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Pre-Conference Workshops at MEScon 2023

On 15 May there will be three pre-conference workshops for registered conference delegates. These in-depth sessions look at specific topics, with attendee numbers capped to aid interaction and facilitate learning.

Hot topics in gas treatment - 9:00am - 3:30pm*

This masterclass focuses on specific topical items in gas treatment, including: Foaming, CO2 Capture, COS and Mercaptan removal, Selective Treatment, Flexsorb™ and Digitalization. It is suitable for anyone who has a basic orientation to gas processing with amine solvents and will be interesting to both junior and experienced attendees alike. The course will be presented by six BASF specialists and certificates will be issued.


Process Engineering & Simulation Fundamentals of SRU & TGTU - 9:00am - 5pm*

The Process Engineering & Simulation Fundamentals of SRU & TGTU course hosted by Bryan Research & Engineering LLC will cover a detailed discussion of industrially relevant processes used in sulfur recovery and tail gas cleanup units. The operating principles of these units will be presented using plant representative simulation models, as well as an exploration of the rationale for common variations seen in these process units.

This one-day course will also cover the effective methods for process design, optimization, and troubleshooting. Its purpose is to provide participants with the information and understanding necessary to confidently make critical decisions regarding their own processes.

The course will begin by going through a straight-through basic Claus unit and understanding the importance and operation of each section of an SRU – acid gas burner, waste heat boiler, condensers, reheaters, hydrolyzing & general converters. Important plant indicators like overall sulfur recovery percentage, tail gas ratio, ammonia/hydrocarbon destruction, COS/CS2 formation and destruction etc., will also be discussed. It then transitions into exploring several different tail gas cleanup (TGCU) methods using case studies, comparing the resulting sulfur recoveries and the impact on plant SOx emissions. Next, a thorough discussion will be done on low pressure tail gas treating amine sweetening units and the reaction chemistry behind CO2 slip vs H2S pickup & recycle. The remaining time will introduce the concepts of heat exchanger rating and mass & heat flux calculations and the ability to utilize the power of process simulation for either controlling the performance of heat exchangers or designing / operating waste heat boilers.

Each attendee will go back with a technical manual specially prepared by the team at Bryan Research & Engineering LLC on plant design, optimization, and process simulation fundamentals of sulfur recovery.

A provisional agenda can be found here: https://www.bre.com/Sulfur-Recovery.aspx

Comprimo Immerse – Your gateway to virtual SRU operations - 9:00am - 12:30pm*

Join the Comprimo team on a simulated journey to start up a Claus and Tail Gas Treating plant, just as if you were in the control room on site. Navigate the plant through a range of operation challenges and keep your SO2 emissions within the limits of your emission levels. Share your experience with fellow workshop participants and take advantage of the opportunity to ask operational questions to our Comprimo experts, who will do their best to answer based on their experience and, when possible, via the Immerse simulator tool. We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop!

Access to these workshops are only available to registered MEScon delegates. Register today and book your place on one of the workshops.

*Timings may be subject to small changes