, PSS is a disciplined group of highly specialized, safety driven crafts.  PSS’ disciplines marry well together to provide a truly turn-key solution to all reactor, converter, drier, column and furnace needs.


Rotating Machinery

RMS provides global engineering, repair, and maintenance services to the equipment supporting critical infrastructure. Specifically, RMS ensures the continuous & safe operation of large industrial rotating equipment essential to energy, fertilizer, petrochemical, food & beverage & steel industries. No other organization on earth can match RMS’ rotating machinery engineering experience.


Rotex Group

Rotex has been setting and shattering standards for industrial separation equipment since 1844. Today we continue to lead screening innovation with the world’s finest engineered machines like the Apex, Rotex, Minerals Separator and now the new ULTREX – all featuring our exclusive Gyratory Reciprocating Motion. We’re keeping the momentum going.



Saint-Gobain has been a leader in material solutions for the syngas industry since the 1950s. We supply aluminas for reformer vessels and gasifiers as well as chromia aluminas for slagging reactors.  Please stop by and meet with us to discuss opportunities to improve your process.



SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK | ARVOS best known as a leading designer, fabricator, and service provider for its outstanding and customized heat transfer solutions for highest pressures and temperatures since 1910. With our headquarters in Germany and connected to our affiliated offices and hubs all over the world, we are always close to our customers worldwide.
For syngas applications our solutions include SCHMIDT'SCHE® and SCHACK® Process Gas Boilers, Syngas Coolers, Air Preheaters, Steam Superheaters, Waste Heat Recovery Units and much more.
We are a strong partner to the world's leading engineering companies, contractors, and plant operators in the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, and refining industries as well as in the pioneering waste-to-value business. Our custom-made and ready for plant digitalization heat transfer solutions treat process gases in very demanding and individual processes.
With our mission to enable our customers to recover valuable energy, to reduce process emissions and to reuse raw materials, our solutions are contributing to global carbon reduction, waste upcycling and energy transition efforts.

Sprana Ltd

Process Analytical Instrumentation solutions for on-line analysis and monitoring of composition of liquid products.
Offers a state of the art spectroscopic solution for on-line analysis of UAN composition – measures concentrations of the main UAN components and biuret.
Accurate, reliable (compensation for product temperature variations, automatic washing of optical windows), robust and cost effective.

Research and development of new analytical instrumentation and solutions along with multivariate calibration is an integral part of our business.
Continuous innovation is one of the main pillars of the company.



At Stamicarbon we develop, design and license futureproof fertilizer plant technologies, with urea and nitric acid being our core businesses. Using almost 75 years of knowledge and experience, we offer our clients customized-solutions and services to maintain, improve and optimize plants in every stage of their lifecycle. We take pride in being innovative and developing reliable, safe and sustainable fertilizer solutions.

For example: our Ultra-Low Energy design that reduces energy consumption of urea plants considerably, our MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubbing system that reduces emissions of urea granulation and prilling plants to unrivaled low levels, our digital solutions that achieve real-time insights to maximize efficiency and production, and our Controlled-Release-Fertilizer design that helps farmers to improve crop yields.

Next to urea, we design nitric acid plants with maximum energy recovery, reliable operation and minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Besides technologies, we also have developed the best corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel for high pressure synthesis equipment - “SAFUREX®” and a real-time dynamic training simulator for urea and granulation plants, as well as for the adjacent ammonia, nitric acid and UAN plants.

As pioneers with a higher purpose, it is our vision to enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life.

TEK-FINS Incorporated

TEK-FINS is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of horizontal configuration air cooled heat exchangers for a variety of markets and applications across the globe.


Terra Applied Systems

Coming Soon 


Thorpe Specialty Services Corporation

Thorpe incorporated in Texas in 1954 as a refractory contractor with engineering capabilities. Through our mergers, acquisitions and organic growth, Thorpe is better positioned to serve customers with a wide range of equipment, products, and services throughout the global market. We provide field installation services, engineering, and manufacturing for corrosion resistant equipment and materials, refractory linings and products, insulation, industrial flooring, scaffolding, robotic demolition and other essential activities to a variety of industrial plants.  Our services are provided through one of six operating subsidiaries:



Total Valve Systems

Total Valve Systems specializes in pressure and level control, delivering peerless valve services, engineered products (Farris, Dyna-Flo, Protego) and manufacturing of specialized engineered valves to meet the demanding chemical processing industry needs. All of this can be offered in a standard timeframe or to meet time critical deliveries.


Tube Tech Inc.

Tube Tech International is the global leader in research-led, high-tech fouling removal and inspection services, researching and developing tried and tested, step change methods to solve heavy industries’ most difficult cleaning challenges.

Tube Tech’s patented methods, include remotely operated technology for furnace convection section cleaning, to achieve significant savings, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve safety standards.

Turn 2 Specialty Companies

It is our goal Turn 2 Specialty Companies to maintain our position as a Worldwide leader in the petrochemical, refinery, and Power industry by providing services such as Specialty Welding, Mechanical, Towers & Drums, Catalyst, Fabrication, Precision Services, Refractory, and I&E that will exceed our customers current and future expectations.


Universal Plant Services

Universal Plant Services is your single source for project expertise and guidance, providing project management, installation, maintenance, and repair services for a wide range of critical industries and emerging renewables. As specialists in rotating, fixed, reciprocating and electrical equipment, we help keep businesses across North America running at their best.


Vector Systems

Vector Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the goal to provide the finest process control solutions in the market. Vector Systems is committed to delivering better, safer, and more dependable manufactured products to our customers. Our strategic plan is a pathway to earn customers for life, and to create and build stronger client relationships. Here at Vector Systems quality is paramount and a crucial part of our daily business activities, as a result all our shops are ISO 9001 certified to maintain the highest quality.



Zeeco is the world leader in combustion and environmental solutions. The company employs 1,500+ people across 25+ global locations and houses the world’s largest research and test facility at its headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Since 1979, Zeeco has completed 50,000+ projects, helping industries meet global safety and environmental regulations.