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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider nitrogen + syngas industries. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on valuable content.

ENFIELD, CT USA (2/10/21)
Conval recently introduced a new in-line, axial check valve for urea and ammonia service. The new axial check valve complements the company’s extensive urea service product line, which includes Clampseal Y-, T- and angle-pattern globe valves, Swivldisc gate valves, and Camseal top entry ball valves in ASME Class 900 to 2500 ratings. Standard sizes range from ½” to 6" with flanged, butt weld, hub, lens ring, or custom connections. Expedited delivery and custom modifications are possible to meet customer needs.   

All Conval urea service valves may be supplied in many alloys, including 316L Urea Grade, Ferralium 255, 310 MoLN, Duplex F51, Super Duplex F53, 25-22-2 SS, Zeron 100, and Titanium. Features include B16.34 design; integral gland wrench for concentric 360° packing load; in-line renewability; exceptional life cycle value; two-year warranty; standard helium leak testing; optional steam jacketing. Quality certifications include ASME N and NPT, Canadian registration numbers for all provinces, CE; ISO 9001:2015 and PED. 

Founded in 1967, Conval is a leading source of U.S.-made urea and ammonia service valves. For a free brochure and details, please contact Conval, 96 Phoenix Avenue, Enfield, CT 06082 USA; telephone 860.749.0761, fax 860.763.3557, email  sales@Conval.com, or visit  www.Conval.com.

Green ammonia: Pathways to successful project development and financing
02 December 2020
AUTHOR: Josie Armstrong, Head of Fertilizer and Chemicals Consulting, CRU

The future of green premia: A multi-commodity perspective
07 September 2020
AUTHOR: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; Josie Armstrong, Principal Consultant - CRU Group

Beirut explosion puts ammonium nitrate in the spotlight
06 August 2020
AUTHOR: Laura Cross, Head of Nitrogen Analysis, CRU

WEBINAR: Fertilizer Short Term Forecast Webinars - Join in the global conversation
Tuesday 07 July 2020
SPEAKERS: WEBINAR 1 AND 2 CHAIR - Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers;
WEBINAR 1 SPEAKERS: Keshni Sritharan, Senior Analyst; Tom McIvor, Senior Markets Editor; Maria Antip, Nitrates and Sulphates Editor; Humphrey Knight, Senior Analyst, Potash - all of CRU Group
WEBINAR 2 SPEAKERS: Jennifer Willis-Jones, Head of Nitrogen, Fertilizer Week; Dr Peter Harrisson, Principal Analyst; Brendan Daly, Senior Markets Editor; Glen Kurokawa, Analyst - all of CRU Group

Abidjan or Andalucía? NPK trade altered as OCP and PhosAgro strategies cross paths
24 June 2020
AUTHORS: Glen Kurokawa, Analyst; Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers - CRU Group

CRU Fertilizers Top 10 calls for 2020 - Mid-year review
15 June 2020
AUTHOR: Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers, CRU Group

Watch: Market Roundup - Fertilizers Price Outlook: Raw Materials
08 June 2020
SPEAKERS: Tom McIvor, Senior Markets Editor; Laura Cross, Head of Nitrogen Analysis; Peter Harrisson, Principal Analyst - all of CRU Group

Watch: Market Roundup - Fertilizers Price Outlook: Downstream
05 June 2020
SPEAKERS: Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers; Tom McIvor, Senior Markets Editor; Keshni Sritharan, Senior Analyst; Matthew Hodgkinson, Analyst; Humphrey Knight Senior Analyst, Potash - all of CRU Group

China to announce more than RMB 5tn of stimulus
21 May 2020
AUTHORS: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist; Yingrui Wang, Economist; CRU

V, U and L: Demystifying recession shapes
07 May 2020
AUTHOR: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU Group

29 April 2020
CRU Webinar: Focusing on steel, aluminium, and fertilizers
How is the lock down affecting the Indian fertilizers and metals industry. Watch our latest webinar.
SPEAKERS: Anissa Chabib, Economist; Koyel Choudhury, Fertilizer Analyst; Puneet Paliwal, Senior Analyst; Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Senior Analyst: CRU

20 April 2020
China’s first ever negative quarterly GDP growth
AUTHOR: Yingrui Wang, Economist, CRU

16 April 2020
Covid-19 and fertilizers - Five things you need to know
AUTHOR: Laura Cross, Head of Nitrogen Analysis, CRU

02 April 2020
Global pandemic triggers global recession - Implications for CRU’s global macro and commodity outlook
SPEAKERS: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist; Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst; Doug Hilderhoff, Principal Analyst - CRU

20 February 2020
Watch: Market Roundup - The impact of the coronavirus on fertilizer markets
SPEAKERS: Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers; Gavin Ju, Principal Analyst; Isabel Chen, Analyst; CRU

20 January 2020
Top NPK market forecasts for 2020
Glen Kurokawa, Analyst, CRU

13 January 2020
CRU Fertilizers top ten calls for 2020
Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers, CRU

27 November 2019
China’s changing coal landscape crucial to global urea outlook
Author: Keshni Sritharan, Senior Analyst, CRU; Contributor: Gavin Ju, Principal Analyst, CRU

07 February 2019
What’s in store for the nitrogen market in 2019?
Laura Cross, Head of Nitrogen Analysis, CRU

04 December 2018
Worsening in Russia-Ukraine relations could hit nitrogen market
Jennifer Willis-Jones, Senior Markets Editor, CRU

26 October 2018
CRU’s Russian field trip confirms strong prospects for fertilizer demand
Rajiv Ram, Senior Analyst, CRU

29 June 2018:
EU to rule on Russia ammonium nitrate anti-dumping duties
Jack Elliott, Markets Editor, CRU Group

2nd May 2018:
Global fertilizer prices hang on cost of China’s greener future
Alexander Derricott, Fertilizer Costs Analyst, CRU Group

13th February 2018:
China reduces NPK tariffs, but will they export?
Calvin Ball, Analyst, CRU Group

6th February 2018:
Vinachem announces the divestment of its DAP and urea production assets
Wahome Muya, Senior Consultant, CRU Group

11th January 2018:
UAN trade flows shift in the USA
Doug Hoadley, Head of Nitrogen, Fertilizers

4th January 2018: 
Winter in China tightens feedstock supply idling additional urea plants
Gavin Ju, Senior Consultant, CRU Group 

7th December 2017: 
CRU Fertilizers is the most highly rated provider of analysis and prices in the world
Nick Edwards, General Manager, CRU Analysis

5th December 2017: 
Watch: Doug Hoadley on CRU Nitrogen
Doug Hoadley, Head of Nitrogen, Fertilizers

17th October 2017: 
US crop tour reveals good fertilizer prospects for 2018
Rajiv Ram, Demand Analyst, CRU Group 

11th October 2017: 
China's environmental regulations will force nitrogen plant closures
Gavin Ju, Senior Consultant, CRU Group 

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