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This virtual conference standard was very high. I got lot of insights of the present Optical fibre and cable market status. The Q&A sessions were great with good questions. Various technical papers were of very good level.

Raadjkoemar Matai, YOFC

Despite being virtual this years conference was truly successful, I especially thought the breakout Zoom''s were well scheduled.

Stephen Szymanski, STL Tech - Sterlite Technologies Inc.

The pleasure was all mine. CRU ran a very informative and professional program. I was honored to be there and very much enjoyed your analysts’ insightful remarks and those of the other panelists. Wonderful connections and great conversations!

Lisa R. Youngers, President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

It was useful to meet in small rooms and talk to people that we normally might not have had the chance.

Jeff Koch, Umicore Optical Materials

Excellent presentation and well structured delivery. All went smoothly

Manuel Brunner, Fujikura

Compared to other digital events, definitely the best. Good format of panel discussions.

Pieter Arickx, Umicore

This conference provides up-to-date market and technology information and allows a fruitful exchange with experts from the industry

Silke Reuter, Head Optical Fibre - International Market, Sterlite

Excellent conference focusing on specific trends in the optical fiber industry worldwide. CRU pulls together the best speakers with high level positions from within the fiber manufacturing industry

Bob Blandford, President, Miltec UV

Great event, best virtual conference with key industry leaders.

Bernhard Deutsch, Corning Incorporated

I''ve attended other virtual industry conferences, but CRU''s online platform was really easy to navigate and had some added features that were beneficial.

Lesley Cook, Corning

A good networking event with great insight form industry participants. The virtual concept worked fine.

Jesper Steenstrup, OFS Fitel Denmark ApS

Fantastic conference portal, and great effort to facilitate networking in the virtual world.

Martin Boettcher, Heraeus Comvance

I enjoyed this year''s conference as it was organized very well and was very interactive as all presentation had an Q&A session

Raadjkoemar Matai, Chief Scientist Optical Fibre, YOFC

Another excellent set of speakers on key topics for the industry

Max Yates, Credit Suisse

Excellent job for the first virtual conference!

Joel Orban, Corning

Personally I believe that WOFC tremendously facilitates Chinese optical fiber and cable enterprises in enhancing visibility and brand image on global market, while providing an excellent platform for those enterprises to share valuable insights and demonstrate overall capabilities to international peers

Wang Yanliang, Vice President, FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd.

Thank you for great program and wonderful management. All the best for future events´╝ü

Deepak Sharma, COO, Sterlite Tech

It is important that the partners in this industry are meeting frequently, so this premium event is an outstanding opportunity for us to meet with all the people in the industry. The audience is quite broad, we see top level management represented from various companies from pre-form, fiber and cable. We also see representatives from manufacturers of equipment, suppliers of raw materials, key customers. So the event is represented from all angles of the industry, the networking is fantastic.

Jan Bongaerts, Vice President, YOFC

Really a full house and very informative sessions, the exhibition is really great. All the important people and all the FTTH related industry key people are here

Rusafie Alam, Associate Manager, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific

I have participated at the CRU Conference three times and I’m impressed about the conference development over the years. We continue to meet the stakeholders in this conference

Jan Schindler, Manager, Market Intelligence Prysmian

Excellent industry event with representation from supply chain, manufacturers and customers.

Bernhard Deutsch, Vice President and General Manager, Optical Fiber and Cable, Corning Incorporated

Excellent speaker list with in-depth presentations on the key industry issues.

Max Yates Financial Analyst Credit Suisse

I enjoyed this conference. The presentations were of very high level and the Q&A life sessions were also very good.

Raadjkoemar Matai Chief scientist Optical Fibre YOFC

Excellent FOC market content and insights! A must attend for all FOC ecosystem companies!

Matt Guise Marketing Director Avient Fiber-Line

CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable Conferences give me a good inside of what is happening around the world on Optical Fibre and Cables. Market development on technology, demand, external influence, and price. Good summary by CRU and excellent market inside information by the producers and suppliers.

Richard Eichhorn CSO NBG Fiber Optics

This was the 7th time I attended. This year you managed to surpass the already extremely high-quality level of previous years. Look forward to the next year conference, hopefully with physical attendance again!

Onno Bresser Director R&D Optical Fibre & Cable TKH Group NV

The best way to understand what is happening in the market for communication grade optical fiber is this conference.

Frank Dabby Chairman & Managing Member ASI/Silica Machinery, LLC

Very well organized. Very insightful!

Ankit Agarwal MD STL

This has been a great source to understand and see current and future market trends.

Craig A Culwell Director - Market Development CommScope

Really good event to meet all decision makers in the OFC Telecom industry

Enrique Mendez Senior Global Market Manager Teijin

The CRU World Optical Fiber & Cable Conference provides a comprehensive overview of the current and future state of the industry.  It is unlike no other forum, bringing together suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users from all over the globe to discuss technology and market trends.

Peter Weimann Chief Technology Officer, Optical Fiber Cable HFCL Inc.

Great CRU bringing all companies in the industry together driving technology and innovations forward.  

Javanti.A.Mistry Optical Fibre Specialist Rosendahlnextrom

Great event to meet with Industry Leaders. 

Reinhard Schmidt Commscope

Great industry peer event.   

David VP Networks Cable and Connectivity EMEA CommScope

The conference is a great place to network with the fiber and cable industry. 

Tomas Jendel CEO Hexatronic Group AB

The CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference is the preeminent global conference in this industry to understand the drivers and trends behind fibre and optical cable. 

Sean Adam VP, Market Strategy & Innovation AFL

Very insightful and relevant information.  I left CRU with a strong indication of where our business was likely to be trending in the next 12 months.  

Anthony Rigby Director - Global Supply Chain & Logistics OFS FITEL, LLC

Very nicely organised and the presentations from the Industry Professionals are really good. 

Sridharan Raman Chief Executive Officer Birla Cable Limited

We thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Conference! This was one of the best brainstorming sessions we have had.  

Chithra Mohan Sterlite Technologies Ltd

A fresh and insightful view on the evolution of the industry. 

Francesco Sacco Professor Insubria University

Based on my experience attending CRU is a good platform to gain market insights, awareness of advancements and networking extension.  

Muhammad Shoaib Ismail Director & CEO Premier Cables Pvt. Ltd

Excellent conference, content, organization and presentation.

Barry Gill Photon Kinetics

Extremely useful for those involved in OF and OFC business domain. Very nice presentation of relevance with supportive data. 

Yashwant Singh Lodha CEO Universal Cables Limited

Fantastic event! Meet your international colleagues and witness latest developments in our business economics and technologies. 

Onno Bresser Director R&D Optical Fibre and Cable TKH Group NV

Good speaker line-up combined with excellent networking opportunities made this event valuable.

Jesper Steenstrup EMEA Telecom Market Management Director OFS Fitel Denmark ApS