The best place to meet the top executives from the optical fibre and cable sector

Last November, the 8th CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference was hosted by Prysmian Group in Milan.

The event will give leaders of the optical fibre and cable sector the chance to address peers on the role that the industry will play in the global recovery. With the pandemic changing our everyday life, and the way we do business, it has also accelerated the trends towards connected lifestyles that rely on strong communications networks, relying on optical fiber and cable.

Despite the robust growth profile for optical cable demand over the coming five years, the industry faces a number of significant challenges currently which means realising this underlying demand may prove more difficult unless addressed. At the top of the list is the persistent issue of a tight labour market, particularly when it relates to field engineers actually deploying the cable.  CRU understands this is now beginning to constrain cable deployments in the US, which may also rollover to the European market in the coming quarters. Other challenges relate to raw material supply constraints, rising input costs and elevated deployment costs – again all acting as notable headwinds when it comes to the speed of both private and public network construction.

The CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable conference provides the perfect setting for industry thought leaders to discuss such challenges and to look for resolutions or alternative ways forward. The conference is also the perfect springboard to present ideas, technological innovations and improved sustainable practices which will help the industry to continually evolve, adapt and grow despite future challenges. At CRU we see a very bright future for the industry, one that is poised for healthy and sustainable growth for the next five years at the very least. Join us in Milan this November to discuss future trends and gain access to senior decision-makers from the world’s leading producers; and to meet and do business with consumers and service providers from across the global supply chain. 

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Reasons to attend

  • Network and raise your profile with senior representatives from across the global optical fibre and cable supply chain
  • Hear from top executives representing the major producers that are driving the market including Prysmian, YOFC and Corning
  • Get up-to-speed on the key supply and demand dynamics from CRU’s market experts
  • Learn about investment strategies driving next-generation connectivity across Europe, North America and Asia
  • Understand how sustainability considerations are shaping the industry
  • Hear from leading network experts on the role of 5G in manufacturing 4.0 and the industry’s drive towards energy security
  • Meet with innovators showcasing the latest advancements in design, production and technology

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