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"This conference provides an excellent opportunity to have insight of latest development in Ammonia/urea technology along with an opportunity to network with many from the fertilizer industry."

Muhammad Amir Abdullah, Engro Fertilizer Pakistan, Operations Engineer

“A truly professional conference to learn technical aspects through interaction with the production specialist, equipment/service suppliers, and industry experts. A good opportunity for professional networking and offers an understanding for market movers.”

Girish Patel, Director Technology - Ammonia & Syngas, KBR

“Very helpful for networking! Useful presentations.”

Bernhard Geis, Industry Manager OASE White, BASF SE

“Very good content!”

Bhshyam Gopaul, Director, Capital - Engineering, Technology & Capital, Nutrien

“Share and enhance your knowledge on industry”

Israr Haque, Chief Scientist, Sabic

“A great insight of syngas industry”

Saud Alfawaz, Engineer, Global Technology, SABIC

“The perfect conference of the industry field at all.”

Mahmoud Hamada, Regional Sales Manager, Johnson Matthey

"The Nitrogen + syngas is a great event for networking and a get together of experts for all disciplines involved in the industry.”

Christian Menke, Sales Manager, Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

“To be present a level of companies and more com.”

Derbal Faicel, echnical Director, Fertial

"The most relevant conference for the nitrogen industry.”

Aleksey Akhmetshin, Deputy Technical Director, NZMU

"The meeting place for the actors in the Nitrogen sector.”

Patrick Le Calve, Technical Development Manager, Borealis

“Nitrogen and Syngas conference is an excellent opportunity to keep up-to-date on innovations in the fertilizers field and expand your vision.”

Paola Locatelli, Syngas Chain Process Lead, Saipem S.P.A

“The best occasion to be informed about both technological developments and the fertilizer market trends.”

Ilaria Ventriglia, Syngas Chain Process Leader, Saipem

“Very well prepared and managed event with proper event location selected attendance and networking opportunities”

Gianni Acquisti, Refinery Platform manager, BHGE

"Nitrogen +syngas spread the stakeholder experience in a comfortable and non-formal context”

Federica Di Giulio, Snr. Process Engineer, Saipem

“The most important annual European event in N2 & syngas.”

Esben Sorensen, Technical Sales Director, Haldor Topsoe

“Nitrogen Syngas is an event that any operator in this field should attend to grow in knowledge of the up to date technologies available as well as for networking, share experiences and be connected with other colleagues. It brings real opportunities of professional growth as well as important and exclusive indications concerning both technology improvement, case histories, market trends.”

Marco Pedranzini, Sales Manager, FIC SPA

“A good communication platform to get fast information”

Julia Pullmann, Manager Applied Technology, Umicore AG &Co.KG

“An excellent opportunity to meet and share your plant and business issues with people of varying expertise who can advise and help on these issues”

Israr Haque, Chief Scientist, Sabic

“New Technology for Ammonia and Urea”


“Very good Networking opportunity and experts to be met on that event”

Nicolas Pisaroni, Technical Sales Manager, Tubacex

“A good way to discover new technological improvements being in touch with customers and suppliers”

Elisa Puci, Process Engineer, Stamicarbon

“It was a great opportunity to grasp information on ammonia and urea trend and create network with participants.”

Kazutaka Hiraoka, Assistant Manager - Technology Innovation Center, JGC Corporation

“A must to be attended event for Syngas and Nitrogen producers!”

MIROSLAV DIMITROV, Production & Maintenance Manager, Neochim PLC

“Networking with knowledge sharing”

Venkat Pattabathula, Global Ammonia Technology Manager, Incitec Pivot Ltd

“Great balance between information and networking.”

Elena Stylianou, Technical Advisor - Process Technology, Syngas, KBR

“The event that you don't want to miss if you are an end user, EPC, manufacturer or any other type of professional of the Nitrogen and Syngas industry”

Mauro Orsini, General Manager, Axo Welding Srl

“One stop-shop event for fertilizer market!”

Andrey Averianov, Deputy General Manager, Sojitz LLC

“Valuable event for making better relations between existing and future Parties.”

Miroslava Tsvetkova, Operator, Agropolychim AD, Bulgaria

“An excellent place to meet the widest breath of players in the Nitrogen & Syngas markets”

John Brightling, Ammonia/Nitric Market Manager, Johnson Matthey

“Great event, good networking in the fertilizer industry!”

Dan C Cojocaru, Director, AmmoniaKnowHow.com

“Top sessions with practical info and good networking”

George van Bommel, Sr Fertilizer Process Consultant, Biotortech bv

“Nitrogen + Syngas a good chance to extend the knowledge of the fertiliser market an innovative application and solutions”

Paola Locatelli, Syngas Chain Process Gas Leader, Saipem

“Nitrogen + Syngas is the venue where being updated about the state-of-the-art of technologies, meet the industry experts, share experience in an informal and amusing environment.”

Massimiliano Sala, Syngas & Fertilizers Product Lead, Saipem S.p.A.

“The Nitrogen & Syngas 2019 in Berlin was another excellent opportunity for us to continue our dialogue with many of our customers. At the same time, we were able to draw attention to potential future customers. The excellent organization of the event, especially regarding the observance of speaking times during the lectures, is particularly noteworthy. We were pleased to hear that the number of visitors has increased again.”

Claudio MARSICO, Director Sales - Methanol Hydrogen & Syngas Plants, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

“Great and unequalled networking”

Roberto Vaghini, Area Sales Manager, Eurotecnica Contractors and Engineers

“The conference N+S in Berlin was fruitful. I met with new information which are usable for my job. I recommend to attend N+S conference in future.”

Kamil Vali, Project Manager, Duslo Šala

“The consistent fluctuation of the Urea price highlights how important is to diversify the business in a nitrogen complex. To invest in a market different from fertilizers, as melamine is, would guarantee the right flexibility to the producers.”

Enzo De Biase, Process Engineer, Eurotecnica

“The best occasion to be informed about both the technological development and the fertilizer market trend, sharing different points of view.”

Ilaria Ventriglia, Ammonia Technology Process Leader, Saipem

“The place to meet the key players in the Nitrogen industry”

Patrick Le Calve, Senior Group TD Manager M&F, BOREALIS

“Nitrogen + Syngas is the most valuable showroom for sharing and finding innovative technological solutions for the fertilizer industries.”

Jacopo Cedrati, Urea Technology Process Leader, Saipem S.p.A

“The event gives a remarkable opportunity to meet key industry players and exchange market, technical and commercial knowledge!”

Eduard Karslyan, Senior Sales Representative, BASF Russia

“If you want to have a pulse on how fertilizer industry is doing, come to Nitrogen + Syngas Conference and you will have the complete picture. The best thing about this conference is that it keeps an operator for the future interruptions and even potential disruptions which helps in better planning and preparedness.”

Muhammad Idrees, General Manager Projects,Cost & Planning, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

“I really appreciate my participation to the event which was technically beneficial and gives an opportunity for networking and relationship building.”

Mohammed Bendjana, echnical Sales Manager, Johnson Matthey

“The 2019 conference was excellent, and all the subjects discussed and presented were required for these day’s challenges”

Abdulmunem Alnajjar, Process Plant Superintendent, GPIC

“Very useful and interesting event where one can meet with all the leading players of the industry in informal and pleasant atmosphere”

Artem Lapko, Deputy Chief of the Department, TehInnovacii LLC

“A place for professional networking and idea generation”

Michel WARZEE, Technical Process Owner Ammonia, YARA

“Well attended conference with excellent networking opportunity.”

Jatin Shah, Director, Technology Operations, KBR

“Great networking opportunity and market intel sharing with producers and suppliers.”

Aidil Izzat Hashim, Business Unit Manager, Unidense Technology GmbH

Perfect conference with excellent networking opportunities.

Harrie Duisters, Technology Director, OCI Fertilizers

“Nitrogen + Syngas is a unique event to share the experience of industry stakeholders. It offers a deep technical insight in an informal atmosphere.”

Massimiliano Sala, Syngas & Fertilizers Product Lead, Saipem S.p.A

"This conference is the ideal spot to share experience and to learn about developments.”

Jo Eijkenboom, Director, UreaKnowHow.com

"Learnings, studies and thoughts, this is me Nitrogen + syngas conference.”

Giovanni Balini, Sales Manager, O.V.S. Officine Valle Seriana S.p.A.

“Nitrogen + Syngas is the conference for future business.”

Omar Takrouni, President, Jubail Fertilizer Company (Al Bayroni)

“Excellent event, informative and interactive technical sessions with a wonderful mix of networking opportunities.”

Christina Waller, Sales & Marketing Manager, ParFab Companies

“An excellent event for professional communication and for a better understanding Nitrogen and Syngas area.”

Victor Zhulin, Deputy Commercial Director, ALVIGO

"Very useful event which makes the nitrogen industry more effective!”

Rinat Anderzhanov, Head of Process Department, NIIK (R&D Institute of Urea)

“This conference is a great opportunity to ant company active in ammonia and urea industry, especially for companies willing to present their knowledge or products in international market.”

Faraham Jafarvand Giglo, Project Manager, NEWJCM Turbomachinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd

“Nitrogen + Syngas is one of the most important conferences in our business.”

Keigo Sasaki, Process Engineer, Toyo Engineering Corporation

"Unique opportunity for networking with managers of Nitrogen fertilizer production companies and senior managers from leading technology Licensors and EPC contractors.”

Artem Lapko, Deputy Chief of the Department, Severodonetsky ORGHIM PrJSC

“At Nitrogen + Syngas you can learn from the past with selected business cases, taste the present with the latest technologies, imagine the future with frontrunners' vision.”

Massimiliano Sala, Product Lead Syngas & Fertilizer, Saipem

"The conference was useful, with a wide range of topics covered from across the spectrum of syngas and fertilizer industries.”

Tom Davison, Process Engineer, Johnson Matthey

“The CRU Nitrogen + Syngas successfully facilitates technology transfer and networking in a major production and marketing sector.”

Dallas Robinson, Projects Director, BD Energy Systems, LLC

You are fully qualified and certified to hold the conferences.

Ehsan Soltani, Senior Technical Director, Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company

“Excellent conference, very well organised with key and relevant technical and commercial presentations on the present state of the fertilizer industry and outlook as well as modern innovation technologies by the industry experts.  Great forum for networking and enhancing your professional development in this dynamic industry.”  

Nirvaan Soogrim, Senior Chemical Engineer, PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Ltd.

“Nitrogen + Syngas conference is highly intellectual forum for sharing ideas, case studies, innovative trouble shooting and advancement globally.”  

Muhammad Zeeshan Shoaib, Deputy Executive Production (DE-PRD), Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited

“Excellent conference, with some very informative papers.”

Tony King, Ammonia & Acid Plant Technical Manager, CF Fertilisers UK

“Great place to update technical AND commercial aspects.  Excellent opportunity to meet business peers, exchange news and base future business on personal and trustful relationships.”

Martina Schmitz, Head of Process Group Urea, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

“Excellent platform for knowledge sharing, networking with delegates from key players of syngas, nitrogen and fertilizer units from all over the world, and exposure to latest developments and operating strategies development.”

Waqas Shehryar, Process Engineer, Fatima Fertilizer Co. Ltd.

“It is a great honor that I attended the nitrogen and synthesis gas conference as a speaker for representing my company in the largest conference in nitrogen fertilizers industry.”

Mohamed Tarek Eltohfa, Ammonia Process Dept. Manager, ABU_QIR FERTILIZERS CO.

“The conference is an excellent means of interacting with the people from the fertilizer industries from all around the world and share their experiences on various issues.”

Naveed Akhtar, Project Engineer, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited

“The conference offers a very good environment to discuss technical issues arising from operation of ammonia plants.”

William Wilkinson, Lead Process Engineer, INEOS Köln GmbH

You have the best conference on this level. You help us to keep in touch with our partners.

Ionut Matei, Ammonia Plant Manager, Azomures SA

The best thing about Nitrogen & Syngas conference is that it enables the operators to think strategically and adapt to the dimension for sustainability and growth

Muhammad Idrees, Business Development Unit Mananger, Engro Fertilizers

Technical troubleshooting, solution finding and problem solving in fertilizer plants is not complicated when you attend in Nitrogen + Syngas conferences and receive the last technical updates in the industry.

Alireza Orooji, Senior Process Engineer, Pardis Petrochemical Company

First hand update on the Nitrogen + Syngas developments

Steen R. Madsen, Director, Videbaek Research & Development

“Coming back every year to the Nitrogen + Syngas conference, it is very nice to meet your industry colleagues again and use the networking opportunities.”

Harrie Duisters, Corporate HSE & Technology Director, OCI N.V

Conference gave exposure to the technology advancements and engineering experience of various operating companies over the world. Gave good networking opportunities.

A.P Shah, Vice President, GSFC India

Nitrogen + Syngas conference forum provides excellent opportunity for plant operators and technology suppliers to network and share experiences with each other.

Muhammad Asad Waheed, Maintenance Manager, Engro Fertilizers Limited

Divulgating ideas, connecting people and breaking barriers

Festi Rino, Project Director, Saipem

Excellent forum to learn about fertiliser industry

Omar Farooq Khan, Unit Manager, Fauji Ferilizer Bin Qasim Limited

It is hard to find all the key players in the fertilizer industries in the world gathered in one event, except for the CRU Nitrogen + Syngas.

Waleed El Zoghby, Head - Urea Plant Section, MOPCO

Great networking opportunities as a lot of technology providers under one roof

Principal Engineer, , SABIC IBN SINA

"Great opportunity to build up a long-term business relationship.”

Vensa Vukoman, ales Manager Fan Division, Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

“Nitrogen + syngas is one of the best opportunities to meet the technology and process partners along with several customers in a relaxing environment.”

Prasanth Kumar, Technical Director (Middle East & Africa), BU Catalysts, Clariant

“We've been to Nitrogen + Syngas for several years now. This event allows us to forge many contacts and to make ourselves known. It's the only place to meet all the key players in the industry in one place!”

Christian Menke, Sales Manager Fan Division, Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

“One of the best and most successful conferences. A large number of international participants and high quality of technical reports”

Volodymyr Ponomarov, Director of Project Institute, Severodonetsky ORGHIM PrJSC