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Agenda 2023

9:00 - 9:15
Welcome remarks from Committee Chair

Darrell Allman, Vice President of Asset Care Excellence, LSB INDUSTRIES, Inc.

11:00 - 12:00
Dual Streamed Technical Agenda

Stream 1: Decarbonization technologies for ammonia and syngas Stream 2: New technology developments in measurement and monitoring systems
11:00 Casale blue technologies to meet the sustainable transition challenge
Davide Carrara, Process Engineer, Casale SA
Process engineering

Decarbonisation; Blue NH3; Blue syngas;

On-line Raman Gas Analysis in syngas and hydrogen production
Susan Harris, Product Business Manager, Endress + Hauser, Inc.
Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Engineering

H2; Syngas; measurement; process monitoring

11:30 Low carbon hydrogen production with phased CO2 capture for Steam Methane Reformers
Maximilian Helmle, Head of HyCO Solution Development, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction
Process Engineering

Decarbonisation; Blue H2; CCS; Reforming

Increased throughput in steam methane reformers with innovative sensor for the most accurate continuous tube wall temperature monitoring
Alina Green, Market Segment Specialist, WIKA
Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Process monitoring; Syngas; H2; NH3; MeOH

13:30 - 14:35

Stream 1: Decarbonization technologies for ammonia and syngas Stream 2: Improving plant reliability through effective inspection techniques
13:30 Recuperative reforming – A key element for blue syngas production
Jean-Francois Fournier, Process Engineering Manager, Technip Energies
Andrea Fini, Area Manager Americas, Casale SA
Process Engineering

Decarbonisation; Blue syngas; Reforming

Syngas catalyst tube health monitoring
Timothy Hill, Fired Heater Integrity Optimization Manager, Quest Integrity USA LLC

Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Asset integrity; Reformers; Inspection; reliability; tube life optimisation; Syngas; H2; NH3; MeOH

14:00 State-of-the-art catalysts to tackle the challenges of ammonia cracking
Andreas Bachmeier, Head of Business Development & Energy Transition, Clariant
Process Engineering

Decarbonisation; NH3 cracking; Catalysts; NH3 to X

Steam Methane Reformer tube lifecycle improvement via inspection and operations best practices
Grant Jacobson, Division Manager - Fired Heater Services, Becht
Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Asset integrity; Reformers; inspection; monitoring; reliability; tube life optimisation; Syngas; H2; NH3; MeOH

15:00 - 16:00

Stream 1: New developments in methanol technology Stream 2: Materials and technology options for improving plant reliability
15:00 TrueBlue Methanol - Low carbon emission methanol production
Steve Lancaster, Chief Engineer, BD Energy Systems, LLC
Process Engineering

Decarbonisation; Blue MeOH;

Importance of the macrostructure in the creep resistance of reforming tubes
Rafael Andrade, Engineering and Quality Manager, ENGEMASA - Engenharia e Materiais Ltda
Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Asset integrity; Reformers; tube life optimisation; materials of construction; Syngas; H2; NH3; MeOH

15:30 How nanoscale discoveries can result in mega-scale benefits for methanol producers
Rishika Chatterjee, Solution Specialist – Synthesis Catalysts, Topsoe A/S
Process Engineering

MeOH; Capacity improvements; Plant economics

Risk Basked Inspection Programs for the nitrogen/fertilizer Industry – Are they worth it?
Vishal Lagad, Operations Director, Vysus Group
Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Asset integrity; Inspection; NH3; MeOH;

9:00 - 10:00
Dual Streamed Technical Agenda

Stream 1: Improving production capacity and plant economics Stream 2
09:00 Feedstock evaluation studies enable syngas plant operators to improve flexibility
Danish Parbtani, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Johnson Matthey
Process Engineering

Feedstock flexibility; Plant economics; Catalysts;

Methanator Runaway Results in a Fire

Ken Wohlgeschaffen, Team Leader, Hydrogen Plants, Chevron Downstream
09:30 Digital Solutions to Drive Ammonia Plant Operations Towards Top-Tier Performance
Satish Baliga, Chief Technical Advisor, KBR
Process Engineering

Performance optimisation; Digitalisation; Process monitoring;

Increasing syngas and ammonia production by eliminating boiler trips with improved pressure control
Mark FerraIndustry Analysis ManagerREXA
Aaron BridgeIntegrated Solutions Project EngineerREXA
Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Engineering

Reliability; Automation; Boilers; NH3;

10:45 - 12:15

Stream 1: New technologies to support improvements in production and energy efficiency Stream 2
10:45 Energy Monitoring 4.0 - Increasing transparency and collaboration
Lisa Krumpholz, Chief Sales Officer, Navigance GmbH
Process Engineering

Performance optimisation; Energy efficiency; Digitalisation; Process monitoring;

Improving reliability of waste heat boilers through automation of chemical feed
Robin Wright, Senior Technical Consultant, Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions

Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Reliability; mechanical integrity; NH3

11:15 Shaping the Nitric Acid Technology for a greener future
Carmen Perez, Process Engineer, Stamicarbon
Process Engineering

Nitric Acid; Energy Efficiency;

How to increase your coupling reliability and runtimel
Joe MorenoTechnical DirectorFlexElement Couplings
11:45 Decarbonizing fertilizer processing through moving bed heat exchange technology
Jill Caskey, Global Sales Director, Solex Thermal Science
Process Engineering

Nitrates; Energy efficiency

Pump system optimization- A case study in increasing reliability and reducing energy cost
Christen ManciniMarketing Team Lead, Hydro, Inc.
Inspection, maintenance & reliability

Safety; maintenance; NH3

13:45 - 15:45

Stream 1 Stream 2 

Safety and reliability considerations for ammonia storage and terminaling
Rama K. ChallaProjects Director, Storage SolutionsMatrix PDM Engineering

Process Engineering

Water treatment; Digital solutions

14:15 Real Change starts today: Decarbonization – smart management of water-centric systems through digital process technologies in emissions reduction
Thomas LuDirector MarketingNalco Water
Process Engineering

Water treatment

14:45 Improved environmental compliance using sustainable chemistry and water system operation
Prasad Kalakodimi
Director, Product Strategy, ChemTreat, Inc.
Reduce fuel use and decarbonize the process with improved heat transfer efficiency
Christian ChanelFurnace Efficiency SMEIntegrated Global Services (IGS)