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Excellent industry event with representation from supply chain, manufacturers and customers.

Bernhard Deutsch, Vice President and General Manager, Optical Fiber and Cable, Corning Incorporated

I was able to meet with key decision managers at companies we had targeted for new business.

William Person, Vice President Sales, Kolon

The pleasure was all mine. CRU ran a very informative and professional program. I was honored to be there and very much enjoyed your analysts’ insightful remarks and those of the other panelists. Wonderful connections and great conversations!

Lisa R. Youngers, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

The CRU World Optical Fiber & Cable conference hosted by Corning was an very good conference, with excellent speakers from different companies, who had a wealth of knowledge on this market.

Tony Ortenzi, Sales Director / Market Development, Sivaco Wire Group

This conference provides up-to-date market and technology information and allows a fruitful exchange with experts from the industry

Silke Reuter, Head Optical Fibre - International Market, Sterlite

Excellent conference focusing on specific trends in the optical fiber industry worldwide. CRU pulls together the best speakers with high level positions from within the fiber manufacturing industry

Bob Blandford, President, Miltec UV

2019 CRU WOFC conference allowed to give us good understanding of the current market situation as well as prospective for the future trends, the CRU conference allowed to foresee short and mid-term expected evolution , on both qualitative & quantified base, while standing at a hinge point.

Olivier Frezet, Marketing & Sales Manager , Optical Fibre Machinery, Conductix-Wampfler

Wonderful show with pertinent information for the industries best. Great overall value.

Chad Puchard, President, Comstar Supply, Inc

I enjoyed this year''s conference as it was organized very well and was very interactive as all presentation had an Q&A session

Raadjkoemar Matai, Chief Scientist Optical Fibre, YOFC

A good forum to confirm or correct the impressions one has about trends in the optical fiber and cable market.

Bob Roach, Marketing & Sales Manager, Optical Fibre Machinery Senior Manager, OFS

Great insight on the fiber and cable market that is enhanced with the attendance of key industry leaders

Keith Cress, Director,Product Management Cable Markets, Power & Tel

Great review of technical and market factors driving innovation and demand in the global fiber an cable markets!

Vince Ferretti, Senior Standards Manager, Corning

Hearing industry experts opinion, in agreement and not in agreement, is very valuable.

Dean Krueger, Vice President, Domaille Engineering

Gathering of high level executives from all around the globe with many networking opportunities!

Lisa Long, Sales Manager, Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

CRU Conference is the best place to get forecast for the next years also as meet top producers of the fiber and cable materials in the world.

Ivan Zamiatin, Director, Soyuz Kabel

I was well pleased and found the location exceptional! The presentation content was informative and engaging. Slido was very effective and efficient as well.

Jamey Little, Vice President of Sales (Americas) / Deputy GM, Roblon

Great place to meet the brains of this exciting industry - productive, efficient, and yet entertaining.

Martin Boettcher, Business Development Manager, Heraeus Comvance

CRU World Optical Fiber & Cable for the first time in the US. Well organized. Good agenda with great speakers.

Richard Eichhorn, Director Global Sales - Connectivity Solutions, Sterlite Technologies Limited

CRU World Optic Fibre and Cable is an established conference in the optic communication industry. It is a pleasure that we have attended this year''s conference as an exhibitor. It is a great opportunity  to showcase our products and to learn from both domestic and international clients and we have benefited a lot. We hope this conference will continue its success  and hope for the best for future conference. We''d like to support and attend this conference.

Huiyan Yu, Marketing Executive, Shanghai Weikai Optoelectronics New Materials Co., Ltd

Thank you for great program and wonderful management. All the best for future events!

Deepak Sharma, COO, Sterlite Tech

It is important that the partners in this industry are meeting frequently, so this premium event is an outstanding opportunity for us to meet with all the people in the industry. The audience is quite broad, we see top level management represented from various companies from pre-form, fiber and cable. We also see representatives from manufacturers of equipment, suppliers of raw materials, key customers. So the event is represented from all angles of the industry, the networking is fantastic.

Jan Bongaerts, Vice President, YOFC

Personally I believe that WOFC tremendously facilitates Chinese optical fiber and cable enterprises in enhancing visibility and brand image on global market, while providing an excellent platform for those enterprises to share valuable insights and demonstrate overall capabilities to international peers

Wang Yanliang, Vice President, FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd.

Really a full house and very informative sessions, the exhibition is really great. All the important people and all the FTTH related industry key people are here

Rusafie Alam, Associate Manager, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific

I have participated at the CRU Conference three times and I’m impressed about the conference development over the years. We continue to meet the stakeholders in this conference

Jan Schindler, Manager, Market Intelligence, Prysmian

Jan Bongaerts, Vice President, YOFC

Wang Yanliang, Vice President, FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd.

Rusafie Alam, Associate Manager, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific

Pratik Shah, Global Technical Marketing Manager, DSM

Jan Schindler, Manager, Market Intelligence, Prysmian

Nick Edwards, General Manager, CRU

Richard Mack, Principal Analyst, CRU