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Call for papers deadline - September 30, 2024

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The Call for Presentations and Training Workshops for CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA 2025 is now open. 

The conference program will have a strong focus on reliability, maintenance and operations, and we welcome submissions in these areas, in addition to new technology, process and materials developments for the nitrogen and syngas industries.

Building on the successful addition of training workshops to the 2024 technical program, we are seeking dynamic SMEs and trainers to share their expertise in the practical areas of process, operations, reliability, and maintenance of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, syngas, and urea plants. We are seeking non-commercial trainings that are approximately 90-120 minutes in length. Structured as a workshop, these sessions are a combination of presentation and interactive discussion. They can be general training sessions meant for new personnel or deep dive discussions focused on a particular area or issue for people with multiple years of experience. 

We invite YOU to share your expertise on the topics outlined below or invite you to submit ideas of your own:

A. Water Treatment: equipment, chemical treatment, and monitoring for the areas of
  • Raw Water
  • Clarification
  • Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange
  • Electro Deionization
  • Cooling Water
  • Boiler Water

B. Catalyst and Support Systems: Use, Operation & Handling

C. Rotating Equipment: Operations &/or Maintenance
  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Fans/Blowers

D. Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen Plant: Operation, Maintenance, Equipment
  • Operations, Safety, and Monitoring System Controls
  • Steam Methane Reformers
  • Auto Thermal Reactors
  • Secondary Reformers
  • Air Separation
  • Shift Converters
  • CO2 Removal Systems
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Methanation
  • Reactors
  • Boilers
  • Storage and/or Handling

ACT NOW! Facilitating a training workshop at this conference offers an ideal platform to highlight your expertise in front of a large technical audience from North America and beyond.

Give a presentation at the 2025 conference! 

Submit an abstract

We are seeking technical presentations on the topics outlined below or invite you to submit ideas of your own:* 

*Abstracts presented or co-presented by producers and operators will receive the highest priority in the selection process.

Production areas include:

  • Elements of a Safety Program and Improving Safety Culture
  • Effective Reliability Improvement Initiatives
  • Operational Best Practices
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Business Outlook around Blue/Green Regulations
  • Discussions of Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses


If you have questions about your submission or would like to discuss your topic in more detail, please contact Becky Peterson.

2025 Technical Program Key Themes

Process Track

Syngas Groups: Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methanol, and Nitric Acid
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Technology
  • Operations: incidents, troubleshooting, and improvements
  • Catalyst Topics
  • CO2 Removal Topics
  • New Products and Services: case studies, especially ones jointly presented with a producer, are encouraged here
  • Asset Integrity - reliability, safety, and materials of construction


Maintenance/Mechanical Track

Syngas Groups: Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methanol, and Nitric Acid


  • Digitalization: digital tools for process design, production, climate, and circularity objectives
  • Environmental compliance: regulations, emissions monitoring, and management
  • Projects and Developments
  • Revamping: capacity increase, improved energy efficiency, sustainability
  • Decarbonization: reducing the carbon intensity of production for ammonia, hydrogen, methanol
  • Process Integration: energy integration, circularity, product diversification
  • Reliability
  • Turnaround Planning: frequency, scope, planning
  • Staffing Topics: shortages, training, knowledge gap
  • Mechanical Integrity & Inspections
  • Rotating Equipment: new technology, best practices

Help your nitrogen and syngas community by sharing your expertise. Submit your technical abstract now!