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“An excellent forum for learning about and discussing relevant issues and trends in the industry, and for establishing contacts with peers in producing companies and key suppliers.”

Ken Wohlgeschaffen, Team Leader - Hydrogen Plants, Chevron Corp.

“A melting pot of ideas, projections, problems and solutions. This is a great opportunity to speak with representatives from other companies to discuss common issues in production and look at improvement opportunities for all aspects of plant design, efficiency and reliability.”

Justin Long, Day Shift Supervisor, Iowa Fertilizer Company

“A great event for knowledge sharing, networking, and building relationships.”

Charles Ireland, Operations Manager, OCI

“Best use of my marketing dollars in a long time.” 

Jeffrey Bolebruch, VP, Global Strategic Business Development, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc.

“I gained greater understanding of catalyst technology, metallurgy and water treatment programs, energy transfer technology, and process improvements for increasing fertilizer production and purity.” 

Grant Fritzsche, Process Engineer, Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers

“The technical sessions were well organized and informative, with a good opportunity to network and share more.”

Joan Bova, VP, Sales and Engineering, CGThermal

“Great opportunity to interact with vendors, partners, and customers and learn more about new technologies and products that are being introduced into the Syngas space.”

Satish Baliga, Chief Technical Advisor, KBR

“Exactly what I was hoping for.”

Woody Rittenberger, Process Engineer, Koch Fertilizer

“Excellent attendance from relevant companies to collaborate and work towards industry improvements.”

Tony Bugno, Technical Product Manager, Fertilizer Tubing, ALLEIMA

“The high quality technical presentations and ample networking opportunities make this a very valuable conference to attend!”

Taylor Archer, Sales Lead, Americas, Ammonia Catalysts, Clariant

“The opportunity to step back from my own perspective as an employee at a syngas producer and connect with the industry big picture was definitely worth attending the event.”

Gustavo Silveira, Jr. Process Engineer, OCI Beaumont

“The CRU conference is a great way to network with leading technology providers in the SynGas industry.”

Nicklaus Heltz, Mech Engineer, Nutrien

“The conference offers a very good environment to discuss technical issues arising from operation of ammonia plants.”

William Wilkinson, Lead Process Engineer, INEOS Köln GmbH

“The CRU Nitrogen + Syngas successfully facilitates technology transfer and networking in a major production and marketing sector.”

Dallas Robinson, Projects Director, BD Energy Systems, LLC

"The conference was useful, with a wide range of topics covered from across the spectrum of syngas and fertilizer industries.”

Tom Davison, Process Engineer, Johnson Matthey

“Excellent conference, with some very informative papers.”

Tony King, Ammonia & Acid Plant Technical Manager, CF Fertilisers UK

“Excellent event, informative and interactive technical sessions with a wonderful mix of networking opportunities.”

Christina Waller, Sales & Marketing Manager, ParFab Companies

Perfect conference with excellent networking opportunities.

Harrie Duisters, Technology Director, OCI Fertilizers