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The 2023 Agenda is not yet available, in the meantime, you can view the 2022 agenda below:

Please note all agenda items are listed in Central Daylight Time (CDT). Agenda is provisional and subject to change. 

Monday 2 May

14:00 - 17:00 Registration and exhibition open

17:00 - 18:30 Welcome reception

Tuesday 3 May

Plenary keynote session
09:00 Welcome address

09:15 CRU Nitrogen Market Outlook
Chris Lawson, Head of Fertilizers, CRU

10:00 Coffee & Networking Break

Mechanical engineering track

Session 1: Reformer design and management

10:45 Seven Deadly Sins" of Reformer Furnace Design, Operation, and Maintenance
Steve Lancaster, BD Energy Systems

11:15 Mechanical design of secondary reformer burners and improved reliability designs
John Brightling, Johnson Matthey

11:45 Panel/roundtable discussion: Reformer design and management

12:00 Networking Lunch

Session 2: Equipment reliability and performance

13:30 Design, Fabrication and Construction Issues associated with Ammonia storage at various scales
Dr. Rama Challa, Matrix PDM Engineering; Vikas Moharir, Matrix Service Company

14:00 Increasing machine reliability and performance of rotating equipment
Clark Moloney, Gulf Coast Bearing & Seal

14:30 Composite control valve
Alex Scheerder, Stamicarbon

15:00 Panel/Roundtable discussion: Equipment reliability and performance

15:20 Coffee and networking break

Session 3: Coupling workshop

16:00 Coupling workshop
Facilitated by Joe Moreno, Flex Element, the workshop will cover the following areas:
- The benefits and challenges of interchangeable couplings
- Coupling installation and removal techniques for improved reliability
- Coupling selection, how to decide what type is best for your application

17:15 - 18:30 Networking drinks reception

Process engineering track

Session 1: Process reliability improvements

10:45 Boosting reliability of ammonia plants by switching outdated 101CA/B and 102C boilers with a proven and reliable design
Marco Mazzamuto, Casale
Heinrich Ormann, Schmidsche Schack ARVOS

11:15 Improved process reliability using sustainable cooling system chemistry and automation
Prasad Kalakodimi, ChemTreat

11:45 Panel/roundtable discussion: Process reliability improvements

12:00 Networking Lunch

Session 2: Utilising digitalization to improve plant reliability and performance

13:30 A New Dimension of Sustainable Digital Improvement
Thomas Lu, Ecolab

14:00 Clariant Service Portal
Patrick Hayes, Clariant

14:30 Intelligent plant monitoring: Avoiding the cost of unplanned shutdowns
Sebastian Eckstein, Navigance

15:00 Panel/Roundtable discussion: Utilising digitalisation to improve plant reliability and performance

15:20 Coffee and networking break

Session 3: CO2 Management

16:00 Reducing CO2 emissions by using temperature technology to improve process efficiency of steam methane reformers and ethylene crackers
James Cross, Ametek Land

16:30 Optimization of HYCO plant with successful integration of hydrogen purification unit and excess CO2 utilization
Waqas Shehryar, Sahara International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem)

17:00 Panel/Roundtable discussion: CO2 Management

17:15 Close of sessions

Wednesday 4 May

Process engineering track

Session 4: Decarbonization

09:00 TOYO’s energy transition approach focusing on various areas utilizing synthesis gas technologies
Nobuhiro Yoshida, Toyo Engineering Corporation

09:30 Making and breaking ammonia: Ammonia and its place in the low carbon economy
Julie Ashcroft; Tom Davison, Johnson Matthey

10:00 Economic consideration of various decarbonization options in ammonia plants
VK Arora, Kinetics Process Improvements, Inc (KPI)

10:30 Panel/Roundtable Discussion: Decarbonisation 

10:45 Coffee and networking break

Mechanical engineering track

Session 4: Materials developments

09:00 Excellent perfomance of fist ever build-in Safurex® heat exchanger tube in a Stamicarbon CO2 stripping plant
Alex Scheerder, Stamicarbon

09:30 Advancement in the usage of Refractory based alloy using DetaClad™ - Explosion Cladding solution and DetaPipe™ for High Pressure and Temperature Corrosive Environment for PetChem, Refining, Chemical, and Hydrometallurgical Industry
Edgar Vidal, NobelClad

10:00 Material Solutions for Mid to High Concentration Nitric Acid Producing Plants
Karen Picker, Sandvik

10:30 Panel/Roundtable discussion: Materials developments 

10:45 Coffee and networking break

Process engineering track
Session 5: Revamping options for the production of green and blue ammonia

11:15 Upgrading existing syngas plants with green and blue technologies
Dan Barnett, BD Energy Systems

11:45 Green ammonia by Haldor Topsoe hybrid revamp of existing ammonia plants
Esben Sorensen; Ameet Kakoti, Topsoe

12:15 Roundtable/Panel discussion: Revamping options for the production of green and blue ammonia

12:30 Lunch

Session 5: Catalyst developments to optimise plant performance

14:00 Getting most $ value from your Ni – Improved profitability and reduced emissions from sustainable reforming catalysts
Daragh Blennerhassett, Johnson Matthey

14:30 Novel carrier catalyzing optimal performance
David Polerstock, Topsoe

15:00 MegaZonE - First commercial reference of novel methanol synthesis technology
Norbert Ringer, Clariant

15:30 Panel/Roundtable discussion: Catalyst developments to optimise plant performance

15:45 Closing remarks

15:50 Close of conference sessions and closing drinks reception

17:00 Close of conference