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Diamond Sponsor


Aramco is one of the world's largest integrated energy and chemicals companies, creating value across the hydrocarbon chain, and delivering societal and economic benefits to people and communities around the globe who rely on the vital energy we supply. We are committed to playing a leading role in the energy transition. We have a responsibility to help the world achieve a net-zero economy, and our people are working hard to help solve the world's sustainability challenges. For our customers, we are a supplier of choice. For our shareholders, we provide long-term value creation. For communities around the world, our ambition is to provide reliable, affordable, and more sustainable energy.

Platinum Sponsor

IK Group LLC

IK GROUP, founded in 2020, stands as a leading commodity trading company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Carrying forth a legacy of over a decade, we uphold unmatched quality and service, bridging global markets with premium products. Our extensive client network spans the globe, encompassing the Asia-Pacific region, the African continent, India, North and South America, Turkey, and Europe. Committed to excellence, we ensure seamless delivery through sea, rail, and road channels by procuring high-quality products through enduring partnerships with key industry players in the GCC region, as well as from Central Asian producers. IK Group leverages its logistical expertise to streamline operations and provide end-to-end solutions for clients worldwide. Bolstered by its strategic expansion into the fertilizers and oil and gas products segments, IK Group has solidified its status as a key player within the global commodities market, earning a reputation as a trusted partner renowned for efficiency, reliability, and excellence.

Gold Sponsors

AIMS Oil and Gas Equipment Trading - Sole Proprietorship LLC.

AIMS Group of Companies, headquartered in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with branches in all GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, and a satellite office in India. We have been serving the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors for the last 15+ years with innovative technological solutions in analytical and process industries.    

Our services have developed further to Process Solutions, Sulphur Recovery Optimization, and equipment related to Sulphur Recovery Units.     

AIMS has an exclusive tie-up with major technology providers and provides technological solutions for process plants in the Middle East.  

AIMS strives to offer more solutions to many customers with innovations and services. We are well established with experienced Process Engineers providing strong technical support along with the supply of Catalysts, Chemicals, Equipment, and Instruments from leading technology licensors and manufacturers. Apart from supplies of specialized products, we also carry out Revamps of combustion units (Reformers), Performance Evaluation, Testing, Training, Technical & business solution for renewable energy, and feasibility studies for AGRUs and SRUs through our dedicated Process Consulting team. We have the capabilities in system study, energy studies, and troubleshooting in all units including upstream as well as downstream.    

We provide End-to-End Solutions for Catalyst management, from the supply of catalysts to metal reclamation from the spent catalyst and clean-up services. We also provide bolt-on tracing for piping/equipment used mainly in Sulfur plants and have our own manufacturing, fabrication, and integration capabilities for this being the first in the region (UAE, KSA, Oman, and Kuwait) to support the In-Country Value initiative. Also, we are manufacturing analyzers, HVAC & jacketed tubing systems and our chemical manufacturing facility is also in operation.

AMETEK CSI/AMETEK Process Instruments


Controls Southeast, Incorporated (CSI) has been helping customers for almost 50 years to solve problems in the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, and processing industries. Our expertise is the engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of piping and thermal maintenance systems. With each project, we strive to create a great customer experience. CSI’s products and services can be grouped into three broad categories: Heated piping systems (including ControTrace®, ControHeat®, and jacketed piping) Above Ground Sulfur Seal Pots, and In-Situ Pre-pit sulfur degassing.

AMETEK Process Instruments

 AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. We understand that you must have confidence that your analyzer will provide the correct information when you need it - that’s why reliability is one of our top priorities. It’s a documented fact that many of our analyzers have been in service for well over 20 years. Our core competencies include widely varying applications and industries such as sulfur recovery processes, combustion efficiency control and process heating, natural gas processing and transmission, and analysis of moisture in hydrocarbon gases and high purity gases.


Axens (www.axens.net) is an international provider of high technology content processes, products and services to the refining, petrochemical and gas industries. Axens is recognized as a worldwide technology benchmark for clean fuels production, aromatics production and purification, conversion processes and sulfur-recovery catalysts via the Claus process.


BASF OASE Gas Treating Excellence:
As one of the leading companies in the field of gas treatment worldwide we are the preferred partner for complex new gas plants. BASF´s proven gas treatment technologies boast about 500 references around the globe, from the deserts of North Africa to the Arctic Circle, including the world´s largest gas treatment units. Under the OASE® brand, BASF provides customized, technologically superior gas treatment technologies for many application fields. Production and storage facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure very high reliability of delivery and of supply of quality solvents worldwide.

Bryan Research & Engineering LLC (BR&E)

Bryan Research & Engineering, LLC (BR&E) is a widely recognized privately-owned provider of software and engineering solutions to the oil, gas, refining and chemical industries. Since the company’s inception in 1974, BR&E has combined research and development in process simulation with state of the art computerized engineering technology to provide our satisfied clients with flexible, accurate, efficient and dependable tools that improve their bottom line. At BR&E, helping our clients is what it is all about. Everything we do, from making improvements to the software, developing new training classes, or providing direct service and support to our clients is centered on this idea.

Euro Support

Euro Support is a major developer and supplier of sulphur recovery catalysts. Thanks to primary focus on sulphur recovery processes and decades of experience in this industry, high quality products are backed up by excellent technical support that is provided with the fast responsiveness required for these applications.

IPCO Germany GmbH

IPCO is a high-technology engineering business with advanced products and world-leading positions within selected areas. We benefit from the strength and stability that comes with being an internationally active, mid-size company owned by the Wallenberg foundations.

As a world leader in sulphur processing and handling solutions, IPCO has delivered complete end-to-end systems to hundreds of companies around the globe since 1951.

Two systems are available to meet all throughput requirements:

For small to medium capacity requirements, IPCO’s well-known Rotoform® technology offers excellent product uniformity and environmentally friendly operation. The efficiency of this single step, liquid-to-solid process results in a premium quality product. The uniform shape and size of Rotoform pastilles makes them free-flowing for easy handling, while a predictable high bulk density is a major advantage in terms of storage and transportation. With more than 700 Rotoform pastillation systems installed to date, Rotoform remains the world’s most widely used process for the production of premium quality pastilles.

For medium to high capacity requirements, IPCO’s fully automated drum granulation system uses rotating drum technology to deliver high productivity “once through” performance. This is the highest capacity granulation unit available in the industry and delivers a uniform end product of a definable size. Other key benefits include low maintenance and continuous operation for high availability.

IPCO’s newest drum granulator SG20 has been commissioned in Italy and serves as a global showcase for this patented system. Prospective customers are invited to visit the site and assess the system in operation. In 2023 IPCO has commissioned another three drum granulator SG20 in Oman and the plant will be handed over to customer very soon. Together, the drum and pastillation options make up IPCO’s premium forming product range, giving customers access to all technology options.

Worley Comprimo

Worley Comprimo is a global provider of gas treating and sulphur recovery technology focused on reducing emissions, increasing site reliability and improving plant economics. For over 60 years, our technology has been at the forefront of sulphur recovery, featuring in more than 1,200 sulphur recovery units worldwide.

Our portfolio covers the full range of technologies in gas treatment, sour water stripping, sulphur recovery, sulphur degassing and sulphur handling, storage and transportation. Through our desulphurization and carbon capture technologies, we help our customers to reduce emissions of SO2 and CO2, shaping the future of sustainability in this industry.