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Just wanted to say great conference over the last few days. I think it was one of the best. The speakers were all excellent and certainly held my attention during the entire time. I thought it was all well planned and well balanced. I am looking forward to next year.

Bob Holt, President, ThyssenKrupp USA

I think it is the most important steel conference in North America, here we have all our suppliers, competitors, and customers.

Gisbert Ruhl, CEO, Klockner & Co SE

Coming to this conference is an absolute ‘no brainer’ for us, you’ve got 900 of the top industry execs. . . . It’s a fantastic set up and great opportunity for us to network with key decision-makers.

John Armstrong, CEO, Reibus

I have been attending the conference since the inception of SMU. Every year the conference gets better and better, more speakers, they know the lay of the land, know exactly what they are talking about, they provide recommendations on forward years, as well as economic policy additions. Plus, the venue is outstanding!

Jeffery Bush, Director of Sales, U.S Steel Corporation

The 2018 conference is amazing, the buzz is incredible - the amount of people here and the content is rich. I particularly enjoyed the last panel I listened to, that was a phenomenal set of speakers.

Dr Alan Beaulieu, President and Principal, IRL Economics

The networking is second to none from any conference I have been to before, I’ll be here for years to come.

Mitchell Boggess, Purchasing, Mueller Inc

What’s also great is to get a broad spectrum of the industry supply chain represented, this allows for the diversity of thought and opinion.

Philip Bell, President, Steel Manufacturer Association

We haven’t had a conference where you can get this level of networking and relationship building going – so it has been great for us!

Mel Kirk, CTO, Dedicated Transportation Solutions, Ryder Systems INC.

The networking at the Steel Market Summit Conference is outstanding.

Paul Lowey, President, Steel Research Associations LCC

Potential customers here and existing customers here. I look at the attendee list, I think the conference has jumped 20-25% vs last year. I probably find 60 right off the back of this list and do the highlighter exercise and say I’ve got to go see all these people.

Scott Hanna, Akzo Nobel

This is my third time speaking at the steel market update conference, and I love it! It’s a great audience and I’ve seen it grow over the years since I first spoke here. Rebecca Brewster

Rebecca Brewster, President & COO, American Transportation Research Institute

The reason I like this conference is its focused-on buyers. And If you have to buy steel, this is the best conference to come to. It also focuses on the service centers and steel mills but there are a lot of buyers here and the information is very practical.

John Anton, Senior Principal Economist, IHS Market

There are also quite a lot of domestic steel companies who may disagree with each other fundamentally on polices involving trade. But we can have an open and honest discussion about it in a conference where all views are heard, and all views are respected

Lewis Leibowitz, Attorney, The Law Office of Lewis E. Leibowitz

I feel like the conference has become more balanced over the years, and what I mean by that is I think it has got a broader range of perspectives and diversity. It is important for people to hear all sides to an issue.

Lisa Reisman, Co-founder & Executive Editor, Metalminer

The newsletter gives me perspective from inside that I don’t get from anywhere else. I get the statistics from lots of places – but the inside review comes from the newsletter.

Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President and Principal, ITR economics

“I love reading the newsletter, I think it is interesting because the price trends and memento indicator, pulse of where the markets are going, we find that super helpful.

Lisa Reisman, Co-founder & Executive Editor, Metalminer