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Aecometric Corporation

For over 50 years Aecometric has been a trusted name in providing industrial combustion equipment. The Aecometric Customized High Intensity Burner technology stands alone in performance, quality and reliability. The Aecometric burner design lends itself perfectly to the combustion needs of the Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid industry by providing maximum contaminant destruction, exceptional reliability and a high level of operational flexibility.

AIMS Oil and Gas Equipment Trading - Sole Proprietorship LLC.

AIMS Group of Companies, headquartered in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with branches in all GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, and a satellite office in India. We have been serving the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors for the last 15+ years with innovative technological solutions in analytical and process industries.    

Our services have developed further to Process Solutions, Sulphur Recovery Optimization, and equipment related to Sulphur Recovery Units.     

AIMS has an exclusive tie-up with major technology providers and provides technological solutions for process plants in the Middle East.  

AIMS strives to offer more solutions to many customers with innovations and services. We are well established with experienced Process Engineers providing strong technical support along with the supply of Catalysts, Chemicals, Equipment, and Instruments from leading technology licensors and manufacturers.  Apart from supplies of specialized products, we also carry out Revamps of combustion units (Reformers), Performance Evaluation, Testing, Training, Technical & business solution for renewable energy, and feasibility studies for AGRUs and SRUs through our dedicated Process Consulting team. We have the capabilities in system study, energy studies, and troubleshooting in all units including upstream as well as downstream.    

We provide End-to-End Solutions for Catalyst management, from the supply of catalysts to metal reclamation from the spent catalyst and clean-up services. We also provide bolt-on tracing for piping/equipment used mainly in Sulfur plants and have our own manufacturing, fabrication, and integration capabilities for this being the first in the region (UAE, KSA, Oman, and Kuwait) to support the In-Country Value initiative. Also, we are manufacturing analyzers, HVAC & jacketed tubing systems and our chemical manufacturing facility is also in operation.

AMETEK CSI/AMETEK Process Instruments


Controls Southeast, Incorporated (CSI) has been helping customers for almost 50 years to solve problems in the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, and processing industries. Our expertise is the engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of piping and thermal maintenance systems. With each project, we strive to create a great customer experience. CSI’s products and services can be grouped into three broad categories: Heated piping systems (including ControTrace®, ControHeat®, and jacketed piping) Above Ground Sulfur Seal Pots, and In-Situ Pre-pit sulfur degassing.

AMETEK Process Instrument

AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. We understand that you must have confidence that your analyzer will provide the correct information when you need it - that’s why reliability is one of our top priorities. It’s a documented fact that many of our analyzers have been in service for well over 20 years. Our core competencies include widely varying applications and industries such as sulfur recovery processes, combustion efficiency control and process heating, natural gas processing and transmission, and analysis of moisture in hydrocarbon gases and high purity gases.


Axens (www.axens.net) is an international provider of high technology content processes, products and services to the refining, petrochemical and gas industries. Axens is recognized as a worldwide technology benchmark for clean fuels production, aromatics production and purification, conversion processes and sulfur-recovery catalysts via the Claus process.


BASF OASE Gas Treating Excellence:
As one of the leading companies in the field of gas treatment worldwide we are the preferred partner for complex new gas plants. BASF´s proven gas treatment technologies boast about 500 references around the globe, from the deserts of North Africa to the Arctic Circle, including the world´s largest gas treatment units. Under the OASE® brand, BASF provides customized, technologically superior gas treatment technologies for many application fields. Production and storage facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure very high reliability of delivery and of supply of quality solvents worldwide.

Blasch Precision Ceramics

Blasch’s unique and innovative ceramic systems provide significant process improvement benefits for SRUs. Blasch VectorWallTM for the reaction furnace and incinerator provide higher reliability, ammonia/BTEX destruction, faster installation, capacity increase, energy savings and lower emissions. Blasch ProLokTM ferrule designs require no castable refractory and offer far superior tube sheet and boiler tube protection preventing costly shutdowns.

BMC Gulf in partnership with AGRU - The Plastic Experts.

We have been a solution provider in the field of non-metallic pipes, fittings, valves, lining systems and semi-finished products for over 25 years. At the Middle East Sulphur Conference 2023 we will present our thermoplastic solutions made of PE-100, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA. The high chemical resistance and the large temperature range are real advantages of these plastics and make our products the perfect choice, especially when dealing with aggressive acids or alkalis. The applications range from cooling water lines, pipelines in plant construction, chemical piping for transporting aggressive media to pipelines for transporting contaminated wastewater, exhaust pipes and apparatus and container construction.

For more information visit www.bmc-gulf.com or email us at info@bmc-gulf.com.


Ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come through technological and environmental innovation, Comprimo, part of the Worley group, offers the broadest technology portfolio around the globe, with a focus on emission performance, site reliability and plant economics. For more than 60 years, our best-in-class technology has been at the forefront of sulphur recovery, featuring in over 1,200 units worldwide.

From five global execution centres, our solutions cover the full range of performance guarantees and applicability, including gas treatment, sour water stripping, sulphur recovery, sulphur degassing and safe sulphur handling, storage and transportation. With our primary focus – gas treatment, we leverage our extensive experience in desulphurization and carbon capture technology to reduce emissions of SO2, CO2 and related sulphur-containing species like H2S, CS2 and COS.

We are committed to delivering a more sustainable world, and in doing so, we continuously work on improving our patented technologies with regional industry and environmental regulators. With our support, our customers are prepared to meet the challenges of increasingly stringent emission regulations.

Interested to find out how we can help you? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Comprimo@worley.com.

CS Combustion Solutions GmbH

CS COMBUSTION SOLUTIONS was founded by a team of senior specialists in the field of combustion technology.

As a member of UNITHERM-CEMCON Group which has been successfully dealing with Burner, Kiln- and Furnace Construction since 1946, CS can refer to UNITHERMs Experience in Boiler and Rotary Kiln Burner Construction.

The Team of CS COMBUSTION SOLUTIONS is experienced in Engineering, Supply and Commissioning of vertical and horizontal Burners and Combustors for

- Sulphur, Spent Acid and Acid gas

- Waste Gas and Waste Air

- Waste Water

- Hazardous and Special

Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V.

Duiker is a combustion engineering and contracting company, based in the Netherlands. The company has professional experience in designing, supplying and servicing sulphur recovery burners and a range of liquid and gaseous fuel burner systems and associated equipment for the petro-refining and petrochemical industries worldwide since the 1950’s. Duiker products incorporate many typical features that improve overall plant performance and operation, safety and reliability.

Enersul Limited Partnership

Enersul Limited Partnership, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is a recognized world leader in the sulphur forming and handling industry with over sixty years of operational experience. With a complete array of technical equipment  and supportive offerings, Enersul has the unique ability to provide complete sulphur solutions, customizable to fit any production requirement. Enersul creates effective solutions that translates into safe and efficient operations for our customers.  Enersul designs, manufactures and operates industry leading forming and handling technologies ‘for everything sulphur’.

Euro Support

Euro Support is a major developer and supplier of sulphur recovery catalysts. Thanks to primary focus on sulphur recovery processes and decades of experience in this industry, high quality products are backed up by excellent technical support that is provided with the fast responsiveness required for these applications.


EXBXG is short for Wuxi Stainless Steel Exchange Co., Ltd, was established in 2006, which is one of the largest and best-known commodity exchange centers in China. We trade over 11 bulk commodity items, including stainless steel, electrolytic nickel, nickel sulfate, cobalt, lithium carbonate, indium, bismuth, Didymia, Ammonium paratungstate, sulphur, benzene etc.

Gouda Refractories BV

Gouda Refractories BV, part of the Gouda Refractories Group, is established in 1901 and provides customer specific refractory solutions on a worldwide scale. As a leading manufacturer of high grade Alumina refractory linings (bricks, monolithics/ mortars and precast shapes), having our own In-House Design department and providing Supervision and Installation Services, the Gouda Refractories Group is serving all primary refractory industries. Within, but not limited to, the Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid industry Gouda Refractories BV is acquainted to the processes, and co-operates with oil companies, refineries, chemical plants, licensors, engineering companies, etc. It has a proven track record of material supply and providing services covering the various sub-industries within the Energy/Chemical market.

HEC Technologies / HEC Canada Inc. / HEC International Inc.

HEC - High Efficiency Combustion Technologies HEC is a Global supplier specializing in burners and associated combustion equipment accessories for sulphur recovery installations ranging from 1 T/d to over 12,000 T/d+ capacities. Applications involve custom engineered burners for Reaction Furnace, RGG/SCOT/Reheat/Superclaus and Tail Gas Incineration systems. Utilization of CFD analysis for trouble shooting / root cause analysis, and extensively for product development and refinement. RF expertise for challenging applications involving; high level oxygen enrichment, high turndown, very lean feed and rich feed acid gas processing, high content hydrocarbon (BTX) and ammonia destruction and more. HEC technical publications on a variety of topics related to SRU recovery technology are available upon request.

Industrial Ceramics Ltd

For over 60 years, INDUSTRIAL CERAMICS LTD has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom shaped refractory ceramics for use in the Petrochemical and Sulphur industries worldwide. 

We specialize in the design and manufacture of ceramic ferrules and inserts for the thermal protection of Waste Heat Boilers, as well as nozzles and shapes for specialized applications. Specifically, we are world renowned for the popular 2-piece Hexagon Head ferrule as well as our solid hexagon head design. With over 60 years’ experience, trust Industrial Ceramics Ltd for superior technical expertise and product reliability related to your refractory needs. 

OHL Gutermuth Industrial Valves GmbH

Control and shut off Valves from OHL Gutermuth are the right choice when it comes to regulating the flow of gases, vapours, liquids and granulates in a safe and economic way. Our common experience in valve making is more than 100 years!

Special projects such as Desulphurisation CLAUS and tail gas treatment units, Sulphuric acid plants, Methanol plants, Concentrated Solar Power, Steelworks and Shipbuilding are supplied with various numbers of valve designs.

SBS Steel Belt Systems S.r.l.

SBS Steel Belt Systems manufactures, installs and commissions continuous machinery and plants equipped with stainless steel belts for chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, sulphur, food, rubber and powder coating industries. The most advanced techniques in the industrial fields have led SBS to work for the best European, American and Asian companies, as well as for the most important engineering groups. SBS is able to offer complete packages, starting from the design, through the construction, the installation, the commissioning up to the after sales service of their machinery. The company is part of the international group BERNDORF BAND GmbH / Austria, provider of the stainless steel belts.

SensoTech GmbH

SensoTech manufactures analyzers for concentration measurement of sulfuric acid and oleum - a typical application in copper mining sector. The LiquiSonic® sensor technology is based on sonic velocity measurement providing an accuracy of up to 0.03 wt%. SensoTech offers both inline sensors measuring the sulfuric acid strength directly in pipes or vessels, and laboratory systems. The analyzers are robust, maintenance-free and made in Germany - designed for rough environments. All real-time values are recorded and transferred to the process control system - makes operators life easy.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies exists to provide businesses with the tools, technologies and insights that are needed to navigate the energy transition. For decades, we have been developing game-changing technological innovations to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges, for refiners, petrochemical and natural gas producers. Now we also have a wide range of differentiated decarbonisation solutions, including biofuels, carbon capture and blue hydrogen technologies for all heavy industries and energy producers. Shell’s heritage as a global operator of such facilities, sets us apart. It also gives us a unique perspective on how refiners, petrochemical and natural gas plants can remain truly competitive.

Systems Equipment

SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT, based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE since 1992, is process solution provider in the hydrocarbon and mining industry, with a key focus on Sulphur Recovery and Handling industry. With long term partnerships and associations forged with pioneers in the industry positions SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT as a reliable and effective solution provider. SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT has a portfolio of products and services that covers the entire process chain of Sulphur production, right from the amine units, thermal and catalytic stages of the Claus units, tail gas treatment units, incinerators, and finally sulphur granulation and handling. Apart from supply of online process analyzers, high efficiency combustion burners, tube to tubesheet ferrules, butterfly valves, high temperature measurement solutions, liquid sulphur pumps, etc., SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT provides after sales support to maintain, improve and extract maximum value from these assets of the operator. SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT has successfully carried out various projects and studies in operating companies that involves performance evaluation and testing, optimization and reliability auditing of process units.  

WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

As a family-run business acting globally, with over 10,200 highly qualified employees, the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of level, force and flow, and in calibration technology.

Zeeco Europe Ltd

Zeeco is the world leader in combustion and environmental solutions. The company employs 1,500+ people across 25+ global locations and houses the world’s largest research and test facility at its headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Since 1979, Zeeco has completed 50,000+ projects, helping industries meet global safety and environmental regulations.